Join us starting April 4th at  our franchise Open House & receive a behind the scenes in-depth look at one of Long Islands most successful franchises; there is no obligation. 


-Meet local representatives & President of company. Receive company overview & Q&A.

-Visit local centers in operation & talk with franchisees. Learn about the income potential to an owner, the local support & more.

-Return to office. Tour training school & view demo of our proprietary management/pricing/marketing  software.

-Receive franchise information package to take home and review.

Duration: 2.5 – 3 Hours

Why should you research this opportunity? 

  1. Rated #1 in category by Entrepreneur 25 times, the last 14 years in a row.
  2. A royalty incentive program equals more earning potential.
  3. With over 40 years in franchising and with almost 1,000 locations, you are partnering with the industry leader that has some of the most mass purchasing power in franchising.
  4. 28 Regional offices to provide local onsite face to face support.
  5. Wide variety of products and services.
  6. Family owned & operated franchisor with over 100 locations being owned by 2nd generation owners.
  7. We reinvest into our franchise owners and have developed proprietary business management, marketing & pricing software.
  8. Normal business hours of operation.
  9. High repeat business factor. Everything that we produce is consumable.
  10. Every business regardless of size or industry is a potential customer.

Can’t attend?  Let’s talk one on one.
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“I was working in the retail industry where I had to work long nights, weekends and holidays. With three small children, I really wanted to find an opportunity that would improve my quality of life and enable me to spend more time with my wife and children. Because of the business-to-business model that allows for regular working hours, Minuteman Press allows me to be both an entrepreneur and a father who is there for his family. I am now home for dinner every night, attend all school functions, and I really enjoy coaching my kids’ sports teams.”

Jason Jacobus – Flemington, NJ
In business since: 2012 • Background: Retail Manager

“We are second-generation members of the Minuteman Press family. We saw the success our parents had with their franchises and decided to go into business as well. We now own two franchises ourselves and are very happy with our choice to follow in our parents’ footsteps.”

Michael & Lindsey Weber – Enfield, CT & West Springfield, MA
In business since: 2004 • Background: IT & Department Store Buyer

“I left the retail industry behind for Minuteman Press, which enabled me to work regular Monday through Friday business hours. I also love the short reorder cycle that print provides. When I was working in retail, I would sit in the store and wait for customers to come in. With Minuteman Press, customers will reorder all of their materials faster and I am able to spend my time getting out there and growing my business.”

Steve Brunk – Vero Beach, FL
In business since: 2007 • Background: Retail Manager

“We diligently researched franchise opportunities before deciding to buy an existing Minuteman Press franchise. We were coming from the insurance industry and we wanted something tangible to sell, as well as training and support that would be there for us. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the training and support we have received from day one. Two plus years later, we get excellent support at the corporate and local levels.  We see our local team once per month and talk to them more often than that on a variety of subjects including lease agreements, equipment we are considering, and more. We also use David and Jeff as resources for specialty jobs and also appreciate all of their sales advice. On top of all of that, they play a major role in training our new employees on software and anything else as needed.”

Anne Meyers – Myrtle Beach, SC
In business since: 2012 • Background: Insurance
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