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Own a business that's been refined
over 40 years, provides a great quality of life,
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The World’s Largest
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The World’s Largest and No. 1 rated print, marketing & design franchise


Regional Support offices that provide local, face-to-face assistance.

Multiple Revenue

Provide a wide variety of products and services that every business needs


Limited royalty structure to help maximize your income.

South Africa’s Premier Print, Marketing & Design franchise.

Established in South Africa over 20 years ago, Minuteman Press is South Africa’s premier printing, marketing and design franchise. With high demand products and services, a proven business model and a support office Sandton, Gauteng; you too can take advantage of this unique franchise system. Learn more today.

About Minuteman Press

Minuteman Press is a complete marketing service provider that has helped businesses grow for more than 40 years. We have developed a unique business model that offers services and products that every business needs for its daily operations, as well as for its marketing and advertising efforts. Prior experience is not necessary to own and operate a successful Minuteman Press franchise. Our owners are businesspeople who are alert to the needs of their local business community and can enjoy a long-term repeat relationship with their clients by providing outstanding quality and service.

Started in 1973 by Roy Titus and his son Bob, Minuteman Press has grown to nearly 1,000 locations. Today, Minuteman Press is still a family owned and operated franchise that invests in its owners by providing unmatched franchise support and continually enhancing its business model to be more efficient and more profitable.

If you’re looking for a business that offers normal business hours, a wide variety of business services, and unparalleled support, then please continue reading and learn how you, too, can have the opportunity to secure your financial future while helping businesses achieve their goals.

We Are The Modern Printing Industry

What is the modern printing industry? Think of it as a massive toolbox filled with a wide variety of tools that all serve their purpose at different times and help get the job done. Digital printing, promotional products, and wide-format printing are just some of the sectors that make up the modern printing industry as a whole, and these tools of the trade are highly effective in helping clients build their business.

As a Minuteman Press franchise owner, you have the unique ability to utilize these tools to meet the needs of any business in any industry. We can provide virtually anything you can put a name, image, or logo on! You will be offering consumable products and services that are in high demand and need to be reordered regularly.

Regardless of your client’s industry, they can’t afford not to market their business and promote their brand. Businesses rely on us, and the already high demand for our products and services continues to grow.

Products and Services

The products and services that we offer have expanded tremendously since we first opened our doors. However, one thing has remained the same: We are focused on helping other businesses grow. We do this through a variety of ways, depending on what our customers are looking for. Think about a brand-new business just starting up, a business planning to grow or retain customers. It needs a full marketing and brand awareness campaign to be noticed, which can include logo creation, website design, brochures, flyers, business cards, promotional products, presentation folders, boxes, pens, shirts, USB drives, rubber stamps, stickers, labels, and vehicle wraps. There is virtually no limit to what our centres can do—we can produce anything you can put a name, image, or logo on.


Something that makes Minuteman Press unique in franchising is the ongoing support that we provide to our owners. We have local meetings, an international convention, marketing campaigns, internet advertising programs, and a monthly magazine. But above all, we support our owners through 28 regional support offices strategically situated throughout the world. Each office is staffed with a vice president and marketing representatives. You will have a familiar face in your region who will assist you on-site. These field representatives are full-time employees of Minuteman Press whose sole responsibility is to help owners in your region build their businesses. We believe in building a real relationship with our owners, and our local support team is always available to offer advice and lend a helping hand. Our goal is to make you as successful as possible, as quickly as possible, and to continually work with you to grow your business.


The total investment for opening a Minuteman Press franchise in South Africa can range from R1,000,000 to R1,300,000 when leasing the equipment. There are financing options available for qualified buyers that may put the initial investment in the R800,000 to R900,000 range. Minuteman Press’s investment includes virtually everything you need to start your business. Most franchisors will sell you a business first, and then tell you to go find a location that they must approve. At Minuteman Press we reverse that—you suggest an area of interest, and our local staff will research and evaluate its potential.

We will also handle all of the area research, location finding, and lease negotiations on your behalf—all of which are subject to your as well as our approval—before we enter into business. Your location is one of the most important aspects of going into business; we will only put a Minuteman Press centre in a location or area that we believe has the most potential for your business to grow.


Our training program covers all aspects of owning and operating a successful centre. Our system has been continually refined and improved over the past 40 years. We’ll cover all aspects of the business from marketing to management and pricing. We have also developed proprietary business management and pricing software that is regarded as the best in the industry. This software, known as FLEX, enables you to track all of your marketing efforts, customer spending habits, pricing, and workflow.

Once the training school is completed, one of our representatives from your local regional office will continue your training on-site.

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Top Ten Reasons to Become a Minuteman Press Franchise Owner

  • A proven business model with over 40 years of experience, support, and business development expertise.
  • One of the largest support teams in franchising: 28 regional offices that assist our owners on-site with everything from management to marketing.
  • Virtually limitless revenue streams: We provide consumable products and services to businesses. We can produce anything you can put a name, image, or logo on.
  • A royalty incentive program: Because of our capped royalty structure, we are able to put our owners in a position where they receive far more in value than they pay in royalties. Royalties are capped at a monthly sales level; you do not pay any royalties on sales above that level.
  • A business with a high net to gross ratio, with multiple revenue streams and the ability to manufacture products at lower costs than ever before. By following the program and working hard, there is fantastic opportunity for growth within our model.
  • Work Monday through Friday with normal business hours: Being a business-to-business service franchise, we are typically open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m., which allows us to service the needs of the business community while maintaining a nice quality of life for our franchise owners.
  • A flexible business model that gives you the opportunity to grow and expand: We lay out all the systems and guidelines for you to follow, and our people are there when you need us. It’s your business—you control it. We have found that the owners who follow the system the closest are generally the most successful. Remember, you are in business or yourself, but not by yourself.
  • Every business is a potential customer: Every business uses some kind of advertising or marketing items, from brochures and direct mail campaigns to apparel, marketing materials, and promotional items. We also offer full graphic design services. If you can put an image or logo on it, we can get it done.
  • Business to business: Our target market is businesses and organizations in and around your community, which makes every business a potential customer. You will have the peace of mind of dealing with like-minded professionals who utilize the products and services you offer while having the self-satisfaction of helping them grow their businesses.
  • Exit strategy: When it comes time to sell your business, we will help you sell it. Our experienced staff will introduce you to qualified buyers who have a sincere interest in buying your franchise. You will not have the hassle or expense of doing it yourself or dealing with and paying a broker.