Indianapolis welcomes Indy PopCon 2017

July 17, 2017 by  

The weekend of July 7-9 brought some strange creatures to Indianapolis.

Fans of pop culture of all kinds, from movies to video games to graphic novels, gathered at the Indiana Convention Center for Indy PopCon 2017. Described as a convention for fans, devised by fans, organizers were clear that everyone was welcome, no matter what particular genre held their interest.

Fans of video games may not be surprised to learn that video gaming is twice as large as the recording industry, but for most people this is an unknown fact. Indy PopCon brought in guests from the gaming industry, including game publishers and industry icons, who talked about the direction the industry is taking, and the latest developments.

Celebrity guests included actors Sam Jones (“Flash Gordon”) and Garrett Wang (“Star Trek: Voyager”), along with dozens of comic book artists and authors like Timothy Zahn and Roy Thomas, and more from the worlds of video games.

One of the most eagerly watched parts of any convention is the cosplay event. The word is short for ‘costume play’, and refers to the elaborately detailed costumes that fans make to honor their favorite hero or heroine. Characters from games, television shows, films, and comic books were all in attendance.

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