Longwood to host sealed bid auction of its surplus equipment

July 17, 2017 by  

The city of Longwood will soon be conducting a sealed bid-style auction for an assortment of vehicles and other equipment, and local businesses and members of the public are welcome to participate.

Those who take part in the auction will be required to submit a sealed bid, and no one will know what amount anyone else has proposed. At the end of the auction, the highest amount will be awarded the item in question. Each person can only bid once per piece of equipment or vehicle, but they are free to do so on as many items as they wish.

An assortment of cars, trucks, trailers and other items will be offered, and the condition of these range from good to in need of repair or unknown. A complete list of these has been prepared for public to peruse, and they are also invited to view them ahead of the auction. A day has been set aside for this, and after they have done so, the bids will be accepted on the day of the event via email.

Anyone who makes a submission is required to include the item number, the amount they wish to bid and also their contact details. The winners will be contacted to inform them that they won. Flyers can be placed throughout the community to promote an event like this.

The auction of surplus equipment and vehicles will be held in Longwood on July 27, and the viewing day will be July 26. Anyone who would like to find out more has been asked to visit the city’s website.