Santa Ana mental health professionals to explore the benefits of play

August 24, 2017 by  

Educators, health care professionals and others who work with children have been offered a chance to take part in a Santa Ana workshop that will explore the psychological benefits of play based therapy.

The two day long seminar, which will be facilitated by Dr. Byron Norton and Dr. Carol Norton, will cover an assortment of topics. The key assumptions that underlie the success of play will be discussed, as will how to equip a playroom and what toys to stock it with, the different stages of play based therapy and there will also be a live demonstration of the techniques shared. There will also be time for networking and sharing best practices among the attendees.

All those who wish to take part in this two day long event are asked to register ahead of time. The cost to do so has been set at $220.00 each for professionals, while the student priced tickets will cost $180.00. The fee includes coffee and light snacks, as well as the printed materials that will be used during the two days. A local print company will be able to supply items like this.

This event, which seeks to equip the attendees with a variety of play based therapy skills, will be held in the La Vido Counseling Center in Santa Ana. Anyone who would like to find out more can do so by visiting the event’s Facebook page.