City Heights has new park

September 8, 2017 by  

The Wightman Street Park, a $3.4m space for people to enjoy, opened in the City Heights neighborhood of San Diego recently, according to an article from Fox 5 San Diego.

The park comprises approximately one acre, and was built on a vacant lot in a lower-income area that sometimes struggles with crime.

Kevin Faulconer, San Diego’s mayor, said that all the residents of the city deserve to have the opportunity to go to a park and make lasting memories, adding this is why San Diego is investing in recreational programs and parks. He calls the new park on Wightman Street a “game-changer” that residents of the community can be proud of for years to come.

The park is near the Wightman Street intersection with 50th Street, and includes a basketball court, playground, and a picnic area that offers shade from bright sun. Walkways that meet ADA standards wind through turfed areas, and a walking trail leads pedestrians through an area that has been landscaped with drought-tolerant plants. Native plants and cobblestones decorate the park, and a bridge spans a creek. Building the park has also improved the creek’s drainage.

Georgette Gomez, who represents the neighborhood on the City Council, calls the park a “great addition to the City Heights community” and one that will enliven the area.

Parks are great places for celebrations, and can be made even more fun by using colorful banners as decorations.