Meet Four Women in Franchising

The number of women finding entrepreneurial success has been rising steadily. Here is what four successful women have to say about their experiences as Minuteman Press franchise owners as well as their tips and advice for others who want to go into business for themselves…

Successful Women in Franchising from Around the World - Minuteman Press Franchise Review

As more people come to realize that the corporate climate today still is afflicted with downsizing and the accompanying threat of being laid off, franchising becomes even more appealing to entrepreneurs.  Additionally, savvy female entrepreneurs are discovering that there are no “glass ceilings” when you are the boss of your own enterprise. A solid franchise opportunity provides the chance at the kind of financial security and lifestyle flexibility that is often elusive to the corporate employee.  For these reasons and more, an increasing number of women are taking time to review new or existing franchise opportunities and wisely investing in the best among them.

Maria Medina owns the Minuteman Press franchise in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She has been in business for two years and has already won awards such as  2016 Small Business of the Year by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce. Maria appreciates how becoming a business owner has empowered her, stating, “Becoming a business owner meant that I could have a direct impact on the company’s performance by setting goals and directing resources accordingly. Being the owner of a small business also means that I am able to work on the company’s brand by becoming a part of its image through networking and marketing. I have learned, and am still learning, skills which I don’t think I would have if I hadn’t become a business owner.”

Minuteman Press franchise owners Maria and Aj Medina, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Maria and Aj Medina

There is some data to confirm that the number of women taking command as owners of their own franchises is rising at a steady pace:

  • SBA revealed that 10% of “all companies established between 1975 and 2000 were women-owned franchises,” according to one study by SBA.
  • Around 5 years ago, the International Franchise Association determined the percentage of female franchise owners was around 25% NOT including another 17% operating within the franchise world with partners who are men.

Achieving Franchise Success as a Business Owner, Wife and Mother in South Africa

Magda Barnard, multi-unit franchise owner of Minuteman Press in Nelspruit, South Africa acknowledges that the franchise ownership takes sacrifice and concentrated effort, but that it is worth it for women who wish to strike a balance between raising children and tending to a growing business.  She explains, “I have been in a Minuteman Press franchise for nearly 18 years. We had 3 boys (aging 9, 7 and 2 years) when we started the business in 1998 and I was pregnant with our fourth son.”

WOMEN IN BUSINESS: Minuteman Press franchise owner Magda Barnard
Magda Barnard

Magda further reflects on her entrepreneurial journey, relishing all of her well-earned accomplishments and success in business: “I can honestly say that being a woman in this franchise allowed me to make a difference in ensuring that we could grow the business successfully and ultimately be part of the Minuteman Press International President’s Club for top performers. As do many other women, I have the strong ability to organize, prioritize and multi-task. A further benefit is my attention to detail, which I believe is an important characteristic to have when buying and managing a Minuteman Press franchise.” She concludes, “Minuteman Press has offered me the opportunity to reach our dreams for our business, knowing that my role as a woman has been a cornerstone in this business.”

The franchise world is expansive for women today

With boosts coming from organizations such as the Association of Women Business Centers and the SBA in the form of mentoring programs, seminars, workshops and even funding assistance, women interested in embarking upon franchise ownership find themselves with opportunities that are expanding.  Also, it may have seemed that options in terms of industry were limited to the beauty, food service or health franchise opportunities, but today variety is something hard-working, driven female entrepreneurs can enjoy.  Now, there are stories of successful women applying the franchise model within a wide range of sectors.

Carla Wilson, owner of Minuteman Press in Farmington, MO, is gratified to be a powerful role model for her daughters and it paid off nicely for them as they grew into adulthood. She explains, “I bought and started my Minuteman franchise 25 years ago. At the time my daughters were 1 and 4 years old and I didn’t want to spend any ‘extra’ time away from them than necessary. Buying a franchise gave me a way to jump right into a business without the time requirements that would have been necessary to start a business from scratch.  My 4 year old daughter grew up watching me run my own business and went on to become an industrial engineer. My 1 year old daughter grew up and is now my production manager and will probably choose to take over for me one day. I am really happy that owning my Minuteman Press franchise allowed my daughters to grow up watching a woman succeed in a male-dominated profession. That was an added, unexpected bonus to franchise ownership.”

Amy Steinman is a multi-unit Minuteman Press franchise owner with locations in Hartford, Vernon, Manchester and Glastonbury, CT.  She appreciates the benefits of being her own boss as compared to navigating the corporate scene. Amy shares, “Being a woman business owner has its challenges, but I can say there are no glass ceilings here. I will never be passed over for a job that I’m qualified for, and let’s be optimistic that that culture is already changing and progressing in corporate America.”

Amy Steinman (left) with staff.

Many women in business are taking advantage of select franchise opportunities and applying their talents to build thriving businesses, freeing themselves from the limits that have always existed in the traditional workforce. Amy states, “I feel like Minuteman Press International may be unique in that there are many women owners.  I am sure I see more women when I walk into any Minuteman Press conference or meeting than I do when I walk into one of the very many networking (or other) meetings that I attend regularly in my business community.”

Ultimately, four decades of increasing numbers prove that women continue to apply dedicated energy and perseverance into their careers as exemplary franchise owners. And undoubtedly, they are taking franchising to the heights they were designed for while enjoying the benefits of business ownership.

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