Four Reasons Why the Future of Digital Printing is Unstoppable

Digital printing has revolutionized the print industry and fostered growth that is driven by grounded and innovative solutions

Minuteman Press - growth of digital printing

The future of digital printing is white hot and the wisest decision-makers in the industry are embracing this expanding sector of the industry with vigor and enthusiasm.  According recent data, the value of all digital printing just less than a decade ago represented under a fifth of the offset print market.  A digital print explosion is anticipated within the next three years and it is projected that digital printing will be worth about half of the offset print sector worldwide. Also, in more established print regions, the percentage worth will be even higher.

These are empowering times for print industry leaders (such as those at Minuteman Press International) who are not intimidated but are rather invigorated about the future of digital printing. Data suggests that in a few short years, digital print volume is projected to reach nearly 70%. In addition, it is predicted that the total digital market will increase substantially within the next 5-10 years, with inkjet accounting for more than half of both the value and the volume of digital printing.

Indeed, the immediate future of digital print must include a hybrid solution that merges one of the most respected, long-standing methods of communication (offset printing) with the dynamic, emerging channel that is digital print. It is certainly an exciting time to be part of The Minuteman Press Franchise considering the vested pride Minuteman Press has in successfully staying at the forefront of a business services industry that offers a promising, profitable future fueled by both tradition and trailblazing force.

Four Reasons Why Digital Printing is Soaring:

1. Impressive service and increased flexibility – Digital Printing is a crowd-pleaser for its flexibility, allowing print suppliers to provide production as needed and on-time while availing themselves of new opportunities to increase profit. Additionally, product upgrades and changes can happen more quickly than some companies’ marketing departments can typically keep up-to-date items stocked. As a result, using digital technology becomes an advantage for making a timely impression and increasing sales.  Digital printing lets print professionals like those at Minuteman Press help companies order smaller quantities of needed brochures and other materials without the need to juggle obsolete items on the shelves. This does more than save trees, as a variety of target-specific marketing material means improved customer satisfaction highlighted by a decline in waste and striking down the ripoff of precious time and resources that unguided choices create.

2. Favorable pricing for high quality, full color digital printing is a win-win – Digital color printing prices continue to become more affordable. Modern digital presses are designed for very heavy output.  The faster speeds are allowing print shop owners to become more cost effective and efficient, which makes everyone happy as costs decline. This further drives the digital print demand.

3. Getting personal delivers results – There are no complaints about personalized work. Digital printing makes personalized, targeted, variable data capable printing an easier option, which means that when a prospect list is presented for a direct mail campaign, the job will be done with greater ease and accuracy. This is invaluable because personalized direct mail campaigns are proving to exceed the success of other outlets (including online and social media). Variable data capability has been tested over multiple studies and in almost every case, a personalized approach has created an increase in results.

4. Data management capabilities increase communication effectiveness – Managing and maintaining “big data” as it matures with technology capable of identifying potential customers is an outstandingly powerful skill. Digital printing will increasingly be used as a communication channel for this particular output and to avoid “dying on the vine” moving forward, it’s best to heed the call and incorporate it.

The Minuteman Press Franchise, the world’s largest and number one rated digital print, design and marketing franchise has a proud host of very successful locations and among them are Joe Genua and Joe Mulligan of Minuteman Press in Clifton, NJ.

Mr. Genua can attest to the growing value of digital printing, sharing:  “The future of printing absolutely lies in digital printing. The quality that today’s digital machines are producing is astounding – and getting better every year. Today’s fast-paced business world demands high-quality printed material, with fast-turnaround, usually in smaller quantities, and at an economical price. Digital printing makes all this possible.”

Joe further reflected on the continuing importance of traditional offset printing as part of a business services future that depends on a variety of solutions, ”Offset printing still plays a major role in our sales mix:  More than 40% of our sales come from Offset, white Digital (18%) is growing fast. So, there STILL is a place for offset in today’s market place. These jobs are usually larger format and higher print runs.  It’s great to still be able to offer the customer the best of both worlds – and the process that makes sense for the client both economically and quality wise.”

