Arlo Guthrie comes to local stage

August 29, 2017 by  

Folk Legend Arlo Guthrie will be making a rare solo appearance here in Torrington in September.

Arlo was grandfathered into the folk music world by his music iconic father Woody Guthrie. Woody, as folk music lovers will remember, wrote and sang classic songs such as “This Land is Your Land,” “Car Song” and “Grand Coulee Dam.”

Arlo is a legend in his own right with songs such as “Alice’s Restaurant Massacre” known as the undying Thanksgiving protest song, “City of New Orleans” and “All This Stuff Takes Time.”

The 70-year-old has been playing his acoustic guitar and performing since he was 13. In the spring of this year, he and his band did a “Back on the Road” tour in California and up into Canada, and lately he has been on his “Regeneration Tour” that includes the next round of Guthries namely his son Able Guthrie and daughter Sarah Lee. However, for his summer schedule he has taken a few of his friends on the road with him, and he is performing on stage by himself. He refers to this undertaking as his “Solo Summer.”

Whenever a popular musician tours, it’s usual to use printing services to help sell tickets in advance through posters, flyers and signs.

This performance will be at the Main Stage Warner Theatre, 68 Main Street Torrington, on Saturday, September 16th. Curtain goes up at 8:00 pm. The performance will last about two hours.