Cary to get new swim school

August 27, 2017 by  

Goldfish Swim School plans to open a new location in Cary later this year. It is one of many series of schools across the country that teaches children from the ages of 4 months to 12 years old how to swim.

Manual and his wife, Danelle, Alex own the location in Cary and say that the philosophy of the school is to teach children to become familiar with water. Kids learn how to appreciate the water itself and get comfortable with it to build confidence which leads to being capable of swimming.

In addition to teaching children to have fun in the water Goldfish Swim School also teaches children safety. He does not want any child to become a statistic of unintentional drowning.

Alex and his family have long been associated with Cary. They would often drive through the town before they moved here permanently a few years ago. His goal was always to open a swim school in the town as it has ranked sixth for participation in swimming, with its being close to large swimming groups such as the Triangle Aquatic Center and Marlins of Raleigh.

Schools like these can benefit from the assistance of various marketing services to promote the benefits of learning how to swim and being safe in the water. In this case it could also provide more details about the school’s opening in November.