So, printing industry growth clearly insists upon the partnership of digital and offset printing, and never has it been more necessary to have professionals with the knowledge and expertise to guide people within business services to the most beneficial solution possible for their particular needs and get it done quickly.

The very successful Minuteman Press Franchise in Newark, NJ is owned and operated by Holly Kaplansky and Holly spoke without hesitation, “Digital printing is extraordinarily important to me.  What I am seeing is that people have a need to get things done well and on their time and we can do that.  It separates me, Minuteman Press, from the competition, being able to get things done on a dime; not for a dime, on a dime.”

When advertising products require frequent specification adjustments, it could be considered a form of self-imposed ripoff to needlessly maintain a large inventory of sales brochures or catalogs.  Digital printing offers business services a way to make inexpensive reprints with updated materials and photographs.  Short digital runs to accommodate urgent needs (print-on-demand) can be produced with prices that have become reasonable. For decisions related to digital print, design and marketing,  it is wise to allow the trusted business service professionals at Minuteman Press to help clients decide the best time to use short digital runs or longer offset options based on what is cost-effective in each case.

Highly valued and forward-thinking Minuteman Press business owners can be found helping their diverse group of customers in communities around the world.  Chris Jutt, Area Manager for Minuteman Press International, reflected on the impact and growth of digital printing from his view “down under”:

“I am frequently asked questions about the future of digital printing.  As the Area Manager for Minuteman Press International, responsible for the states of Queensland and New South Wales, I have observed tremendous ongoing growth of our digital printing services.  Our locations are using toner-based and inkjet technologies to produce all kinds of services and products for our customers.  Most of these products are used for marketing purposes for companies that are realizing that print on paper is an extremely effective way of communicating.  The Internet is so vast that companies and their products get lost.  Even with the growth of the Internet creating a perceived domination of communication, print has proven (in many cases) to be much more effective.  Print is alive and thriving, and digital printing is fueling this growth.”

Ultimately, digital printing is representative of innovation and there is a bright future on the horizon for printing industry growth. It also seems that inkjet technology is leading the charge thanks to its various applications. Nearly every digital print equipment manufacturer is intensely laboring on its continued development, while more traditional press manufacturers recognize inkjet technology’s healthy effect on the future.

George Holzmacher, Vice President of International Development for Minuteman Press International (United Kingdom), shared his view on the impact of digital print technology on the future, stating, “We have been expanding worldwide for just over two decades and I’ve been instrumental in that growth, allowing me to watch important factors change over time.  In the early days, our locations were offset printing locations using a technology that was invented around 1905.  I couldn’t be more optimistic about digital growth, which is happening now at an unprecedented rate and there’s no stopping it.  It’s highly profitable and it’s the most productive technology I have ever seen.”

In South Africa, Minuteman Press International Regional Vice President Frik Van Niekerk can attest to an emerging digital presence as well, “The overall growth in our country over the past decade has been incredible. I started out as a young man working for one of the largest offset printers in South Africa, two decades ago. I am fortunate to have joined Minuteman Press and witness business services growth in what today is the largest printing chain in the country.  Our significant growth is thanks, in part, to factors like digital printing. We’ve gotten faster and our quality is becoming increasingly superior.”

The future demand of digital printing is already in high-gear as demand for individualized print products, design and marketing services is on the rise. As inkjet technologies continue to mature in terms of speed, quality and economics, digital print continues to establish itself as a legitimate and exciting part of the vital solutions available beyond 2015. Innovative print industry leaders from The Minuteman Press Franchise have helped predict, scope and lead the journey.  As the business services industry worldwide craves more, Minuteman Press will consistently serve up, as established experts, a wealthy offering of options that merge the tried and true with the exciting and the innovative.

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November 13, 2015
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