Greenwich youngster raises money for Harvey victims

September 7, 2017 by  

A fundraiser was recently held by a four-year-old and his family, who are residents of Greenwich, to raise money to donate to the Red Cross for Hurricane Harvey.

Shannon Pesce, mother of L.A. Pesce, said her young son would like to be a tornado chaser someday. Consequently, the weather, tornadoes, and hurricane fascinate him, so he was an avid watcher of the news of Hurricane Harvey and its devastating impact on Texas.

His mother said that L.A. originally wanted to send toys to the victims of the hurricane, but she explained to him that the people living in Texas needed money more than toys and that they could hold a fundraiser asking for donations. It was then decided that the money they raised would be given to the American Red Cross.

Over the weekend, Pesce and his family and friends began holding a lemonade stand and then later expanded into a bake sale.

Sister Addison Pesce and friend of the family, Cameron Stanciu, helped to make the fundraiser possible, so that a total of $1,136 was raised. Shannon Pesce added that everyone was happy to pitch in to make the fundraiser such a success.

When monetary donations are needed, poster printing is often used in key areas throughout the region to highlight the cause and encourage people to support it.