Our Owners’ Stories

Franchising to us at Minuteman Press is different than it is to most other franchisors. To them, it’s about their system and who is following it and who is not. They are more into compliance rather than their owners’ best interests. In fact, many franchisors refuse to call their franchise owners “owners” and instead they refer to them as zee’s or address them as store numbers rather than names.

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At Minuteman Press, we treat our franchise owners like they deserve to be treated: as people. Our owners are entrepreneurs who are looking to better their lives and their families’ lives, and we take pride in how happy they are and how well they are doing. We have a tried and proven system and the owners who follow it the closest are the best in our organization.

We look at going into business with you as a partnership because we believe that is what franchising is all about. When one partner does well, they both do well. We have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of great people throughout our 40-year history. Here are just some of their Minuteman Press franchise reviews and why they chose to partner with Minuteman Press.

Featured Franchisees: Lyn & Charlie Church - Glenside, PA - Owners since 2016 - Sales

Lyn and Charlie Church own the new Minuteman Press design, print, and marketing franchise located at 359 N. Easton Road in Glenside, PA - learn more about Minuteman Press franchise opportunities at http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com
Lyn and Charlie Church

Lyn and Charlie Church: “After becoming empty nesters, Charlie left a long-term sales job that had him on the road covering 17 states. We wanted to spend more time together, so he looked for jobs closer to home. When he didn’t find anything interesting, he suggested attending a franchise show in Philadelphia. That’s where we saw Minuteman Press. We were familiar with the brand and we were impressed by the professionalism of the personnel we met. Lyn admits the Monday – Friday store hours appealed to her. We were ready to take on a new challenge, but we wanted a comfortable work/life balance. After visiting a few local stores and talking to their owners, we were impressed with the solid system Minuteman Press has in place to guide owners. We like that Minuteman Press International is still family owned and it seemed like there was a lot of support for owners on the local level.”

FEATURED FRANCHISEES: Brad & Sam Wagner - Crystal Lake, IL - Owners since 2014 - Siblings & 2nd-Generation Owners

Sam and Brad Wagner, second-generation Minuteman Press franchise owners, Crystal Lake, IL. http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com
Sam and Brad Wagner, second-generation Minuteman Press franchise owners, Crystal Lake, IL.

When Dale and Jeannie Wagner bought their Minuteman Press franchise in 2007, they did so with an unflinching sense that they were creating something great.  Today, the “something great” is in the hands of their children, Brad and Samantha, a reality that carries greatness forward in honor of their mother, who passed in 2014 and in respect to the wisdom and initiative of their father.

Dale and Jeannie took control of a 25 year-old printing center that was performing respectably, but their ambitions have always been greater than average, so stagnation was not to be.  They took their training and went on to upgrade equipment, find ideal personnel and through measurable results and real care, the community of Crystal Lake began to appreciate their family’s standard, one that matches the highest of them all, that of Minuteman Press International.  In 2010, their son, Brad graduated from Carthage College and started working in the business again.  In 2012, he went to corporate training before merging his own talent with that of Jeannie and Dale. “Training at Minuteman Press International opened my eyes to what I wanted to do, professionally.  When I was younger, I said I never wanted to do this, but at training, I realized how much knowledge I gained from working with Mom and Dad and I am thankful every day I spent working with them,” he says.

Brad took over day to day operations in 2014 with an innate ability to remain calm under what most people consider extreme stress. He also has an undeterred and exceptional ability to streamline multiple projects into impressive order.   He says, “I love to save the day for our clients. It may be by exceeding their expectations with the final product or by making their lives easier with fast turnaround times.  Our center welcomes the opportunity to figure out how to produce something that will blow clients and their audiences away.”

On his experiences as a second-generation franchise owner, Brad is thankful for balance, “I appreciate the freedom Minuteman Press International gives us to do what we want as business owners, while being there with so much support when we ask for it.  I cannot imagine being an independent print shop.  How do they get by without the support we have?  As a franchised marketing services provider, I enjoy the variety of work we get to do and the fact that we are fully capable of helping our clients get back to focusing on the growth of their own businesses.  We do it every day.”

“I like to think that we take care of the ordinary so that the client can get back to the extraordinary.” – Brad Wagner, co-owner, Minuteman Press, Crystal Lake, Illinois

A personal blessing and a forceful boost to their family business came when Brad’s sister, Sam, decided to part from her corporate ambitions and pour her passionate talent into the Minuteman Press legacy her parents prepared, one she and her brother build upon with intensity and care.  “I’m 27 years old, the youngest of the Wagner clan (of which there are 4 of us).  I came back to the family business in October of 2014 after our mother Jeannie passed to carry on her legacy. I have a BA in Accounting from Carthage College and was a corporate accountant for 2 years. I brought back both the positives and negatives from corporate America and we incorporated the positives and do our best to keep the negatives out of our company culture.”

Sam has a timeless wisdom and contagious passion for building business together with each of her clients and she imparts this tone to her staff.  To depart from the detached, impersonal corporate way of managing a team, she says, “WE make sure our employees feel like family as opposed to feel like just another person in the office. If they need extra training or if they learn a different way, we help them identify that and nurture it.   I do not like the competitiveness in corporate America and use my experience to make our team members feel comfortable to approach us, no matter what the concern.  If they notice a job was printed incorrectly or a client makes a mistake, they know we care solely about fixing it, not punitive measures. We tell them we want a solution based feeling in our center and that culture has taken root here to the benefit of all.”

“My favorite part about this industry is the variety and the people. We get to work across so many different industries it’s never a dull moment. We work with manufacturers, bakers, churches and even a company that does custom cranes to repair railroads. I love the relationships that we build with our clients as they grow and evolve their businesses.” – Sam Wagner, co-owner, Minuteman Press, Crystal Lake, Illinois

Anne Myers - Myrtle Beach, SC - Owner since 2013 - Insurance sales

We diligently researched franchise opportunities before deciding to buy an existing Minuteman Press franchise. We were coming from the insurance industry and we wanted something tangible to sell, as well as training and support that would be there for us. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the training and support we have received from day one. Two plus years later, we get excellent support at the corporate and local levels.  We see our local team once per month and talk to them more often than that on a variety of subjects including lease agreements, equipment we are considering, and more. We also use David and Jeff as resources for specialty jobs and also appreciate all of their sales advice. On top of all of that, they play a major role in training our new employees on software and anything else as needed.

Barry Landowski - Menomonee Falls, WI - Owner since 1992 - Corporate world for 20 years

barry landowskiI was interested in owning a Minuteman because everyone is a potential customer; I could go door to door in an office complex or industrial park and sell them printing because everyone uses printing. Printing is a viable business with a tangible product; not a pyramid marketing business or a consulting, “business improvement” business.

Bill & Pam Joles - Gastonia, NC Owners in since 1991 - GE warehouse manager and teacher

bill-and-pam-jolesWe love being active in the community as well as networking, and Minuteman Press gives us the platform to be able to do that. We are helping other businesses, but we are also making a positive impact where we live. That is just a win-win across the board.

Bill Kyle - Roanoke, VA - Owner since 2013 - Retail design and construction.

Bill-KyleHaving grown up working in my dad’s small business, it was always in the back of my mind to do my own thing one day.  After 25 years of working for a number of corporations in the retail design and construction industry, I determined it was time to get out…while I still liked it, and on my own terms.  So I then spent 2 years of due diligence, researching many franchises, and finally landed on Minuteman Press.  Minuteman Press truly allows me to run my own business, while providing a high level of service and support that is literally a phone call away.

Bo Gustafsson - Scotsdale, AZ - Owner since 2014 - Furniture Sales

Bo Gustafsson
Bo Gustafsson

“My past experience, I was running a business named Deuxiana, an 80 year old Swedish company that sells high-end furniture and I have been on both sides of the desk in terms of franchisor/franchisee. I appreciate the support and simplicity of the Minuteman Press franchise.  One of the more important components of Minuteman Press International is the regional, local support personnel and how they are there when I need them.  Jack is someone I can turn to whenever I need his assistance.  It is invaluable.”

Bob Davidson - Tigard, OR - Owner since 1997 - Veteran with military background

Bob-DavidsonMinuteman Press was just well-organized, the costs were in our acceptable range, and I really appreciated their business-like approach. There were no gimmicks with Minuteman Press, and that really stood out to me the most. It all just made sense.

Bob Stalinski - Manchester, MO - Owner since 2001 - GM for office products company

Bob-StalinksiThe royalties were important then and now. It is nice to have a royalty cap that enables us to reinvest in our business, and that certainly was a factor in my decision to join Minuteman Press. The return on your royalty investment is like the return on a 5 star mutual fund.  There is always someone at Minuteman Press available to help you or answer your questions.  As I had no experience in printing, marketing or sales, having that kind of support was a key factor in my decision to join Minuteman.

Brian Davis - Lexington, KY - Owner since 1991 - Human resources director

Brian Davis I previously worked as a director of human resources. After being downsized from my company, I decided I wanted to own my own business. I liked the training and support offered by Minuteman Press, which really helped me make the transition from the corporate world to being an entrepreneur.

Bryan & Johnel Nunes - Boise, ID - Owners since 2004 - Denny’s restaurant owners

Brian & Johnel Nunes, Boise, Idaho

We came from the restaurant business and were looking for something other than restaurants that was specifically B2B. We liked the Minuteman Press business model and the profit margin of the printing industry. We were also thoroughly impressed by the Minuteman Press International corporate culture and staff as a whole.

Bryan Agnello - Virginia Beach & Chesapeake, VA - Owner since 2011 - GM / Bought Business from Retiring Owner

Bryan Agnello first joined the Minuteman Press franchise in Virginia Beach in April 1997 and spent 14 years as the General Manager, working alongside owner Ernie Hayes to make sure their customers were provided with the highest levels of quality and service. During that time, Bryan was being groomed to take over the business, and in April 2011, Bryan realized his dream and bought the business from Ernie, who was ready to retire.

One huge reason Bryan Agnello decided to take over the business from Ernie Hayes and purchase a second Minuteman Press franchise in Chesapeake is because of the ongoing support that Minuteman Press International makes available to him. Bryan says, “The local support makes my life easier especially with my Regional Vice President Bob Heimbuch and Field Representative Eric Shank. They both make it so much easier for me to get work done. I am very hands on and like to run my company lean. They are a huge help.”

Caryn & Werner Neethling - Krugersdorp, South Africa - Owners since 2012 - Retail Business Owners

Caryn Neethling, Minuteman Press franchise owner, Krugersdorp, South Africa. Learn more about Minuteman Press franchise opportunities at http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com
Caryn Neethling, Minuteman Press franchise owner, Krugersdorp, South Africa

Caryn Neethling says, “My husband and I had both owned other businesses and retail stores when we joined Minuteman Press, but printing was new to us. Luckily, we had staff that were knowledgeable and an incredibly helpful franchisor. The training we received was excellent. We traveled to New York for training, and the people there were fantastic.”

She continues, “One of the big advantages of buying a franchise, as opposed to opening up an independent operation, is the support that you receive. Since we needed to learn about printing, knowing that an experienced team was just a phone call away really eased the pressure.”

Chris Lewis - Woodinville, WA - Owner since 2008 - Digital printer sales

WOMMAY2010-MS-CHRISTINE-LEWIS,-WOODINVILLE,-WASHINGTON-6-STARI worked in print for a long time and knew Minuteman Press well. I chose to open my franchise because of the national name recognition of the Minuteman Press brand, and the local field support that Minuteman provides really made me feel comfortable with franchising from the beginning.

Christine & Derek Hueske - Columbia, MO - Owners since 2014 - Food and beverage industry for 25 years

Christine Derek Hueske - Columbia MOWe chose Minuteman Press because this is the type of business that allows us to continue to sell and still have lives without having to work 70+ hours a week as we had been doing for years. As a business-to-business company, we are in control of the schedule we keep. Also, by having a production person in the shop who is managing the day to day jobs, we are able to be in the market to network and sell our services to our current customers as well as potential new ones. In addition, Minuteman Press has a great support structure in place. Not only is the corporate team always available, you have a great support structure from the more seasoned owners and they are always there to offer advice as well as give ideas regarding what has worked for them.

