Redondo Beach adjusts school board terms

September 9, 2017 by  

Voters can expect an increase in direct mail printing during busy election years, as future Redondo Beach schoolboard elections will take place during years that see higher voter turnout.

At a recent Board of Education meeting, all five members voted to lengthen their present terms to ensure compliance with a new state law. Senate Bill 415 mandates that those municipalities with poor voter turnout guarantee greater voter participation for local elections by changing them to years that traditionally have better turnouts.

Going forward, instead of running for office in March of years ending in odd numbers, schoolboard elections would be held in June of even-numbered years. In this way, statewide balloting which always garners greater participation would coincide with the election of board members.

The decision to approve the extension of board member terms had already taken place months ago in neighboring communities. However, in Redondo Beach, schoolboard elections have been determined by the City Charter. It was not even clear if the new law was applicable to charter cities. In July, clarification from Xavier Becerra, the California Attorney General assured the city’s attorney that it did.

City officials may prefer schoolboard elections take place in November rather than in June, but at least Redondo Beach will now be able to avoid fines by having a plan on record.