Duluth area event to explore dyslexia

August 24, 2017 by  

Children and adults with dyslexia can experience a range of reading and other difficulties, and a Duluth area event will give the public a chance to understand what it is like for someone with this issue to navigate through their daily life.

The Experience Dyslexia workshop will see those who take part visit each of six stations that will guide them through activities designed to simulate the difficulties that can be faced by someone with dyslexia in the office, classroom or other learning space. There will be no charge to participate, but it is open to adults only. When people register, they will be able to select the time that best fits their schedule, and they have been asked to encourage their friends, family and co-workers to take part as well. Brochures and other materials for an information session such as this can be supplied by a local printer.

This function, that will give people a chance to experience what it is like to live with dyslexia, has been brought to the community through the support of Sage School and the International Dyslexia Association Georgia Branch. It has been planned for the evening of September 26th, and will be held in Sage School, which is located at 800 Satellite Boulevard Northwest in Suwanee. More information about both the event and dyslexia itself can be found on the organizer’s website.