Florence company goes solar in a big way

August 14, 2017 by  

A ribbon cutting was recently held for Kentucky’s largest solar array, comprising 4,140 panels located on a Kenton County rooftop.

Nicole Frey, L’Oréal USA Plant manager, explained that her company had committed in 2013 to a 60% cut in its carbon footprint, waste, and water usage. L’Oréal, she said, attained its goal for carbon reduction four years earlier than it had anticipated. Commenting on the impressive number of solar panels and their effect, Frey said:

“That equates to over a thousand metric tons of carbon that will not be introduced into our air, 2.4 million miles traveled by passenger cars, and the array will provide the Florence facility with 1.42 megawatts of renewable solar power.”

The panels, installed by Scenic Hill Solar, have a 30-year lifespan and altogether should generate enough electricity to provide 5,000 homes with power for a year.

The Florence plant is not Scenic Hill Solar’s first experience with L’Oréal; in Arkansas, the L’Oréal plant had the state’s third largest array following Scenic Hill Solar’s installation of solar panels.

CEO for Scenic Hill Solar, Bill Halter, anticipates the demand for large-scale solar arrays to increase dramatically. L’Oréal’s solar energy commitment, when included in Scenic Hill Solar’s presentation folders, will likely convince more enterprises to take similar steps as solar energy becomes increrasingly cost efficient.