Sunny Side athletes come together to help with Harvey cleanup

September 13, 2017 by  

Recently some Houston High school athletes came together and donated their time to help residents of Spring in their cleanup following Hurricane Harvey.

The founder of Lighthouse for Students, Kelly Martens, said the cleanup assistance came about when one of the students involved with the organization called her and asked how he could help. He said he wanted to give back in gratitude for the help she had supplied to his community.

As a result of that phone call from Keshon Williams, the basketball and football teams of Worthing High School and their coaches teamed up to help the community of Spring a little over 30 miles to their north. One of the families assisted was the Anderson household, whose home experienced flood damage due to the flooding of the Cypress Creek. Williams said, as reported on KPRC Click2Houston:

“It’s devastating to see how much water can do, and how many families have been hurt and how much they have lost. We’ve been breaking down the sheetrock, bringing it outside, taking out old things that have been damaged because of the flood.”

The young people’s volunteer efforts were funneled through Lighthouse for Students, a nonprofit organization the stylized logo design of which will likely be remembered in Spring. Its primary mission is the mentoring of Sunny Side area students. The group ended its day in Spring with a group picture.