Santa Ana class to teach the perfect turkey dinner

September 6, 2017 by  

Thanksgiving is not so far away, and a class that is being offered in Santa Ana will teach all the tricks of the trade when it comes to preparing a tasty turkey for the day.

The workshop, which will be led by Electric City Butchers’ Richard Lu and Michael Puglisi, will guide the attendees through what takes to craft a Thanksgiving meal. There will be instruction giving in brining the turkey before it is roasted, as well as how to cook and then carve it at the table. After this, there will be tips given on how to make a quick pan gravy, as well as an assortment of sides dishes that make a holiday meal complete.

While a portion of the event will be about learning, the guests will also have an opportunity to try out the food for themselves. There will be a meal of six dishes, plus charcuterie and a bottle of wine selected to pair with the dinner. Only 20 tickets are available for the day, so anyone who is interested should purchase theirs well ahead of time. A stationery printing company can supply recipe cards, books, and other teaching materials that can be used or a class like this.

The Thanksgiving Cooking Class will take place in 4th Street Market on November 15. More information has been made available on the host’s website.