Having a Job vs. Owning a Business

Buying a Business vs. Getting a Job - What is Right for You? Minuteman Press Franchise Review

How to Reap the Benefits of Business Ownership

“In the beginning, you’re going to work harder than you ever have but you’re doing it for yourself and your family, not for someone else.  That’s one of the reasons people go forward into business ownership.  They own more than a business. They own something for the family to get involved with, something to turn over to their kids when they want to retire.” – Bob Titus, CEO of number-one rated digital print, design and business service franchise, Minuteman Press International

Mr. Titus could give an endless list of reasons why owning your own business is superior to working hard and having the fruits of your labor benefit someone else’s company.  He chose to highlight what may be at the top of the list of benefits of owning your own business – the right to weave motivated family members into the fabric of your professional dream-come-true and the chance to build profits and enhance your lifestyle together.

Owning your own business – 3 inspirations:

Dusting off after a corporate layoff – untold benefits:  Working for someone else and collecting a regular paycheck is safe, fair-weather game, but too frequently, the job market turns cold and you could find yourself cut from a job in which you have invested a great deal of your life’s passion.  Another benefit of owning your own business is the right to take the reins on your own career and never again be subject to the whims of the job market or any supervisor’s decisions.  Kurt Kalbach, owner of Minuteman Press in Cumming, GA, did just that. He successfully turned a corporate layoff into a personal, professional victory after taking advantage of a digital print, design and marketing franchise opportunity.

Thanks to the superior training and support of his industry-leading franchisor, Kurt was able not only to recover from job loss, but also to completely switch industries and create a more satisfying and rewarding life for himself AND his family.  Kurt shares, “After being ‘retired’ from corporate America – only I can fire myself. Owning your own business can be stressful – especially if you were like me and changed industries. However, one may be surprised how many transferable skills one can take from one industry to the next, especially with the right support. Probably the most important benefit of owning our own business is investing in us (our family) versus investing in or working for somebody else.”

Paying it forward – in your own backyard: As an entrepreneur with the right plan, you can move forward with the promise of creating a lucrative legacy that branches out the benefits of business ownership beyond personal successes and into the community at large.  Small business owners frequently make themselves a vital part of the communities they serve and make conscious decisions to benefit their neighbors.  Beyond sponsoring Little League teams and participating in charitable events, if you put your good energy into becoming an entrepreneur, you will also provide the chance for those who join your team to grow professionally.

Jonathan Dunwoody owns The Minuteman Press franchise in Huntsville, AL, and he is dedicated and proud of the work environment his business has afforded to his grateful staff.  Part of his vision and one of the benefits of business ownership that Jon demonstrates is in bringing prosperity and a healthy professional environment to his community.  Jon, along with fellow Minuteman Press franchise owners worldwide are making a positive impact in this way considering that a Forbes survey revealed that over 50% of the working population (that’s 120 million people) works in a small business AND small businesses have generated over 65% of the net new jobs since 1995.  Jon explains, “The ability to provide a warm, rewarding atmosphere for others to work, grow themselves professionally, and become leaders themselves.  I started this business to provide this kind of work environment as this is how I came into the print industry.  It gives you the ability to manage your work/personal life more easily.”

Taking back the pie of profitability and this time, YOU determine who gets a piece:  Some thriving business owners got that way by becoming fed up with slaving away only to have the company for which they work absorb most of the benefits of their well-intentioned, exhaustive efforts.  They come to the point where they simply refuse to continue pouring their energies into someone else’s wallet without any real hope for the formula to adapt in their favor.  Instead, they explore more rightful business opportunities, dodging the career and franchise scam scene and finding a new winning formula that will allow the bulk of their professional engagement to come back to them with greater satisfaction than they have ever known while working for someone else.

Bruno Taillefer was such a bold entrepreneur and he discovered the benefits of investing in a leading digital print, design and business service franchise.  He came to learn the value inherent to the right kind of franchise ownership, in which his franchisor brings a proven system, ever-present support and expertise to merge with his drive and endless pursuit of heightened success.  He is the owner of Minuteman Press in Duluth, GA, and he says this of leaving the corporate world for the benefit of business ownership, “I worked in the corporate world for 20 years, putting in crazy hours and helping to generate millions for the company, but I wanted a bigger piece of the pie.  Now, as a business owner, I determine my own paycheck.  The efforts you put into your business are directly connected to your paycheck.”  In a survey done by the Kaufman Foundation for Entrepreneurship, 549 company founders across a variety of industries revealed that 75.4%, or the majority of respondents had worked as employees at other companies for more than six years before launching their own companies.  They are among those business owners who learned that one of the early benefits of owning your own business as opposed to being someone else’s employee is the chance to develop pride in actually building something of your own. Making a success out of your entrepreneurial inclination means being gratified through your own leadership, abilities, and determination, and in doing so, setting a strong example which is something to brag about.

Kevin Wittal, Minuteman Press Regional Vice President in Toronto, Canada, assists new business owners as they take off into entrepreneurship as Minuteman Press franchise owners.  He remains as a source of continual support to all of the franchise owners in his region and in this capacity, he is able to see how professional aspirations come alive and thrive once the shackles of the job market are laid down.  Kevin shares, “One of the greatest benefits of owning your own business is having control of your financial future. In my line of work I meet a lot of people who have been the victim of cuts, corporate takeovers, redundancy; it’s unfortunate but it happens all too often. At the end of the day it’s about someone else making a decision about your future and by becoming a business owner, you end that cycle and make yourself the ultimate decision-maker.”

No one doubts that owning your own business is not without risks.  And yet, the entrepreneurial spirit thrives on challenging those risks as well as reaping the rewards once met with success.  Owning your own business is, therefore, an exciting adventure with benefits on many levels, not the least of which is collecting more direct payback for the great energy you put into your work.  Another fantastic thing about owning your own business is realizing that there are business opportunities that afford you the chance to take on the grand adventure on your own, but fortified with support.  For instance, you can opt to become a franchise owner and by doing so through a solid franchisor, gain countless years of experience, a proven system and an impressive support network to help you in all areas of your business as well as helping you become better at managing risk so you have the chance to reap more rewards over time.

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