Chuck Bentley & Pete Cummings - Richmond, KY - Owners since 2014 - Teacher & Speech Therapy Business Owner

Chuck Bentley and Pete Cummings always gave themselves generously to the most important goals of others as a teacher and as the owner of a speech and occupational therapy center, respectively.  Since 2014, as co-owners of Minuteman Press in Richmond, Kentucky, they have been directing that generous intention to help other business owners, non-profits and schools meet or exceed their organizational goals.

Encouraged by Chuck’s uncle, veteran Minuteman Press owner in London, KY Garry Conley, the two college friends agreed they wanted a major career change, one that could provide a better retirement than that of a school teacher for Chuck and both had young families that needed more of their time.

Chuck says, “Garry has been running his center for 14 years in London and his store is very successful, plus he loves being his own boss.  He is my uncle, so I knew he would not steer us in the wrong direction and he knows that buying a printing business is not for everyone.  So, Pete and I visited my uncle’s store to talk about his business and were so intrigued, we then talked to Regional Vice President, Gary Nowak, who assessed the area and we all thought it would be a prime area to have a grand opening for our brand new franchise.  We are a mile away from a 20,000 student university, now one of our top clients.”

Conway & Michele Wong - Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ - Owners since 2017 - Banking & Real Estate

Michele and Conway Wong own the Minuteman Press design, marketing, and printing franchise in Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey. http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com
Michele and Conway Wong own the Minuteman Press design, marketing, and printing franchise in Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey.

 In February 2017, Conway Wong was looking for a change. He explains, “I went to the franchise trade show at the Meadowlands in New Jersey. There I met great guys like Minuteman Press Regional Vice President Jim Galasso, who explained their franchise business model to me.  There were many reasons why I decided to investigate the Minuteman Press franchise further, but one of the most interesting things I noticed is that everyone I met treated each other like family. The way Jim spoke about other franchisees, you knew that the owners weren’t just owners, but they were family. Being a family man myself with young children, my wife and I wanted something where we could spend weekends at family functions.”

Today, Conway and his wife Michele are proudly celebrating one year in business as Minuteman Press franchise owners in Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey. Conway has established himself as a small business owner who cares about his customers and his community. He says, “We offer our customers more than just print. Yes, we do offer print, but it’s so much more than that. In today’s day and age, technology has automated everything from flipping hamburgers to now self-driving cars. Things that only humans could do are now being taken over by technology.  Our service isn’t just about providing print; it’s about caring for the customer, caring about quality, doing what is right, doing what is human.”

Conway continues, “Our product lines include traditional printing products such as business cards, postcards, brochures, booklets, and binding. However, thanks to Minuteman Press, we also offer a wide variety of items such as CAD prints, posters, metal prints, mugs, and custom branded apparel all with no minimums.”

Dan Reeves - Burnsville & Chanhassen MN - Owner since 2015 - Print Industry Veteran

Dan Reeves, Minuteman Press franchise owner, Burnsville, Minnesota
Dan Reeves

Dan Reeves is a 35-year veteran of the printing industry who has seen it all. He once owned a competing print franchise that he was unhappy with and then worked in the corporate world for ten years before finding the right opportunity to rejoin the world of entrepreneurship. That opportunity came in the form of a Minuteman Press franchise for sale in Burnsville, Minnesota. Located just two miles from his house, Dan did his research on Minuteman Press, liked what he saw in terms of local support and a unique capped royalty structure, and was sold.

Changes in the Print Industry

In 35 years, the print industry has certainly seen its share of changes. One thing that will never change is that businesses need print to operate and use print as a vital piece of their marketing and advertising programs. The emergence of digital printing has bolstered businesses like Minuteman Press because it enables franchise owners to provide cost-effective, high quality products at a rapid pace. Dan says, “Today it’s primarily digital, so short run full color has taken the market by storm. It’s very popular, very affordable for businesses.”

In a service-based economy where everything needs to be done accurately with fast turnaround, digital printing meets those requirements and Minuteman Press is able to fulfill the needs of business owners as a result. Dan explains, “Quite often you decide Monday morning and you need something Monday afternoon. We see it constantly.”


The Minuteman Press Difference

As for how Dan Reeves found and ultimately decided on Minuteman Press, he explains, “I was just searching online, saw an opportunity, and learned about the franchise. It’s really important to learn about the franchise, that they’re going to be there to support you. Take care of you if you are stumbling and falling, try to educate you. I just loved it right away.”

When comparing Minuteman Press to his earlier experiences with a competing print franchise, things couldn’t be more different. Dan elaborates, “The biggest difference is the royalty structure. My old one there was no royalty cap. As we grew, we just sent them more and more money. Mine is now capped [at a monthly sales level] at 6 percent. That’s huge.”

Darryal & Connie Chandler - Humble, TX - Owner since 2010 - Airline industry and a teacher

CHANDLER-CONNIE1The biggest reason we chose a Minuteman Press franchise is because since I had been working here, I knew the potential this business had in the market we serve. We did have apprehensions about owning a franchise, so we certainly did our homework before making the final decision.  Everything we could find out about MMP was positive.  We have not been disappointed.  As a matter of fact, we have been more than happy! Minuteman Press International provides so much support, as well as providing us with “buying power” in many ways.  Our franchise fee is well worth it to us!  We know we made the right decision. We are part of the Minuteman Press family!

Dave & Lynn Wattles - Farmington Hills, MI - Owners since 1996 - College Textbook Sales/Publishing

Family-Friendly Franchise: Farmington Hills Couple Celebrates 20 Years in Business with Minuteman Press International - access Minuteman Press franchise reviews, news, and owner profiles at http://www.shop.minutemanpress.com/franchise/blogs-newsWhile working in textbook sales, Dave Wattles saw the value in printing but was also frustrated by the college textbook sales cycle that would normally last three to four years. “As opposed to textbooks, I love the short reorder cycle that comes with the type of marketing and printing I have done for the past 20 years with my business. We have established so many great relationships with customers over the past two decades, and I love being able to help them with everything they need on a regular, recurring basis.”

Dave Wattles chose to go the franchising route because he was looking for someone to have his back when he went into business. He liked International Minute Press because of the full training and ongoing support provided by his franchisor, Minuteman Press International. “They had a two-week training program in New York, offered me ongoing support here in Farmington Hills, and also have a royalty incentive program where they actually cap royalties above a monthly sales level. Not many franchises are willing to take money out of their own pockets and give it back to the owners to help us re-invest in our business.”

Another thing Dave has enjoyed about being part of the Minuteman Press International franchise system is that he can run his business his way while still receiving that crucial support. “Anyone who does this gig has an entrepreneurial spirit. We’re all on the same team but the franchisor doesn’t shackle us and gives us freedom to run the business the way we want. Kudos to the company that is allowing me to be me.”

David Pike - Lehigh Valley, PA (owns 6 centers) - Owner since 1989 - Second-generation owner

David PikeMy mother and stepfather were working for Bethlehem Steel out in Pennsylvania when they agreed to help my go into business. I had a retail space but I didn’t want to enter into a traditional retail business and wasn’t interested in food service. What really drove me towards owning a Minuteman Press franchise was that it was a business-to-business model that still had many of the elements of a retail business. As we continued to grow, Bethlehem Steel went out of business, and so my mom and stepdad came on board to work with me. We have grown to the point that we now own six centers across the Lehigh Valley area.

David & Angel Rindfleisch - Gilbert, AZ - Owners since 2013 - Marketing & Printing

When aligning himself with International Minute Press in 2013, David Rindfleisch wanted to create a culture of excellence. He did just that. While David has an extensive printing and graphics background, he was seeking to leverage his experience and transition from the corporate world into a managerial role. In that position, he learned how to be responsible for other employees as well as the ins and outs of operating a business.

After working in several other big roles for others and gaining valuable experience in everything from printing and marketing to project management, David was introduced to International Minute Press. He says, “I was originally hired in a marketing role but I quickly realized that there was great potential here. I executed a plan to make a few changes and those changes proved to be bountiful. With profits up, and the owner wanting to retire, an agreement was reached where I became the new owner of International Minute Press in Gilbert.”

The ongoing local franchise support David and his team have received from his franchisor Minuteman Press International has been a huge help. He explains, “I would like to thank my Regional Vice President Jack Panzer for his patience, ideas and support by offering me this opportunity.  Without Jack and the Minuteman Press International organization, this could not have happened. I feel like I am part of one big family, and they definitely have my back.”

Additional Benefits of Franchising

On top of the support that David and his team receive locally in Arizona, David takes full advantage of the Minuteman Press International franchise system including attending the franchisor’s comprehensive World Expo. The World Expo helps franchisees all come together to network with each other, speak to vendors, learn about the latest products and services, and gain valuable insights they can bring back home and implement.

David says, “The last World Expo was in Orlando, Florida. This was a great experience to find out the power we all have as part of the Minuteman Press International franchise community. The coordinated effort of getting our vendors there so we can explore other opportunities for our business as well as hearing the ideas from other great franchise owners was really mind-blowing and inspiring. This wisdom and organization it takes to do this was incredible and I will attend the next World Expo. It’s a must!”

David Rowley - Crystal City & Arlington, VA - Owner since 2010 - Human Resources

Minuteman Press franchise owner David Rowley
David Rowley

David Rowley bought his first Minuteman Press location in Crystal City, VA, a franchise that had been in operation since 1979.  He took ownership after the original owner retired. The business community he was to serve was to get a redefinition of service that they may not have realized they needed.  Prior to his decision to become an entrepreneur, he spent ten years working in Human Resource Development for CSC and four years before that were spent working for the UN in Geneva.

David says, “I felt that these experiences made a good fit for owning a Minuteman Press Business Center where we are not just order-takers but consultants to our clients.”  As his philosophy is aligned with the culture of Minuteman Press International which makes each client’s objectives a central focus of their motivation, an unstoppable alliance towards growth and success.

As his first digital print, design and marketing franchise grew in Crystal City, VA, David expanded his ability to serve the business to business community by purchasing a second Minuteman Press franchise in Arlington, VA, that had been running successfully for 15 years. When its previous owner wished to retire in 2013, ownership was assumed by David Rowley and the continuity of excellent service not only continued, but was strengthened.

Every entrepreneur is motivated by something and the best ones are motivated by something greater than money, as is Mr. Rowley.  He explains, “One of the primary reasons that I bought into Minuteman Press was that it is mostly in the B2B services industry where you get the chance to establish a strong relationship with repeat clients. I get energized by helping my clients meet their goals. As one of my clients said to me, ‘Don’t just give me what I ask for, but give me what I don’t even know I need yet.’”

Dawn & Dean Seifert - Youngstown, OH - Owner since 2007

Dean SiefertDean says, “I was looking to own a business that would help support my family and where my family could also be involved. Minuteman Press was a perfect fit for what I envisioned. We have grown our business 4 times the size it was when I bought it. We have 5 employees, 2 of these are our children. Our oldest son already talks about transitioning into our spot eventually.”

Dee Bisel - Lawrence, KS - Owner since 1993 - Sales / Printing / Production Manager

Dee Bisel, Minuteman Press franchise owner, Lawrence, Kansas. http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com
Dee Bisel

In the business of helping fellow entrepreneurs realize their visions and with the right marketing approach for over 24 years now, Dee Bisel has unlocked success for many people within the B2B services industry. Dee says, “We had a ribbon-cutting recently and celebrated the move to our 3rd location with about 100 enthusiastic Minuteman Press franchise fans.  We went from 2500 to 5000 square feet and we remodeled the space to suit our needs and put aside 1500 square feet to offer as a free meeting space for professionals and nonprofits within our community.”

To make a broad, accurate statement, Dee’s efforts within the community as an advocate for charitable causes and her alliance with hard working business owners looking to build a brand are a force of incredible good.  She is part of the modern printing industry that is Minuteman Press International and has earned a place in the franchisor’s elite Million Dollar Owners’ Circle this year.

Dee says, “The way that we’ve grown our business over 24 years is through being active in the community.  I walked down and joined The Chamber of Commerce when I became a business owner as I am a huge believer in community involvement and I would say it’s the one thing I do to market my business and keep my customers.  You become friends with the decision makers of other companies in this way and you do it not by being phony, but by digging in and really being committed and showing them you are here to stay.”

