Schenectady invited to Dance in Blue for PKU gala

August 29, 2017 by  

A gala affair has been planned for the Schenectady area, and people of all ages are invited to come out and enjoy an elegant evening.

The Dance in Blue for PKU will offer something for everyone. The buffet style dinner service will have lots to choose from, and a cash bar will be open so the adults in the crowd can enjoy a drink. There will be a silent auction for an assortment of prizes, and a raffle is also on the agenda. Guests can have fun dancing, and then have their picture taken in the photo booth as a memento of the event.

Four keynote speakers will be addressing the guests, including both a teenager and adult who are living with phenylketonuria ( PKU). This is a disease that affects the body’s ability to utilize phenylalanine, which is an important amino acid and one of the building block of protein. They will discuss their experiences and give people an inside look at how their contributions can improve lives. Whenever fundraising events are held, marketing services are vital to ensure that it has  wide exposure and high attendance.

The Dance in Blue for PKU gala fundraiser will be held on November 11th in the Holiday Inn Express and Suites, which are located at 400 Old Latham Road. Those who attend are encouraged to come dressed up for the occasion, wearing as much blue as they can. More information about the occasion can be found on the organizer’s website.