Target announces opening of mini store

June 11, 2017 by  

Target, which has two other mini-Targets in Orange County, has recently announced a third location opening in July of 2018 in Anaheim.

The retail chain is trying to keep up with evolving markets and is hoping to expand into urban areas with plans to open up several dozen more mini-stores over the next two years.

The stores will bring convenience to residents with a variety of products of services and will likely announce its opening with banners and signs. One of the main conveniences is that the location will serve as a place to pick up on line orders saving consumers shipping fees generally charged to deliver packages directly to a home or business.

Within the store will be a CVS Pharmacy as well as Starbucks for the convenience of shoppers. The mini-Target will also include a large variety of grocery items such as produce, meal options and grab and go items.

The 40,000-square foot building will sell everyday items consumers are used to as well such as toiletries, health and beauty products, clothing and accessories. Shoppers will also be able to purchase electronics, toys, sporting goods and entertainment items.

The retail giant will continue to expand on refurbishing several hundred locations and introduce new products and brands in order to boost declining sales. The company’s stock has recently shown signs of rebounding.

The Anaheim mini-store will be located at East Lincoln Avenue and North State College Boulevard, the current location of K-Mart which is slated to close in July.