Dee Bisel and her team celebrate their new Minuteman Press franchise location at 1404 E. 24th Street, Suite B, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Lawrence, KS. Learn more about Minuteman Press franchise opportunities at http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com
Dee Bisel and her team celebrate their new Minuteman Press franchise location at 1404 E. 24th Street, Suite B, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Lawrence, KS.

Following the Minuteman Press International franchise system and standing out in the community has really paid off for Dee Bisel and her team at Minuteman Press in Lawrence, Kansas. She says, “We have about 600 active customers and we are very involved in the community, which I believe is the key to our success.  We joined the Chamber of Commerce on the second day we were open and in the second year, I chaired the envoy committee and emceed 54 ribbon cuttings for new or existing business owners.  The following year, I went on the board of directors and have served on almost every board in the town.

“Community activism is everything to us,” Dee shares with certainty. And thanks to her management style and commitment to clients, her entire team at Minuteman Press abides by a benevolent “get it done” culture that breeds loyalty and spurs growth.

Derrick Laas - Fourways, South Africa - Owner since 2003 - Corporate Director of Electronics Company

Derrick Laas and staff - Minuteman Press franchise in Fourways, South Africa
Derrick Laas and staff

Derrick Laas says, “I was a director in a large electronics company.  The division I worked in was sold off and I found myself exploring other avenues of earning a living. I had setup a franchise business as a supplier to our electronics business and saw the big advantage franchising offers a new business. I investigated several options and found Minuteman Press to offer the most support with the least interference in the business. The profit potential given, I run a good business offering a stable and long-term future.”

“Having my own business as in Minuteman Press gave me freedom to operate as I wished with a partner in Minuteman Press International who only gave me good advice and support and asked no more than I pay for the brand and stay in the brand guidelines. I can choose products, suppliers and processes that suit me but can rely on Minuteman Press headquarters to give me support when I need it.”

Derrick concludes, “Lastly, owning my business will provide me with a great quality of life for as long as I want to work.”

Dom & Arlene Passanisi - Pleasanton, Mtn. View & San Mateo, CA - Owners since 2010 - Architect and Paralegal

Dom-PassanisiDom owned a successful architectural firm and his wife Arlene comes from a paralegal background. They purchased their first center in October 2010 after Dom’s business was negatively impacted by the recession, which forced them to seek out new business opportunities for themselves. Dom and Arlene chose Minuteman Press because they saw a successful business model with no prior experience required thanks to the expert training and ongoing support, and also because they liked what they saw in the profit margins. When they were researching new business opportunities, they analyzed the numbers and the dollars had to make sense. The only business that fit their criteria was Minuteman Press. Today, Dom and Arlene own 3 locations in Pleasanton, Mountain View and San Mateo, California. The royalty incentive program is very important to them because it creates a fixed cost for them each month, which allows them to reinvest the savings back into their business.

Don & Leigh Krieger - Napa, CA - Owners since 1993 - Father & Daughter - Customer Service/Marketing

Don and Leigh Krieger, Minuteman Press franchise owners, Napa, CA
Don and Leigh Krieger

NAPA, Calif.—Together, father-daughter duo Don and Leigh Krieger run the Minuteman Press franchise in Napa, CA, which is celebrating 24 years in business. Minuteman Press is the world’s largest design, print, and marketing franchise, offering essential products and innovative branding solutions to today’s business professionals.

“It’s been terrific working with Leigh and watching her growth,” says Don, who remembers when Leigh would help out the family business during summer breaks. He adds, “It’s a proud day when you can turn over the reins of the business to one of your children. Even though I’ve always stressed customer service, Leigh has taught me how to go the extra mile for the customer.”

Career before Franchising and Choosing Minuteman Press

Customer service has been a hallmark of Don Krieger’s career. Before franchising with Minuteman Press in 1993, Don worked in the wholesale shoe business, where he was responsible for marketing and sales. Prior to that, Don worked for retail giant Saks Fifth Avenue, where he was involved in opening up new stores in the U.S. Don says, “Working in both of these industries taught me how to provide outstanding customer service and the importance of doing right by the customers. It also taught me display and presentation as well as budgeting and planning.”

The customer service, sales, and marketing skills that Don acquired in his professional career would prove valuable to accomplishing his ultimate goal: to own a business. Don explains, “I always wanted to open my own business. I went to a franchise show with a friend who was looking at buying a franchise. I met Jim Martin from Minuteman Press and things just clicked. I felt that the brand name, the support they promised and the training made it a pretty easy decision.”

Don adds, “Over the past 24 years, Minuteman Press has always been there to support us, everything from offering vendor suggestions to providing help with hiring and training staff when needed. If you need technical support, they are one phone call away.”

Like Father Like Daughter: Leigh Joins the Business

Before officially teaming up with Don and joining the business eight years ago, Leigh Krieger worked for a promotion company and also worked with two NBA teams in sales as well as community foundations. Like her father before her, Leigh was able to take these professional experiences and apply similar skills towards business ownership.

Today, as a second-generation member of the Minuteman Press franchise family, Leigh offers a unique perspective of the business. She has seen the family business grow over the years, and today she works to continue to drive that growth. “It has been a great experience,” says Leigh about working with her father. “I have had someone who knows the community and business to teach me the ins and outs of the printing and promotional business. It has really been beneficial. I have had someone to mentor me how to run a successful business.”

Most Rewarding Thing about Running a Family Franchise Business

For Don Krieger, there is no question that after running a successful Minuteman Press franchise for 24 years, the most rewarding thing is that the business will be in the capable hands of his daughter. Don says, “Being able to turn the business over to the next generation is a wonderful feeling. The joy of seeing how well Leigh has done at running the day to day operations is terrific. To know Minuteman Press in Napa will be in business for many more decades gives me the ultimate satisfaction.”

Doug Frederickson -Surrey, British Columbia - Owner since 1994 - Retail manager

Doug FredericksonI worked as a retail manager for Canadian Tire, a company I had been with since high school graduation. I was starting a family, and I wanted to have some control of my personal life with regular Monday through Friday working hours. I know myself well enough that if the business was open later into the evening or on the weekends that I would probably be there. The idea of manufacturing something that would be custom really intrigued me. As much as I enjoyed the retail business, I wanted to try something completely different, and the food industry did not interest me at all. Minuteman Press was a perfect fit for what I was looking for. The training and support lets us focus on running the business and selling print. There are great systems in place that keep us from having to re-invent the wheel. After acquiring several smaller non-Minuteman shops and seeing the poor operating systems in place, and the lack of preferred vendor programs, I really understand how valuable my Royalty check is when I send it in. Not to mention that it is capped, so my Royalty as a percentage of sales is consistently decreasing.

Ed & Fiona McDonnell - Footscray, Melbourne, Australia - Owners since 2005 - Consumer Goods Manager / Sales

Fiona McDonnell, Minuteman Press franchise owner, Footscray, Victoria, Australia
Fiona McDonnell

“We had just moved back from Sydney to Melbourne and were looking for an opportunity. We attended the franchise show and met the team from Minuteman Press International – Ed recognised the company from the USA.

Both of us wanted a business that was business to business as our son was only five years old and we didn’t want to miss time with him on the weekends and evenings. Ed’s grownup children were in the USA and we wanted to visit them at least every two years- we knew this kind of lifestyle was important to us.

We loved that no experience in printing was necessary and met with established Minuteman Press franchise owners in Melbourne with backgrounds as diverse as banking, chemical companies and supermarket/retail managers.

The Minuteman Press team we met at the franchise trade show and every step after were professional, competent, friendly, and seemed like people we could work with. The business model stacked up we loved the margins available with print!

The days are never boring at our business always something new to do. Minuteman Press has a system that supports without stifling your own entrepreneurship.

This year we will be attending the Presidents Circle and I can’t wait to pick the brains of the other owners who will be attending. One of the many amazing things we didn’t expect was the deep friendships you build and how the owners support each other.

We plan to go part time this year and see more of the world while our fabulous team keep our Minuteman Centre ticking over.

We have not looked back since we first met the Minuteman Team at the Franchise show and I would urge anyone who wants to take control of their destiny and prosper to just take a look.

A very sincere Thank you to Minuteman Press!”

Faisal Tariq - Calgary, Alberta - Owner since 2004 - Sales engineer

fasial-tariqMy Minuteman Press franchise is a family business with my brother Saqib Tariq and father Tariq Choudhary. My father was an accountant for a GM dealership in Dubai, and I was a chemical engineer in the oil industry in Alberta. Saqib was in high school when we purchased the Minuteman Press franchise, and we were looking for a business that we could build as a family and eventually support three families as sales grew and Saqib matured. Saqib graduated high school and completed a degree in Marketing from University of Calgary while assisting with the business. We started our Minuteman Press center in a 900 square foot location and now have a 3,000 square foot center. We love the Monday-Friday working hours and the business-to-business model, and we are honored to be part of the President’s Million Dollar Club.

Frank Bittner - Hainesport & Cherry Hill, NJ - Owner since 1992 - Second-generation owner

frank bittnerMy father was looking for a business with a positive cash flow and solid profit margins. Minuteman Press fit the bill for that, and later on he and I learned just how amazing the company was in terms of the support they provide. The relationship we have with the home office is incredible and very much appreciated.

Fred Edelstein - Santa Clara, CA - Owner since 2014 - Corporate Finance Manager

After working 25 years as a corporate financial manager, Fred Edelstein’s job was downsized. This is how he took back control of his career…

Meet the staff of Minuteman Press in Santa Clara, CA – from left to right: Deron Narayan, lead graphic designer/shop operator; Fred Edelstein, franchise owner, Claudia Padilla, customer service rep; and Alexandra Blaser, graphic designer.
Meet the staff of Minuteman Press in Santa Clara, CA – from left to right: Deron Narayan, lead graphic designer/shop operator; Fred Edelstein, owner, Claudia Padilla, customer service rep; and Alexandra Blaser, graphic designer.

For 25 years, Fred Edelstein built his career in corporate financial management. After an acquisition caused his job to be downsized, Fred spent the next two years searching for that next career opportunity that never came. That’s when he took matters into his own hands, and with a little help from the Minuteman Press franchise, Fred Edelstein was back to business, this time as his own boss.

Minuteman Press Franchise Review: 5 Questions with Fred Edelstein, Santa Clara, California

1. What was your background before franchising with Minuteman Press? “I spent 25-plus years in corporate financial management. I worked in companies from startups to IBM. I gained a lot of experience with companies going through funding rounds looking for venture capital funding to looking to be acquired or acquire other companies. By the end, I became the go-to guy for financial modeling wherever I was working, and I did a few stints as a consultant between permanent employment positions.”

2. Why did you choose to franchise with Minuteman Press? “My last permanent employment was with Ning Social Networking. As their Senior Financial Manager, I helped them get acquired by Glam Media, Inc. Glam Media already had their own financial team so I knew I’d be out of a job and that’s what happened. I then found it really difficult to even get interviews for the next 2 years and began to realize that I had ‘aged out’ of the positions I was qualified for. I had enough money to retool myself and began looking at other options such as opening a restaurant and buying a franchise.”

3. What was it about Minuteman Press International that appealed to you? “I met Bob Ylinen (Minuteman Press Regional Vice President for Northern California) during that search and through him I ultimately determined that opening or buying a print shop was just what I was looking for. Namely, I wanted to own a business with low headcount (small staff) and small to medium initial investment. Bob’s low key sales pitch really helped. If he’d come on too strong I’d have likely been reluctant. He gave me the facts I needed and introduced me to a few of the other local owners and let me make the decision I needed to make.”

4. How would you compare your experience as a Minuteman Press franchise owner to your previous career/industry/life? “It’s been a lot of hard work which is not a surprise or even a negative. The sense of success is not something I could ‘own’ in my previous work experience. My participation level was never really enough to keep me going. Now, the success I have is really directly or indirectly all mine, as is the failures when they happen. As a small business owner, I get to be the boss I always wished others had been for me, though I also have more sympathy for some of things they must have gone through. I also get to set the tone and work environment in my shop and help my employees grow in their respective positions, which is really gratifying for me.”

