3 Reasons Why Print is Alive and Thriving in 2018

3 Reasons Why the Print Industry is Alive and Thriving - Minuteman Press franchise reviews, news, and opportunities

The print industry is alive and thriving in 2018, and it is easy to figure out why. While online marketing certainly has its value – especially when combined with print to create cross media marketing campaigns – it is print and print alone that provides something tangible to customers that awakens the senses and appeals to their sensibilities.

The Minuteman Press Franchise Review spoke with Ron Rubin, Minuteman Press International Regional Vice President for New England, who offered his thoughts on the following three reasons why print is alive and thriving in 2018:

1. Emergence of digital printing provides cost-effective, high quality options to customers. “Print is alive and well, and clearly thriving,” says Rubin. “Due to technology innovations and the emergence of digital print capabilities, we have seen our Minuteman Press franchise locations grow their respective client bases because there are more cost-effective options for small- and medium-sized businesses to market themselves. We can now produce smaller quantities of high quality, digital color marketing materials at favorable prices, and variable data printing enables clients to personalize each marketing piece quickly and easily without slowing down the process.” Personalization has become so powerful that 84% of people surveyed by InfoTrends said they are more likely to open a piece of direct mail when it is personalized to them.

Speaking of direct mail…

 2. Direct Mail remains a powerful marketing tool that cuts through the clutter in 2018. According to a study by InfoTrends, over 67.4 percent of those surveyed said that they are either more likely to read a printed direct mail offer instead of a promotional email (33.3%) or read direct mail at the same frequency as email (34.1%). “While digital print technology has brought us to a whole new level, direct mail is still very much a vital component to our clients’ marketing plans,” says Rubin. “If you look at online retailers, you’ll see that even they are sending out direct mailers to their customers. Why? Because cross media marketing – where digital and print work together to drive traffic – is crucial to reaching customers and growing businesses.”

 3. Print is tangible. The ability of print to appeal to multiple senses at one time makes it easy to create a strong bond with the recipient. To be able to feel a direct mail postcard in your hand while looking at it or actively use a promotional product after receiving it as a gift, these are ways of creating and reinforcing brand awareness that digital advertising cannot ever match. Rubin sums this point up best: “Print is tangible and reaches customers in ways that emails can’t. Combine that with flexible, cost-effective digital printing and you can clearly see why print is as powerful and effective in 2017 as it has ever been before.”

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