Iron discolors Canton water, but it’s safe!

September 8, 2017 by  

Water officials in Canton are reassuring residents that their tap water is drinkable, despite the fact it is discolored at the moment, according to an article on the WSKU website.

The discoloration, according to Tyler Converse, the water superintendent of Canton, is due to an increase in the iron sediment in the water, and not to any dangerous pollutants.

Canton gets most of its drinking water from the Sugarcreek wellfield. In April, mud was spilled during a drilling operation on the Rover Pipeline, which is near the Sugarcreek facility, causing the city to reduce the volume of water it pumped from there. Instead, Canton began pumping from a different location, where there is more iron in the water.

Converse said the drill mud spilled by the pipeline has neither impacted nor entered directly into the city’s water system at any point. The increase in pumping from the alternate wellfield is being done to prevent any possible contamination; proceeding in this manner is what Converse calls acting with “an abundance of caution” so there is no possibility of pollution from the spill.

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