5. How has the ongoing local support you’ve received from Minuteman Press helped you along the way? “When I’ve needed support from Minuteman Press on the local or corporate levels, I’ve never had to wait; they’ve been essential to my success.”

Fred Edelstein’s Minuteman Press design, marketing and printing franchise is located at 2368 Walsh Ave., Suite B, Santa Clara, CA 95051.

Gabriel & Maggie Leal - Plano, TX - Owners since 2015 - Finance & International Relations


The team of Minuteman Press, Plano, Texas - L-R: Maggie Leal, Kyle Krauter, Arturo Hernandez, and Gabriel Leal. For more helpful business tips and franchise news, visit our award-winning blog, The Minuteman Press Franchise Review at https://www.shop.minutemanpress.com/franchise/blogs-news
The team of Minuteman Press, Plano, Texas – L-R: Maggie Leal, Kyle Krauter, Arturo Hernandez, and Gabriel Leal.

Why own a Minuteman Press franchise? Gabriel answers, “I simply asked myself, ‘What do I like?’ Then, I saw Minuteman Press was well-regarded and a reasonable investment to buy a franchise. When I focused on moving to Texas, I spoke with Dallas Regional Vice President Pete Scaglione, who was a huge help. The location in Plano was the perfect opportunity for us. I love the area. There are a lot of corporations, and Dallas and Plano are booming. I could see that we would be benefiting in a big way off a growing and booming economy.”

Another big reason that Gabriel and Maggie wanted to own their own business was because they were raising a family, and Minuteman Press is a family-friendly franchise. Gabriel says, “We had two baby girls at the time, one was four and one was a year and a half. At that point, the family was young enough for us to move. This was a family decision. With the consultant job that I had in D.C., there was a really clear limit in terms of how far I could go. There was no way to move forward and so I thought it was time for that change.”

Benefits of Franchising with Minuteman Press

Gabriel points out a few other reasons why buying a Minuteman Press franchise was appealing to him, saying, “I liked that everyone at Minuteman Press International seemed so nice, from the company representatives to the owners. When we were still in D.C., Regional Vice President Bob Heimbuch and the owners in that area were simply honest and open, letting me know that hard work pays off. I saw that the franchise system worked, the owners were happy, and that there was a general atmosphere of truthfulness and friendliness.”

There was also an added incentive for Gabriel and Maggie to choose Minuteman Press. He says, “Also, at the end of the day, Minuteman Press has a royalty cap that caps royalties above a certain monthly sales level. That is a huge benefit.”

Garry Conley - London, KY - Owner since 2004 - Truck Shop Operator / Diesel Mechanic

Minuteman Press franchise owner Garry Conley wins Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award in Kentucky
Garry Conley (center), Minuteman Press franchise owner, London, Kentucky

Since he was 19 years-old, Garry Conley had worked as a diesel mechanic, and worked his way up as high as he could to the position of truck shop operator. Because it was a salaried position, the hours became long while the paycheck remained the same. When Garry was passed up for a promotion he knew he deserved, that was the moment he knew he needed a change.

“I knew I went as far as I could go,” laments Conley. “As luck would have it, right around that same time is when my wife Amy found Minuteman Press.”


Garry recalls, “The training program really helped me because I understood how business works. The more that the trainers talked, the more I could draw similarities when it came to running a smooth production operation and providing excellent customer service. I didn’t need to know anything about creative design or the technical aspects of printing; I just needed to do what I knew I was born to do, which was to get out there, work hard, and build my business.”

One thing that really helps Garry Conley keep track of everything on a daily basis is FLEX, the proprietary software program that Minuteman Press has developed in-house to help owners manage their business. He says, “FLEX makes everything so much easier, from keeping track of marketing campaigns to daily workflow. There is not a program that is better for commercial printers in the U.S. that is better than FLEX. That is just one of the many benefits of being part of the Minuteman Press system.”

Garry concludes, “Anytime I need local support, Minuteman Press is here for me. I also love the mass purchasing power they have when it comes to the types of contracts I can get with our suppliers. It’s just great to be able to be part of a system that is designed to help owners like me succeed.”


Garth Sanders - Woodland Hills, CA - Co-Owner since 2011 - Amusement Park Industry

Garth Sanders owns the Minuteman Press franchise in Woodland Hills, CA along with his brother Craig
Garth Sanders owns the Minuteman Press franchise in Woodland Hills, CA along with his brother Craig.

Garth Sanders: “I am co-owner of the business with my brother Craig Sanders. Prior to opening our Minuteman Press franchise, I worked as a part of my family’s business of 75 years in the coin operated amusement industry.  Due to the many changes in that industry, the family felt it was time to call it quits.  After a brief work hiatus, I began to look into different ideas on what I might be interested in pursuing.  After examining many options, I met with Dan Byers, Minuteman Press International Regional Vice President for Southern California, and the rest is history.”

What was it about Minuteman Press?

Garth Sanders: “My research showed Minuteman to be a successful franchise.  The print industry was something completely new for me, so it was important to have a successful model to follow.  Thinking back, I believe that Minuteman Press being a business to business franchise, with Monday through Friday hours was one of the main factors in choosing Minuteman.  As a husband and father of three, it was important for me to still be able to have time for them, as well as still being able to stick to my commitment as an active board member of my local Little League, and a member of our District Staff.

The local support staff, Dan Byers, Steve Szymanski and previously Jack Panzer, as well as the people back at corporate, have always been there to help without being too intrusive.  Their interest in us as people, not just business owners is one of the best parts of being a Minuteman franchise owner.”

George Dormani - Rockville Centre, NY - Owner since 1999 - Automotive Mechanic

“From when we first started to today, Minuteman Press International has given us tremendous support. Their mass purchasing power allows them to negotiate vendor deals that give us an edge above the competition. The Minuteman Press home office and regional support staff in Long Island has knowledge of the industry that is unmatched. They are truly experts when it comes to technology, equipment, vendors, and how to provide the support we need to remain on top of our game. Also, the people that work for Minuteman Press International treat the franchise owners like royalty! Not only do they have our backs, but they show us they truly care about how we are doing.

One other really important thing is the Minuteman Press brand. Customers recognize us as a well-known and highly respected printing company, and you can’t beat that kind of highly regarded reputation. At the end of the day, the support I get from Minuteman is huge. The best feeling for me as part of the Minuteman Press franchise family is that if I run into a problem or situation, I can count on them to back me up and guide me through.”

Gerhard, Miemie & Daantjie Snyman - Hatfield, South Africa - Owners since 1996

Minuteman Press franchise owners Gerhard, Miemie and Daantjie Snyman
Gerhard, Miemie and Daantjie Snyman

Gerhard shares, “We opened our doors on 11 October 1996 after attending training on Long Island in August 1996. I realized that after nearly 20 years our success can still be attributed to what we learned in that training.”

Gerry & Maggie McQuillan - London, Ontario, Canada - Owners since 2014 - Automotive Manufacturing

Rebuilt and Reopened: Minuteman Press Franchise Owners Gerry and Maggie McQuillan Celebrate Two Years in Business - learn more about Minuteman Press franchise opportunities and access Minuteman Press franchise reviews at http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com
From left to right: Gerry McQuillan, owner; Maggie McQuillan, owner; and Jason Cooke, designer.

“As my career continued to transition, franchising was something that we decided to look at more openly for the two of us.  We found Minuteman Press International at one of the franchise shows we attended and liked that is was a business to business style opportunity. We also liked that Maggie and I could both learn and participate in the franchise, and that the business operated primarily during traditional Monday through Friday business hours.”

“We started a new Minuteman Press franchise. There is satisfaction that my work ethic is building something more tangible for my family versus the years spent in the factories.  With Maggie and I as partners in this business, we have the chance to collaborate and treat our customers with a special touch that we know is something that sets us apart.”

“Being in the franchise allows us to call any well-known brand supplier, say we are with Minuteman Press, and we are instantly a wholesale distributor for that brand.  Also, as customers ask us to fulfill new requests for expanded goods and services, our local field representative is a quick call away with positive direction.”

Gloria Jacaruso - Pompano Beach, FL - Owner since 2010 - Newspaper reporter/writer

I simply wanted to control my own destiny. The more you put into it, the more you will grow, and I love that.

Greg Duffey - Norwalk, CT - Co-Owner since 2003 - Printing Industry

Co-owners Greg Duffey (left) and Joe Brenneis (third from left) along with their team at Minuteman Press in Norwalk, CT
Co-owners Greg Duffey (left) and Joe Brenneis (third from left) along with their team at Minuteman Press in Norwalk, CT

Greg Duffey, co-owner of Minuteman Press in Norwalk, CT with Joe Brenneis, was enlightened by observing a friend who took advantage of a digital print, design and marketing franchise opportunity.  This allowed Greg to have a first-hand opportunity for a Minuteman Press franchise review.  Greg explains, “Back in 2003 when we were considering going into business for ourselves, we looked at a couple of independent shops. Because we were from the printing trade, we did ‘snub our noses’ upon franchise printers as being companies that were not ‘real’ printing companies. But having watched a friend of ours purchase a Minuteman Press franchise a year earlier, we thought we would give the franchise a look. 14 years later and we are happy to say that it was the best decision we could have made.”

Greg continues, “Operating a business on a day-to-day basis was where we found the franchise to be most helpful. Not only did Minuteman Press International have a first class management software package, they also had name recognition in the quick-print industry which was greatly beneficial.”

Hal Richardson - Montgomery, AL - Owner since 1985 - Textiles/Church Mission Work

From left to right: Marti Richardson, Clay Richardson, Hal Richardson, and Meredith Richardson
From left to right: Marti Richardson, Clay Richardson, Hal Richardson, and Meredith Richardson

“I was impressed with the Minuteman Press franchise organization itself. Printing fit my background, since I had managed production at West Point Pepperell. Even though I had never been in a print shop in my life, I knew I could do this with help from Minuteman Press.

We opened our store in November of 1985, in Montgomery, Alabama. Since that time, we have moved twice, including to our present location, which is 5,000 square feet. I feel fortunate to have had the Minuteman Press International home office working for me. They have, from day one to the present, offered their support. My advice: Go to conventions. Talk to other Minuteman Press owners. Join printing/networking associations. Ask for help … and follow Minuteman Press’ advice!”

Harry Bali & Dhillon Parampreet - Parramatta, NSW, Australia - Owners Since 2017

“Dhillon and I come from such a family background where no one in our families ever owned a Business, we have come a long way from living in those small towns in India to small city in NZ and finally to a Major metropolitan like Sydney.

We always thought of running a Printing Business and saw an opportunity with Minuteman Press Parramatta, it just took us couple of weeks to make a decision of our lifetime and we had no hesitation in going forward as it runs on an exceptional model compared to other printing franchises.

Dhillon has an extensive Printing background and I come from a sales background, working as a Business manager for advertising and print company. We make a good combination, so it wasn’t difficult for us to run a Business from scratch.

We have been running the Business for 6 months now and we have never been so proud in our life before. We like going an extra mile for a customer, developing the business by building strong relationships and giving the best customer service.

Minuteman’s marketing line “we can print your logo on anything and everything” suits us perfectly as we deal in a huge range of products, from signage, banners, apparels etc to all sorts of promotional products and corporate gifts.

We work hard in giving each client something that will help set them apart, and by doing this that it will in return set us apart from other businesses as well.

To help us in our journey so far, all the support and assistance provided by the Franchise has been exceptional.

We are lucky to own a Printing store in Parramatta CBD, but as they say, “luck favours the brave”, you got to be brave enough to make those life changing decisions. Think less and do more. We have promised ourselves to be successful entrepreneurs and we are positive that Minuteman Press will help us achieve our goals.”

Holly Kaplansky- Newark, NJ - Owner since 2005 - Corporate background with Fortune 500 companies

Holly KaplanskyHolly worked for worked for a number of Fortune 500 companies in New York City. She was very dedicated to climbing the corporate ladder, which can be demanding at times. Holly was ok with those demands up to a certain point.  That point came when she on vacation at the Jersey Shore, with her family, and she received a call from her boss, back in the city.  He said he needed her back right away.  She reminded him she was on vacation.  He said he needed her now! She dropped everything, left her family at the shore and drove two hours back to the city.  When she arrived at her office she found her boss had solved his own problem, had gone home for the day and didn’t have the courtesy to call her to let her know he didn’t need her after all. That was the last straw for her.  The next weekend she attended a Franchise Show and that’s when we met Holly.  She said when she saw our booth…it just clicked for her.  She recognized that Minuteman Press was a B2B operation that offers services to all businesses, and that really appealed to her.  She bought her franchise and went right to work promoting her business through community involvement and networking. She hasn’t been interrupted on a vacation since owning her own business.

