Duluth welcomes public to picnic

June 26, 2017 by  

As the days of early summer arrive, an event will take place in Duluth that will bring the community together in a spirit of fun and relaxation.

Picnic on the Green will see people from all over the city coming out to enjoy an al fresco meal while they relax in the fresh air and sunshine. Those who attend are invited to bring along a blanket or folding chair and a picnic basket filled with goodies for the day. They can also play outdoor games such as Frisbee or catch, and when they need to cool off, they can enjoy a splash in the fountain.

To add to the festive feel of the occasion, there will be live music playing at the site from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm. The function will run throughout the day, and all will be welcome, whether they are attending with friends, family, as a couple or on their own. Community calendars that highlight local activities can be prepared by a printer for distribution to area households so they can be aware of upcoming events.

This summer celebration of community spirit will be held this Wednesday, June 28 on the Green. People can arrive at any time throughout the day and evening, and further details can be found on the city’s website.