Irving opens innovative new facility

July 17, 2017 by  

The Study: Irving’s Innovation Center, opened with a ribbon-cutting ceremony recently. The new incubator-type facility is located in the former Irving Central Library.

There are two partnerships supporting The Study: a public-private one between the Indigo Group and the City of Irving, and another between The Study itself and the Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce. The latter will seek to help entrepreneurs and small businesses by offering training, programming, and events.

The Study is a sort of business ‘incubator’ – a spot where entrepreneurs and small business owners just starting out can share ideas, as well as office space. A business can get up and running without the overhead of either renting offices or building a facility and hiring employees. They can also benefit by developing mentoring relationships with mature businesses.

In the case of The Study, facilities include meeting rooms and coworking space, with a game lounge to be constructed soon, to provide relaxation for professionals who will use the space for extended periods of time. The Chamber of Commerce will open its Heritage District office in The Study soon.

The Irving Economic Development Partnership will help support the Chamber office, which will strive to highlight the Heritage Crossing District, as well as supporting smaller businesses and entrepreneurs, enabling them to develop and join the larger Irving business community.

Organizers often create brochures for distribution within the business community, highlighting the advantages of projects like this.