James Beckwith - Swindon, England, United Kingdom - Owner since 2013 - Enterprise IT Industry

James, Mark, and Hannah, Minuteman Press, Swindon, England, United Kingdom. http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com
James, Mark, and Hannah, Minuteman Press, Swindon, England, United Kingdom.

“I spent over 15 years in the Enterprise IT industry as the Technical Consultant on the Sales Team. We would sometimes spend 18 – 24 months working on multi-million £/$ deals. The deal would be signed on Friday, big celebrations over the weekend and back to work on Monday morning. Probably the most gratifying aspect of running a Minuteman Press is seeing the look on a customer’s face when you hand them their printing and it far exceeds what they were expecting. We get this response from business cards to wedding invitations.”

“We have had family members come to tears in our office when we hand them their Orders of Service for a loved one who has passed. Hannah even received flowers from a couple for whom she designed wedding stationery. Mark should weigh 300 lbs for all the boxes of chocolates he has received. Even Tegen, our golden retriever mascot, has received dog biscuits as a thank you!”

James concludes, “Everything we do is personalised to the customer we are working with. Printing 10 birthday party invites for your 6-year-old is just as important to us (and you) as the 100,000-run flyer order for a local estate agent.”

Jared Ostendorf - Fayetteville, NC - Owner since 2009 - Human Resources

Lee-Solle-&-Jared-Ostendorf---Fayetteville,-NCI bought my Minuteman Press franchise when I was in my 20s. I absolutely love the business model and the expansion into promotional products. Networking comes naturally to me and Minuteman Press is a huge help when it comes to training and support. I also love the camaraderie that I have with other Minuteman Press owners, who are always willing to listen. From corporate to colleagues, we are all in this together, and I couldn’t ask for a better support system.

Jason Jacobus - Flemington, NJ - Owner since 2012 - Retail manager

Minuteman-Press-Flemington-Jason-Jacobus-Award I was working in the retail industry where I had to work long nights, weekends and holidays. With three small children, I really wanted to find an opportunity that would improve my quality of life and enable me to spend more time with my wife and children. Because of the business-to-business model that allows for regular working hours, Minuteman Press allows me to be both an entrepreneur and a father who is there for his family. I am now home for dinner every night, attend all school functions, and I really enjoy coaching my kids’ sports teams.

Jeff and Diana Merritt - Salisbury, MD - Owners since 2010 - Civilian Contractor

Jeff and Diana Merritt, Minuteman Press franchise owners, Salisbuty, MDFor Jeff and Diana Merritt, giving back to the community is just as important as running their business. Owning their Minuteman Press franchise has helped the Merritt family give back to active duty military members and Veterans through Operation We Care, their 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Diana and Jeff do such amazing work that on Feb. 8, 2016, the Hon. Jacob R. Day, Mayor of the City of Salisbury, proclaimed February 8th, 2016 as “Operation We Care Day”

Jeff and Diana help coordinate the year-round efforts of local citizens, businesses, and civic organizations as care package items are collected, sorted, packed, and then sent to Delmarva Troops. In addition, Operation We Care partners with sixteen local schools so students are able to participate in this wonderful cause and give thanks to the troops.

In addition to sending packages to service members, Operation We Care works with the Wounded Warrior Project, and helps Veterans with various issues; including mobility issues through the building of ramps, finding temporary homes for pets when re-deployed, meeting returning Vets at the airport, and “virtually anything else we can do to help,” noted Jeff Merritt.

“We salute Diana and Jeff Merritt for their efforts, while thanking those whom they serve through Operation We Care for their service,” exclaimed Bob Heimbuch, Minuteman Press International Regional Vice President for Maryland/DC/Virginia.

Jeff Sirota - Carlsbad, CA - Owner since 2015 - Newspaper Industry

Read All About It! A Former Newspaper Executive Learns to Drive His Success Forward from a New Position within the Printing industryJeff Sirota says, “I think some of my newspaper experience transferred over very well into my experience as a Minuteman Press franchise owner. I still have that same mentality that was so necessary in the newspaper industry and ask the same question each day: ‘How can I sell more product today?’ I brought that ‘newspaper drive’ into the Minuteman Press franchise so I could build the business.” Jeff adds, “I am a good listener.  Learning from those experienced in the business to business services industry and listening to my customers allows me to give them what they want.”

Jeff Wereley & Karen McArthur - Guelph, Ontario - Owners since 2016 - Printing / Farming/Auto Parts

Meet the team of Minuteman Press in Guelph, Ontario, Canada - from left to right: Jeff Wereley, Heather Howitt, and Karen McArthur. Learn more about Minuteman Press Canada print franchise opportunities at http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com
Meet the team of Minuteman Press in Guelph, Ontario, Canada – from left to right: Jeff Wereley, Heather Howitt, and Karen McArthur.

While Jeff Wereley had print production experience, Karen McArthur came into this business with a very different background. Jeff explains, “Prior to us owning this business, I ran the production for a medium size printing company and Karen worked at an auto parts distributor. I had worked for a few different printing companies over the last 20 years mostly running the production but I wanted to try it on my own. Karen comes from a farming background and fell in love with the Minuteman Press program after she attended the training with me. She came back, quit her job, and started working at the store.”

Asked why he and Karen chose to own the Minuteman Press franchise in Guelph, Jeff answers, “When we started talking to Minuteman Press International Regional Vice President Kevin Wittal about this franchise, he held nothing back and was completely honest and the other owners I met with had nothing but good things to say about the company. The other thing was unlike most franchises, the royalty structure is fair and we were allowed to use our own suppliers. We were not tied down to buying everything from a head office but we still had the buying power and savings that Minuteman Press International provided.”

Jeff continues, “Another important reason we liked and chose Minuteman Press was the fact that they have a comprehensive business management software program called FLEX that helps us with everything from daily quoting and production, which makes it very easy for us to manage our franchise business operations on a day to day basis.”

Jim Little - Burlington, WI - Owner since 2004 - Truck Driver

Jim Little, owner, Minuteman Press franchise, Burlington, WI
Jim Little

James RL Little, III – better known to his friends and colleagues as Jim – grew up at a time and in a town “where a handshake meant something.” While working as a truck driver, Jim was looking to own his own business and it was important for him to find a business and a community that would simply let Jim be Jim. He wasn’t going to change his core values and, as Jim says, “I wasn’t a fan of big cities or the ‘corporate’ world.” He found what he was looking for in the form of his Minuteman Press franchise in Burlington, Wisconsin, which gave Jim the opportunity to run a business on his own terms while still following a tried and proven system.

Jim says, “I chose to look into a business of my own because I wanted to be my own boss.  I had two Minuteman Press franchise owners both recommend Minuteman Press, and I really found their franchise model and business plan to be attractive.”

Jim adds, “I really appreciate the fact that there is ongoing training for myself and for my employees from Minuteman Press International.  This training along with the advice of the local staff and their wisdom in helping direct me through the process of growing the shop is invaluable.”

Jody & Goroh Numata - Uptown Houston, TX - Owners since 2013 - Energy Company / Travel Project Manager

Minuteman Press Franchise, Uptown Houston – L-R: Randy; Goroh Numata; Jody Numata; Marji; Gaby; and Chris. Learn more about Minuteman Press franchise opportunities and access Minuteman Press franchise reviews at http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com
Minuteman Press Franchise, Uptown Houston – L-R: Randy; Goroh Numata; Jody Numata; Marji; Gaby; and Chris.

The Galleria area of Houston is home to a Minuteman Press franchise with a history that extends back thirty-two years and in 2012 the community it serves was enriched when Jody and Goroh Numata decided to buy it upon the former owners’ retirement. Once their accumulated business intelligence and natural ability to connect with people merged with the training and support of the number-one rated digital print, design and marketing franchise, they began building new, lasting partnerships while honoring those that came with the business.

Jody says, “We were looking for a franchise and since we didn’t know the print business, we looked for one that had a strong support team behind us.  We have Rich Panowitz, our Area Manager and we love dealing with him.  He is tremendously supportive and comes in to help us.  That is what we wanted and why we wanted to buy an existing franchise, for the support and for employees with a knowledge base.”

Goroh spent many years traveling overseas. When he retired, Goroh and Jody decided they wanted to do something together, to build a business as a couple. Jody explains, “My husband worked for ConocoPhillips and I worked in the travel division of Amex for 17 years with my last role casting me as a manager of multiple offices.  I left in 2005 and we decided I would be a full-time parent until our daughter was in middle school.  That time came in 2012 and we bought our Minuteman Press center.  Now, our daughter is a senior in high school and while having our own business definitely gives us flexibility to take care of our family, entrepreneurship is something you really need to be completely dedicated to in order to make it work.”

John & Diana Sim - Midland, Western Australia - Owners since 2015

Diana Sim joined Minuteman Press as a franchise owner in March 2015. Her husband John decided to leave his job late last year, and together they have successfully grown the family business in Midland, Western Australia.
Diana and John Sim, Minuteman Press franchise owners, Midland, Western Australia

“Owning a business that you love is easy…every day is different, the pace is fast and you are constantly learning. The clients are interesting, the work is vast and varied and the satisfaction that comes with designing, producing and finishing a product that the client loves is the best reward (along with the profit!). Minuteman Press are easy to work with, very organised and efficient and have made all the mistakes before we came along so can offer the best support, advice and sound experience. Owning our store is where we feel we should have been all along, no looking back.”

John Prinkey & Kate Cusato - Frederick, MD - Owners since 2017 - Father-Daughter / Bio-Tech & Non-Profit

Kate Cusato and John Prinkey, Minuteman Press franchise owners, Frederick, Maryland. Learn more about Minuteman Press franchise opportunities and access Minuteman Press franchise reviews at http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com
Kate Cusato and John Prinkey, Minuteman Press franchise owners, Frederick, Maryland.

Together, John and Kate are a dynamic father-daughter franchise duo; they help other businesses grow and provide a positive workplace culture for their employees and each other. Kate says, “Working with my dad has really been a dream come true. My parents were always supportive and kind and I am very lucky.”

Kate continues, “To be able to hang out with my dad all day and experience business ownership together has been great. Knowing that we only want what is best for the business and each other makes things far less stressful.  Plus, it’s a blast! When you first meet him, he can be a little quiet but he is absolutely hilarious and we have a very good time. A day at Minuteman Press doesn’t feel like a day at work.  My dad is also an incredibly smart guy.  He’s always teaching me new things.  He does loads of research, has lots of good stories and can build/assemble just about anything so I am always picking his brain and learning something new.”

John also reflects on working with his daughter to build their Minuteman Press business, saying, “Kate has always been a fun person to be around. She has a very outgoing, caring and inclusive personality. Her dynamism is not only perfectly suited for the marketing component of the business, but she makes the workplace a happy, social environment not only for our staff of 4, but also for customers that come in.”

Already, John and Kate are feeling gratified by their decision to make the transition from their previous professional careers to owning their Minuteman Press franchise. Kate says, “The most rewarding thing for me is knowing that we are building a business for our family and that we are doing so together. I also find it rewarding to bring life to our customers’ visions.  Typically, Minuteman clients are small business owners and artists. They have dreams of success and know they need to get their name out into the community.  Whether they need flyers, business cards or promotional products and marketing materials, print is an important part of that.”

For his part, John says, “We also wanted to create a place that we all enjoy coming to work at and that everyone working here can be happy and successful. It helps us get through the inevitable crunch times where teamwork is how we succeed.”

From Separate Careers to Running a Family Business

Prior to joining the #1 rated Minuteman Press franchise family, John Prinkey and Kate Cusato had two completely different careers outside of the printing industry. John says, “I was with a scientific/biotech instrument manufacturer for 29 years providing technical support either on-site or remotely to customers as well as field service engineers throughout North America. As different as that role was, it still comes down to helping others be successful, so I take that with me into our business today.”

