Boulder course to provide wilderness first responder training

September 10, 2017 by  

First responders can be valuable in an emergency situation, and a Boulder course will teach those who take part what to do if they ever find themselves in the wilderness with no immediate help available.

During the Wilderness Herbal First Responder certification course, participants will be taught techniques they can use in an emergency situation that occurs out in the back country. It will include both Wilderness First Responder and herbal first aid components, and will equip students with a knowledge of how they can use plants as alternatives to traditional methods of care out in the field.

The course will run for a total of 80 hours, and will be taught over a period of 10 days. It will be made up of both onsite and online components, and those who successfully complete the session will be able to become certified as Wilderness First Responders. It will be split up into two blocks of training, and will include both scenarios and hands-on teaching methods. Manuals, handouts, and other printed items for an event like this can be supplied by a printing services provider.

The Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism will serve as the venue for this educational opportunity, and it will begin on December 4. More details have been made available, for anyone who needs them, on the organizer’s Facebook listing.