Downey residents thank first responders

September 8, 2017 by  

First responders, including police and firefighters, often work long hours in dangerous conditions, with little appreciation for their efforts. The residents of Downey View Apartments, a building located in the city’s downtown, decided to change that by cooking a meal for their firefighters and police officers.

On August 23, almost every one of the 50 tenants of the building contributed one or two of their best recipes to the effort. Some even got up before dawn to prepare their food, in order to make their dishes perfect. Among the goodies on the menu were steamed vegetables, baked beans, corn on the cob, and barbequed chicken.

Residents reported that seeing the smiles and hearing the excitement in the voices of the fire squads and police as they discovered the meal was cooked especially for them was priceless. Residents wrapped up their signature dishes in foil and delivered them to the stations.

After the meal, residents remained on hand to talk with the men and women in the fire and police departments, and thank them personally for their efforts to protect the community.

The event was orchestrated by Maurice Patterson, Downey View’s Community Manager, along with members of the National Community Renaissance and Hope through Housing Foundation, which works to find or develop affordable housing.

Events like this can be even more fun if participants work with a flyer printing company to create “thank you” flyers to hand out.