Kate shares, “My career prior to Minuteman Press was spent in the non-profit sector.  Specifically, I worked for many years with homeless and foster youth in Los Angeles, California where I was the Director of Residential and Shelter services for an agency located in Hollywood.  It was incredibly rewarding work and I feel fortunate to have had the experience to work with such amazing and resilient teenagers. Today, I am happy to be working with my dad in a less stressful environment where we are building a solid future for our family.”

Why Minuteman Press? John answers, “I had been looking at various business and franchise opportunities over the years. My preference was a B2B model and something that lent itself to family participation. I ran across Minuteman Press International at a franchise expo and after speaking with Regional Vice President Bob Heimbuch I did some research and was surprised at how viable the printing industry was.”

John continues on that point, explaining, “It’s funny that there’s a perception that print has been usurped by the digital revolution. However, I think there is more of what we do – short-run, fast turnaround, targeted printing – than ever before. This is demonstrated when you go to your mailbox, visit a shopping center, and walk into any store, restaurant, or professional office. Combine that with wide format printing (banners, posters, window displays, etc.), promotional products, and logoed corporate apparel, and you can a comprehensive understanding of what we do for our clients.”

Kate adds, “Dad did the research.  We wanted something lucrative without a ton of risk that was also enjoyable work. We wanted something we could make our own without starting from scratch. Buying this Minuteman Press franchise was and is perfect for us.”

John Taylor - Nashville, TN - Owners since 2014 - Marketing & Print Managing


John Taylor, Minuteman Press franchise owner, Nashville, Tennessee. Learn more about Entrepreneur's #1 rated Minuteman Press design, marketing, and printing franchise at http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com
John Taylor, Minuteman Press franchise owner, Nashville, Tennessee.

Why did John Taylor choose to join the #1 rated Minuteman Press franchise family? He answers, “After 25 years of training, developing sales and production processes for others, it was time to do it for myself. As I planned my exit to start my own venture, the owner of the franchise, with whom I had worked the past 12 years, suggested I continue the work I had begun with the Nashville Minuteman Press franchise. The franchise offered continuity, excellent equipment, R&D, franchise priced equipment, as well as software/technical support that was well worth the investment.”

John expands on the benefits of franchising with Minuteman Press, stating, “The franchise has offered our business a brilliant group of corporate folks that work hard to keep up with rapidly developing technology. Specifically:

  • They offer a great cache of experience in general business practices, as well as those specific to the printing industry.
  • They negotiate franchise pricing with many vendors we use every day. I never forget to ask a new vendor, ‘What is the Minuteman Press franchise discount?’
  • They do research and testing that cuts waste, R&D time, and tough decisions with respect to brands and types of equipment to purchase.
  • The corporate IT folks provide, and support, the business management system we rely on most, FLEX. It manages all quotes, orders, invoices and reporting for the whole company. It’s an imperative component and they do a great job.”

Jon Wittenberg - Sandy Springs, GA - Owner since 2012 - Financial Industry

Minuteman Press Franchise in Sandy Springs, GA Celebrates Five Years and Business Expansion with Grand Re-Opening Event - learn more about Minuteman Press opportunities and access Minuteman Press franchise reviews at http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com
Minuteman Press, Sandy Springs, GA, grand reopening and ribbon-cutting ceremony, April 2017

Prior to franchising with Minuteman Press, Jon Wittenberg worked in the financial industry. He says, “My background was corporate finance followed by self-employment as an accountant and tax preparer.” As for why he chose to join the Minuteman Press franchise system, Jon explains, “I chose Minuteman Press due to its proven business model and established store support infrastructure.”

Juanita Glenn - Upper Marlboro, MD - Owner since 2016 - Web Development & Graphic Design

When her job in web development and graphic design was downsized, Juanita Glenn decided she wanted to be her own boss. After doing her due diligence, Juanita opened a new Minuteman Press franchise in Upper Marlboro, MD, which offers essential printing, marketing, and branding solutions that meet the needs of today’s business professionals.

Juanita Glenn, Minuteman Press franchise owner, Upper Marlboro, MD - learn more about franchise opportunities at http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com
Juanita Glenn, Minuteman Press franchise owner, Upper Marlboro, MD

“I felt that after 27 years of service at my previous job, it was time for me to change careers.  After praying and seeking advice, I took a leap of faith and left my job.  Once I completed graduate school in 2016 with a degree in management, I felt ready to hone in on what I had learned from school and the skills I had obtained over the years.  I wanted to be my own boss and I knew Minuteman Press was the right franchise for what I wanted to do.  I was comforted in knowing that Minuteman Press had been around for over 40 years and the company was well-established with a great business model and structure.”

“There are several things that impress me about Minuteman Press, but the one thing that I am most intrigued about is the support from their corporate headquarters in New York.  During my training in New York, Mike Jutt, Minuteman Press International Executive VP and Director of Training, was very helpful in making sure that I received the equipment needed for my new shop. I hit an expected bump in the road and Mike Jutt stepped in to help the process move forward.”

As for the local support she has received back home in Upper Marlboro, Juanita Glenn could not be happier. She explains, “Bob Heimbuch, Regional VP for Minuteman Press International and Eric Shank, Field Representative, have been so helpful in making sure my Minuteman Press store was up and running as well as keeping me on track with the setup and marketing.  Bob made sure he found the location I was looking for to start my Minuteman Press franchise.  He was instrumental in keeping me abreast of the things necessary to help with the operation of the store.  Afterwards, my field rep Eric Shank was able set up the store, organize it, establish accounts with the vendors and assist me constantly with marketing the business.  I am totally grateful for their help because I would not have known what to do if I was out there alone.”

Juanita Glenn and Bob Heimbuch, Minuteman Press International RVP for MD/VA/DC

Satisfaction from Running the Business

When asked about the most rewarding thing about being her own boss and running the business, two words stick out to Juanita Glenn: Satisfaction and teamwork. She comments, “What I get the most satisfaction from is being able to interact with all types of people.  I am very people-oriented and it gives me great pleasure to meet people from all types of background.”

Juanita elaborates, “Furthermore, I’ve always wanted to have a family-friendly environment where employees would love to come to work.  My employees are very loyal to the business and I consider them as my team.  I don’t throw my weight around because I’m the boss and I let them know that we are a team, but every team has a leader.  We make sure that we all help each other out as much as possible in order to keep work flowing in an expeditious manner.  One of the things that I am proudest of from my team is that we exude professionalism and it is evident when people tell us that from the way we answer the phone to how we treat them when they come into the store.  I have always felt that a business should be run by treating people with respect and professionalism and that is what makes me most proud of the team that I have working with me.”

Advice for Others

When asked about what advice she would have for other aspiring business owners, Juanita answers, “My advice to anyone who is looking to own a franchise is that Minuteman Press is an A-1 company.  It’s no wonder they are rated the #1 Marketing and Printing Franchise within the industry by Entrepreneur several times over.”

Juanita thoughtfully concludes, “Being your own boss is so rewarding in so many ways because you have the freedom to do what you love and be creative. The cost to start up the company is nothing compared to the support that you get from headquarters and locally.  I am so thankful and blessed to be a franchise owner with Minuteman Press.”

Jude Arijaje - Philadelphia, PA - Owner Since 2008 - Real Estate Agent / Broker

Jude Arijaje (right) with Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter

Jude Arijaje is an opportunist, an entrepreneur, and an inspiration. In 2000, Arijaje came from Nigeria to Philadelphia and was determined to become a success story both in life and business. After working as a parking lot attendant and leveraging the relationships he formed with others in his community, Arijaje went into business as an independent real estate broker. As a real estate agent, Arijaje would spend thousands of dollars per year on printing a wide variety of promotional materials such as signs, flyers, banners and countless other items. This is when he saw another business opportunity come to light in the form of the Minuteman Press franchise, and in 2008 Jude Arijaje began a new chapter in his entrepreneurial career by opening his Minuteman Press business on South Broad Street in the heart of Philadelphia.

Jude shares, “There’s really nothing called luck in this business. It’s a combination of everything including following the Minuteman Press program and getting out there. It includes relentless networking, shaking hands and putting our small business on the map.”

He continues, “There are no two ways about it – The Minuteman Press franchise program works. The best thing I did was follow the system and not try to reinvent the wheel. When I first started out, I pounded the pavement and met with every single business owner around to start building those relationships. What has happened now is that I have built a business with a loyal following that keeps growing thanks to following the Minuteman Press program. I apply those same practices I learned in training today. And when it comes to support, my Regional Vice President Richard Hornberger is always there for me whenever I need anything. It’s amazing that Minuteman Press puts these pieces in place for that kind of local help right in my center.”


Keith & Paula Boyce - Kings Lynn, England, United Kingdom - Owners Since 2004 - Print Production

Minuteman Press Kings Lynn - uk print franchise owners keith and paula boyce with staff
Minuteman Press franchise owners Keith and Paula Boyce (right) with their Kings Lynn staff.

Kings Lynn is a small historic town in England with a population of 50,000. It is also home to Keith and Paula Boyce’s Minuteman Press franchise, a business services provider that offers digital print, design and marketing services while providing excellent quality and service. “We opened our center in December 2004 after attending Minuteman Press training school in October. The business is owned by me and my wife Paula. Today, we employ five people and our team is a mixture of graduates and time served apprentices.”

Why own a Minuteman Press franchise?

Keith Boyce worked in the print industry on the production side. As production director for a commercial lithographic and digital printing company, Keith knew about the industry but did not know how to go about running his own business.  “In 2004, I was seeking a new challenge,” says Boyce. “Both Paula and I wanted to pursue the challenge of running our own business. We felt that a franchise business would be good for us as we both had little experience with direct selling or marketing.”

As they came to the decision to franchise, Keith decided to stick with an industry he was familiar with. He and Paula came across Minuteman Press at a local franchise exhibition. Keith recalls, “The Minuteman team gave some compelling reasons to select Minuteman over other UK print franchises. The primary reason for selection was the ability of Minuteman Press to fast track us into a market place that we both knew little about. I understood the manufacturing process, but not the market place dynamics.”

With Minuteman Press, Keith and Paula were able to find that combination of support and flexibility that they were looking for: “Support was important to us early on but not the key reason. We needed to own a business that we could make our own, that comfort of knowing help was available if we needed it but also a partner that would allow us to make the business what we wanted it to be.”

Flash forward to today, and Keith and Paula still see the benefits of franchising. “It’s probably now less about direct support and more about sharing best practice, ideas and improvements that quite probably would get neglected if we were not supported by  Minuteman Press International. The fact that key suppliers are more accountable because of global relationships that Minuteman Press International has with them, that’s huge.”

Keith Cohen - Falkirk, Scotland - Owner Since 2013 - Sales

Keith Cohen owns Minuteman Press in Falkirk, Scotland. Learn more about Minuteman Press design, marketing, and printing franchise opportunities at http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com“The support comes in various ways, whether from Head Office in New York, or from your local Area Manager. Head office will negotiate specific franchise-wide deals with major suppliers, making it less expensive to purchase the products you need to produce clients jobs. They also supply the means of delivering your email marketing campaigns and even supply suggested images/layouts for such things! They also organise a bi-annual World Exposition where all the top suppliers to our industry display their products and put on special offers to delegates. In the years where there isn’t a World Expo, they put on a UK national conference instead. This conference is attended by the ‘top brass’ from New York as well as all the area managers.

The support received from the area manages can range from knowing which vendor to turn to for any specialist jobs we are unable to produce in-house to accompanying you on your marketing!”

Ken Barton - Dublin, Ohio - Owner Since 2016 - Accountant / CPA

Ken Barton worked as a CPA in Ohio for 30 years. This is how he made the transition to business ownership…

Minuteman Press Franchise Review - 10 Questions with Ken Barton, Minuteman Press franchise owner, Dublin, Ohio
Minuteman Press in Dublin, OH – from left to right: Ken Barton (owner), Caitlin Hamblen, Amber Nelson, and Everett Rainer.

DUBLIN, Ohio – Ask any franchise owner about their first year in business and they will tell you just how vital it is to make their presence felt in the community while also being supported by the franchisor. For Ken Barton, franchising with Minuteman Press made sense because he knew that he would joining the world’s largest and #1 rated design, print, and marketing franchise, where he would receive the type of training and support he wanted in a brand new field.

