Irvine has new transportation director

July 17, 2017 by  

In an effort to solve its traffic problems, Irvine has named a new transportation director. Sean Joyce, the city manager, appointed Mark Linsenmayer to the post. Linsenmayer is the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s deputy executive officer.

According to city officials, Linsenmayer will be responsible for all facets of transportation, including such tasks as traffic management and transit planning. In addition, he is being asked to design and implement initiatives for the city to help get people to walk or use bicycles, rather than driving everywhere.

Linsenmayer will be working closely with the Transportation Commission, a five-member panel that met for the first time on May 16, and will take up his duties July 24. His salary will come from money allocated to pay for an analyst, a vacant position that is already in the budget.

There is also another $22m in the budget that can be used to tackle other transportation-related issues such as rehabilitating certain streets, and synchronizing signals along Irvine Boulevard, among others.

Linsenmayer, who has 20 years’ experience with transportation projects, has two master’s degrees, one from UC Irvine in Urban and Regional Planning, and one from the University of Colorado in Denver in Public Administration.

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