Amazon plans new distribution facility near Concord

August 27, 2017 by  

An incentive grant for building an Amazon Distribution Center in Kannapolis has been approved by the Kannapolis City Council. The new facility is expected to bring 600 more jobs to the area, so that people living in nearby Concord might consider applying for jobs there.

Darrell Hinnant, Mayor of Kannapolis, is excited about having a company that is one of the largest in the country open a facility in Kannapolis. Amazon is a world leader in commerce and the city is looking forward to being part of its innovative methods in the distribution of goods and services.

The new facility will be an industrial building, one million square feet in size and will cost $85 million. It is anticipated that 600 full-time jobs with benefits will be created. Whenever such a number of new roles is created, business card printing is likely to be needed for supervisory and management positions. The facility is expected to open in 2019.

Mike Legg, Kannapolis City Manager, said that a joint partnership with the North Carolina Department of Transportation, the Cabarrus County Economic Development Corporation and Cabarrus County and economic incentives from the city and the County served to bring Amazon to the city.

Executive Director of Cabarrus Economic Development, Robert Carney, added that this is a very exciting opportunity for Kannapolis. Amazon’s e-commerce innovations are aligned with the economic transformations already underway in the County and the city.