Ken Barton was eager to share his experiences as a business owner in Dublin, Ohio who truly cares about the people and community he serves, as well as his insights as to why Minuteman Press was the right fit. This is his Minuteman Press franchise review:


7 Questions with Ken Barton – Dublin, Ohio

1. What was your background before franchising with Minuteman Press?

“I purchased this Minuteman Press location in January 2016.  Prior to that, I served privately owned businesses as a CPA with 3 different Central Ohio CPA firms over a 30-year career.  As an owner of two of those firms, I experienced business ownership not only through my experiences dealing with the issues of a CPA firm, but also through my role as an advisor to the clients I worked with.”

2. Why did you choose to franchise with Minuteman Press?

“When I decided that I was ready for something new, I was fortunate to meet Gary Nowak (Minuteman Press International Regional Vice President for the Ohio region) who shared with me that a successful Minuteman Press franchise owner is one who enjoys being out with customers and prospects.  The role of consulting with customers and helping them market their products and services is one I enjoy. I also like the business to business aspect of Minuteman Press, which lends itself to having normal business hours Monday through Friday.”

3. How would you compare your experience as a Minuteman Press franchise owner to your previous career/industry/life?

“I try every day to empower the people that I work with to take care of our customers, to make the decisions that they would like a business to make if they were the customer, and to do the right thing.”

4. How has the ongoing local support you’ve received from Minuteman Press helped you along the way?

“I have learned that there are lots of people in the Minuteman Press organization out there willing to help.  My local field representative Rich DeRosa has been invaluable in helping to train me to be an effective marketer. He helped me learn to ask the right questions to ask and how to identify prospect motivations and pain points. In our second week of ownership, we also had another field representative from MMP named Eric Shank come here to help us with onsite setup of the business. Eric’s knowledge of Minuteman Press’ proprietary FLEX software and the printing industry was very helpful to me and our entire staff.

A couple of months ago, I sat down with successful Minuteman Press franchisees and pick their brains about how they built such successful locations.  Mike Geygan in Lebanon, OH and Steve Heaney in Toledo, OH each spent a morning answering my questions and sharing with me what they believe made them so successful. That type of camaraderie across the board is refreshing and appreciated.”

5. What is a typical day like for you as a Minuteman Press owner?

“My day typically consists primarily of delivering products to customers (which gives me a great opportunity to learn about their businesses and figure out ways we can help them grow) as well as meeting with prospects and customers to listen to what they want in a printer (and marketer).”

6. What is one inspirational quote that has helped you along the way either in life or in business?

“There is a Winston Churchill quote that I think applies well to business owners: ‘Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.’”

7. What are one or two pieces of advice you would give to potential franchise owners?

“Advice I would give to potential franchise owners:  Surround yourself with people (employees, vendors, advisors) who are smarter than you and give them the freedom to do what they are good at.

And of course, enjoy what you do! No one wants to see a grumpy person walk through the door.”

Ken Barton’s Minuteman Press franchise is located at 5887 Karric Square Drive, Dublin, OH 43016.

Ken Koch - Centennial, CO - Owner since 2002 - Telecom/Tech Industry, Sales & Consulting

Ken Koch Celebrates 14 Years in Business in Denver - access Minuteman Press franchise reviews at http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com
Minuteman Press franchise in Centennial, CO celebrates 14 years in business – pictured from left to right: Chris, Shannon, Michelle, Ken Koch (owner), and Laurie

Before franchising with Minuteman Press, Ken Koch spent 17 years working in the fields of telecommunications, Hi-Tech, consulting and sales management. “I always had that entrepreneurial bug,” says Ken. He continues, “When I was laid off from my job at Nortel along with 70,000 other people who were downsized, it was the catalyst for me to start my own business. When things are going well, you settle into what’s working. After that, I knew I wanted to be my own boss.”

Why Minuteman Press?

After Ken realized he wanted to start his own business, he did his due diligence and looked at everything from new business opportunities, established businesses for sale, and franchises. He ultimately decided to start up a new Minuteman Press franchise. Ken explains, “My background was business to business and Minuteman Press fit better than consumer-based businesses. Also, with all of the research I did including other print and business service franchise models, I liked the fact that Minuteman Press provided support but also allowed me the freedom to run the business the way I wanted.”

Kevin & Ruth Ann DiLauri - Orlando, FL - Owner since 2000 - Corporate manager

Ruth Anne And Kevin DiLuariI did not have a background in the industry, so the ongoing regional support was really important to me. I also found the wide variety of products offered to be appealing because it allowed (and still allows) me to establish a larger prospect base.

Kimberly Sherman-Leon - Johnston, RI - Owner since 2016 - Graphic Designer

Kimberly Sherman-Leon inside her Minuteman Press shop in Johnston, RI during her grand re-opening event.
Kimberly Sherman-Leon

Kimberly Sherman-Leon is a dedicated entrepreneur, wife, and mother of three children ages 17, 13 and 4. She previously worked at the Minuteman Press franchise in Johnston, RI as a graphic designer before venturing out to start a design business of her own. When Linda and Dave Buttery were ready to retire after 17 years in business, Kimberly jumped at the opportunity to take over a business that she put her heart into and truly loved. “I worked at Minuteman Press in Johnston as a Senior Designer and Store Production Manager for 5 years and it was one of the best work experiences I ever had,” says Kimberly.

After buying the business, Kimberly attended Minuteman Press International’s two-week training program at their world headquarters in Farmingdale, NY. She also receives ongoing local support from the company right here in Johnston, RI. Says Kimberly, “During training, I really enjoyed being in a room with like-minded business people and being surrounded by print! It felt like where I belonged and enjoyed learning all of the business materials needed. It was very motivating. I also get tremendous support from Ron Rubin, Minuteman Press International’s New England Regional Vice President as well as the field rep in our area.”

Lachlan McDonald - Seaford, VIC, Australia - Owner since 2013

“Minuteman Press has been a real positive experience for me over the last 5 years. I had amazing personal and professional growth surpassing everything I’ve done before Minuteman.”

Les Forrai - Manhasset, NY - Owner since 1996 - Retail Store Manager/Owner / Limousine Business

Minuteman Press, Manhasset, NY – Storefront

Before purchasing a Minuteman franchise in 1996, Les Forrai spent sixteen years as a part-owner in a cooperative limousine business. He also owned a card and gift shop, and originally was a manager in a retail chain store. “I previously had a business where I did not succeed, and so had certain criteria that had to be met before I was willing to risk another large investment in a new business,” says Les. He adds, “I wanted to purchase a franchise so that I would have help available when things were not going well. I also knew that the success rate for franchises was much higher than for personal startups. The formula I used to evaluate the new opportunity was whether I could pay myself back for the down payment, pay back the loan for the new business and still make enough to live on during the time of repayment.”

With Minuteman Press, Les always felt like he was in good hands, which remains true today. He says, “Minuteman Press International has always been there for us in many ways. Things have changed dramatically in the twenty years that we have been in business, and the help to transition the business into the future has been invaluable. The web presence, marketing programs, business management software and advice has been something that would have been very difficult to accomplish on our own.  The local Long Island field reps have always been available to help us with training our staff, finding information on new products, vendors and services and general business advice. Most of all, the conventions and regional meeting has always worked to bring in new business ideas and to revitalize our interest in growing our business.”

Michael Forrai Joins the Family Business

Michael Forrai studied business in college, and began working in the business while still at school. He credits his father Les for being a great mentor and business partner: “Working with my father has been a tremendous experience. We are extremely close, and have been able to separate the trials and stress of work from our personal relationship. I started working with him shortly after he purchased the franchise, and while I ‘grew up’ in this business, in many ways we worked closely and grew together with it.”

Today, Les and Michael Forrai own and operate three Minuteman Press franchises in Long Island: Manhasset, Valley Stream (since 2008), and Island Park (since 2014). One reason Michael and Les work well together is because they share the same desire to provide the best customer service for their clients. Their differences also complement each other well, as Michael notes, “We see eye to eye in our customer focused approach, but our innate differences have also benefited our business. My father is the visionary, always looking for the next opportunity, product or service that will help us grow. I’ve been the pragmatist, and together we’ve balanced each other extremely well.”

Linsey Wyman - Malden, MA - Owner since 2007 - Second-generation owner

I graduated college with a Graphic Arts degree and Minuteman Press enabled me to turn my passion into a sustainable business. The support really helps.

Luke Vachalec - Gladesville, NSW, Australia - Owner since 2017

“Up until 8 months ago my entire working career had been with one company, UPS. I developed a lot of skills there with managing employees, what it takes to provide amazing service, and ensuring customer satisfaction. I worked really hard there and was rewarded for it, but the last third of my 15 years there I had dreams of something more, and always had notions of wanting to do something for myself. What did I want to do, I had zero idea. Every once and a while I would do a little bit of research into franchising, or some kind of way to import and sell, but honestly was clueless with what I needed, and was slightly scared off by the risk involved financially, and with not having the specific industry knowledge required.

I had given up on the idea for a little while until one Thursday I was sitting in the car, not listening to the radio although it was on, and my ears picking up only two words “Franchise Expo” making me listen further. I went home to look into it a little more, to find out it was on that Saturday. My interest had been peaked again, so I headed down to find out what it was all about. I still had no know idea about what I was looking for, and saw it more as an information opportunity.

A little bit overwhelmed walking into the event wondering where do I go first, and how it all worked, I walked passed the first stall which was Minuteman Press. A smiling George Holzmacher already waiting with his hand out to greet me. I returned the hand shake, and subtly tried to escape at the same time, while being asked “what do think about print and marketing”. Still trying to escape I replied that “I don’t think about it”. I was then politely asked my name (Luke), asked if I would like to hear a short information session, and introduced to the Queensland field rep Lucas. What was I here for if not information, so I agreed.

I received a well-presented 5-minute introduction to the company that was really intriguing. The whole time thinking if this is something I could do, having never really thought about the print industry before. At the end of the presentation I put my contact information down for follow information as it did seem interesting to me. I was excited with how well the first stall went, and moved on expect a full day of similar encounters. I met with at least 10 other franchises that day, putting my name down for a few more. None of which however were as professional, well represented, or as confident in their business model as Minuteman Press were. Even going home to my wife that night and her asking what I thought about the whole “information” thing, Minuteman Press was discussed as clear stand out.

I received a follow up call from Minuteman Press immediately the following Monday (again making me think how professional they were). I heard back from one of the other companies over a week later, and the others I had put my name down for I didn’t hear back from at all. There were multiple meetings that followed, and exposure to other Minuteman Press stores and store owners. The whole experience was extremely open, with nothing to hide, and all I saw everywhere was support, support, support. Everything made me feel extremely comfortable and instilled a lot of confidence. I didn’t know what I was looking for that first day, or if anything at all, but the more exposure I had it became a very easy decision.

Since becoming a franchisee of Minuteman Press, there has never been any letdown to my expectations. I have received all the training I could ask for before starting, which has been maintained still as an ongoing service. The support I have been given the whole journey has been amazing, and I couldn’t ask for two more knowledgeable and friendly guys to be my Field Reps -Warrick and Area Manager Jeff Lewis. The company as a whole genuinely makes you feel like part of the big Minuteman Press family.

There is zero doubt that the business model 100% works. With the tools provided and what the print industry is, success is only limited by ones ambition. I have a long way to go before reaching my goals in the industry and as a business owner, but know I have the support I need along the way to get there through Minuteman Press.”

Lynne & John Regas - Frankfort, IL - Owners since 2016 - Corporate Purchasing / Procurement

Lynne and John Regas, Minuteman Press franchise owners, Frankfort, Illinois. http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com
Lynne and John Regas, Minuteman Press franchise owners, Frankfort, Illinois.

After looking for something more fulfilling than their corporate jobs, John and Lynne Regas are proud to own their Minuteman Press franchise in Frankfort, Illinois. Minuteman Press in Frankfort has differentiated themselves from their competition for one simple yet often overlooked reason: “We care,” says Lynne. She elaborates, “Yes, we are a full-service printing, marketing, and design company.  We also have a full line of promotional items available.  But we’re so much more than that, and if we’ve learned anything over the past year it’s that we are a business built around developing relationships and providing the best customer service possible. Whether we are producing something as simple as a business card or something as personal as a wedding invitation, we want the item to be a reflection of the customer but also to reflect well on us.  We pride ourselves in giving each customer something that will help set them apart, and know by doing this that it will in turn set us apart.”

Why own a business?

For John and Lynne Regas, owning a business was always on their radar. “John and I had both been employed by large corporations in purchasing/procurement positions,” says Lynne. She adds, “We were both discouraged with corporate America and it seemed to us like we were working as hard as we always had with little to no reward for our efforts.”

Despite their aspirations to become entrepreneurs, there was still some hesitation on John and Lynne’s part. Lynne explains, “We’d talked about opening our own business for years, but it took life throwing us a curveball – John being laid off after 29 years, to give us the push we needed.  It was at this point we began looking at franchising opportunities, and once we found out about and met with the Minuteman Press team, we knew it was the right fit for us.”

Lynne continues, “After 25-30 years we had become stuck in a rut – we both had good jobs that allowed us to live a comfortable life, but neither of us was really fulfilled; it was more like a job than a career.  We just got through each day, looked forward to the weekend, and would start all over again on Monday morning.  There was no challenge, and we no longer felt like working hard would result in any kind of growth, so we just went through the motions.  Once we were forced to make a decision – either continue on in a corporate job or make the change and open our own business – the decision was a no-brainer.  We wouldn’t say it has always been easy, but it’s never been boring, and we’re learning and growing every day.  We are taking pride in our jobs again, and that feels really good.”

Magda Barnard - Nelspruit, South Africa - Owner since 1998 - Mom & Entrepreneur

WOMEN IN BUSINESS: Minuteman Press franchise owner Magda Barnard
Magda Barnard

“I have been in a Minuteman Press franchise for nearly 19 years. We had 3 boys (aging 9, 7 and 2 years) when we started the business in 1998 and I was pregnant with our fourth son. I can honestly say that being a woman in this family franchise allowed me to make a difference in ensuring that we could grow the business successfully and ultimately be part of the Minuteman Press International President’s Club for top performers. Minuteman Press has offered me the opportunity to reach our dreams for our business, knowing that my role as a woman has been a cornerstone in this business.”

Manny Castro - Downey, CA - Owner since 2007 - Publishing/Media Distribution Manager

Manny Castro, Minuteman Press franchise owner, Downey, California. Learn more about Minuteman Press franchise opportunities and access Minuteman Press franchise reviews at http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com
Manny Castro

“Becoming a Minuteman Press Franchise owner 10 years ago is definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my entire life. I had researched many other companies and different industries for a while, but none of them gave me the level of confidence that I needed to motivate me and move forward that Minuteman Press did. Once my decision was made, and we moved forward with training and opening up my center, they gave me a great solid foundation, and second to none ongoing support to this day. I love my local field representatives; we have a great relationship with Dan Byers and Steve Szymanski. They have my back any day and any time. Our success as owners is their success as well.

I came to this beautiful country 33 years ago without a dollar in my pocket, no skills, no academic degrees , no English, not even a high school diploma. Just a young teenager at that time, running away from a very conflicted civil war in El Salvador, looking for a better life. All I can say now is God is great!

Thank God for the vision of the founding fathers of this great franchise Minuteman Press International, and the legacy that has been passed on and is reflected through our CEO Bob Titus, and the entire team all across the globe.”

Maria Medina - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Owner since 2014 - University Career

Meet Maria Medina, Minuteman Press Franchise Owner, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Minuteman Press franchise owners Maria and Aj Medina, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Maria and Aj Medina

What is Minuteman Press? “We are a full service print, marketing and design company offering everything the customer needs in order to help promote and grow their business. We offer in-house design services and we can also print using customer’s own designs. We can print anything, such as: Business Cards, Brochures, Banners, Apparel, Signs, Promotional Products, Mailers and much more. We are part of the Minuteman Press franchise system.

Our services are adaptable and can cater to companies that have as few as one employee to large corporations with 1,000+ employees. Our target audience are professionals that are looking to promote their brand and portray a professional look through their marketing materials. This includes matching letterhead and envelopes that they use on a daily basis to communicate with their clients. Anything that they hand out or use on a daily basis can be produced by us to help sustain their brand’s image.”

What does being a business owner mean to you and why did you decide to become an entrepreneur? “Having worked for a private University in the UK for 8 years, I found myself in a position where I did not feel challenged. Becoming a business owner meant that I could have a direct impact on the company’s performance by setting goals and directing resources accordingly. Being the owner of a small business also means that I am able to work on the company’s brand by becoming a part of its image through networking and marketing. I have learned, and am still learning, skills which I don’t think I would have if I hadn’t become a business owner.”


What is your best business achievement to date? “We have just been awarded with the Small Business Award of the year by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce. We were a nominee last year, and to win this time around means we are further than we thought we would be with our brand being recognized all around Fort Lauderdale.”

What are one or two pieces of advice you have for others? “Be prepared to make at least one mistake a day. And learn from it. This is something my wife has to remind me of every day! Being a business owner is hard work, and you can’t be expected to know everything. There will be days when you have to make tough decisions and these may not always be the right decisions. It is important to acknowledge your mistakes and learn from them, so that you can grow as an individual and succeed in your endeavors.

What is one thing every business owner should do to build their business? “Networking! If you want to grow your brand, networking will be a big part of it. There is no better way to reach local, like-minded individuals than by going to local groups and meeting them face-to-face.”

What is one important thing you have learned as a small business owner? “As it has only been 2 years since I became a business owner, I am still learning! One thing I would like to share is that anyone looking to be a business owner should be prepared to be challenged every day. If you are looking to start your own business I would recommend looking into something that you know is going to interest you and that you already enjoy doing. Every day is made a little bit easier if you actually enjoy what you’re doing.”

Maria Medina’s Minuteman Press franchise is located at 1416 NE 4th Avenue in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Marie & Scott Doherty - Lutterworth, UK - Owners since 2009 - Sales/Administration

Scott and Marie Doherty, Minuteman Press franchise owners, Lutterworth, UK. Learn more about franchise opportunities at http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com
Scott and Marie Doherty

Marie Doherty owns Minuteman Press in Lutterworth, UK, along with her husband, Scott, and she wouldn’t trade the freedom and flexibility that franchise ownership affords her to work for someone else again.  The period after her grand opening found her at the helm of the business with her husband joining her after transitioning from his former job.

Marie says, “My husband and I co-own our Minuteman Press franchise. After we decided we wanted to own our own business, we went to a franchise show back in 2009, where we saw George Holzmacher (Minuteman Press International Vice President International Development)   to discuss our options.  At the beginning, in order to be able to make a go of the franchise, I had to step up and run it to start, so we had Scott’s income for the household bills.  I have always been in sales/administration before and was working part time as we had an 8 year old daughter, so it turned out to be easier for me to go full time as a Minuteman Press owner. Once we had got established, Scott joined me in the business.”

Today, Marie is gratified to be an invaluable partner to her many clients and the go-to digital print, design and marketing specialist for her community. She acknowledges the hard work it takes to take an entrepreneurial venture and make it grow to the point of reaping rewards, but the flexibility it awards her as a professional and family woman is something she would not be willing to trade for corporate employment.

She adds, “I love working for myself. It is very hard work but also very rewarding, I really enjoy being able to help customers and clients with all of the marketing requirements.  I can’t imagine going back to working for somebody else now, it’s definitely not the same as a 9 to 5 job were you go in, do you work and come home and not think about work again until the next day, but you don’t have anybody to answer to either (other than your other half). It does give you more freedom if the kids are sick.  If that happens, I can work from home; also, if the kids have activities, I can pop out of work to see them. Although I am quite disciplined, I do have to make sure that everything gets done before I leave or else I finish stuff at home.”

Mark & Darrie Daniels - Tyler, TX - Owners since 2016 - Accounts Receivable/Payable & Printing

Mark and Darrie Daniels (center) joined by friends and community members at their Minuteman Press grand opening in Tyler, Texas - learn more about Minuteman Press franchise opportunities and access Minuteman Press franchise reviews at http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com
Mark and Darrie Daniels (center) joined by friends and community members at their Minuteman Press grand opening in Tyler, Texas

Prior to franchising with Minuteman Press, Darrie Daniels worked as Accounts Receivable/Payable for four companies and also conducted materials testing for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) in their asphalt laboratory. She also did International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reporting for 30 trucks at two trucking companies. Meanwhile, Mark Daniels had previous printing experience with RR Donnelley and also ran an independent printing business in Nacogdoches, Texas.

“We decided to franchise because when I previously owned a print shop, it was extremely difficult to do the research and even everyday things like pricing on my own, and I had zero help,” says Mark. He adds, “What sold me on Minuteman Press were three things: 1. Their proprietary pricing and management software is incredible, and nothing comes close to it; 2. The support I receive from the corporate office and local field reps means I don’t have to do this alone anymore and experienced people have my back; and 3. The fact that the support I get includes people coming into my store and actually being here on site is really huge for me and the business.”

Mark Calis - Washington, DC - Owner since 1986 - Second-Generation Owner

Mark Calis, Minuteman Press franchise owner, Washington, D.C.

“We were looking to work in our own business, but did not know where to start. We ended up going to a franchise show where we met the folks at Minuteman Press International. They had the most impressive presentation, the best training program, and the most comprehensive support we saw for an affordable franchise. So, we went in that direction and boom – 31 years later, here we are!” READ MORE…

Mark Kerspien - Fremantle, Western Australia - Owner since 2013

“I’ve been with Minuteman Press since 2013.

I’ve expanded my business sideways to capture opportunities outside the traditional paper print experience.

We invested heavily into signage which has become a large part of what we do and in 2015 we moved into Websites and Apps which allowed me to use prior skill sets and this also has become a large part of our business centre as we expand this virtual resource into other countries.

For the first few years I found it hard to wrap my head around why I was paying franchise fees, why the colours in our Corporate Logo were, to me never quite right and typically moaned about it all.

You see it’s a state of mind, you need to realise that a Franchise system is just that – a system. You have to take out of it what you need such as advise or at one of the general meetings but most importantly you need to come to terms with the fact that this system has existed well before you joining and the fundamentals are basic to all businesses.

Once you adopt the system, get very proud of your brand colours things become far more productive.

I have had a lot of years in Corporate and Private enterprise and it takes a while to shed some of your old mindsets but do it as quickly as you can.

When you look at FLEX it is undoubtedly the best package you will find in this industry.

I now look at FLEX as another employee as it allows me to execute all aspects of the business quickly and reliably. I believe my royalties are well spent with my employee FLEX.”

Marty Fanucchi - Clovis, CA - Owner since 1998 - Dairy plant manager

WOMDEC15JAN16-MARTY-FANUCCI-AND-DAUGHTER,-CLOVIS-CA-(2)Marty was a dairy plant manager prior to owning his Minuteman Press center. Marty chose Minuteman Press for several reasons: 1. It is a business where he is actually producing a product and providing services that businesses need; 2. It is not labor intensive; 3. The hours of operation are attractive being that it is Monday through Friday business hours; and 4. He was seeking to leave the food industry behind and wanted an opportunity that would provide the tools he would need to do that with no prior industry experience needed.

Matthew Rebelo - Encinitas & Sorrento Valley, CA - Owner since 2016 - Attorney / Second-Generation

Win-Win: Minuteman Press Franchisee Matthew Rebelo Joins Family Business in Encinitas, CA; Buys Second Franchise in Sorrento Valley with Encinitas Manager Shaun Peebles http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com

Growing the Family Business

When the Rebelo family purchased an established Minuteman Press franchise for sale, they saw the growth potential that their printing business had. Matthew states, “Gabriel’s experience in the printing industry saw an immediate growth in the business upon its acquisition. His helpful and caring attitude brought many ex-customers back to the business and gained the confidence of new customers in the community.”

For his part, Matthew joining Minuteman Press Encinitas also helped spur printing franchise growth. His father Gabriel Rebelo sings Matthew’s praises, saying, “Since joining the business nearly two years ago, Matthew has implemented a number of growth strategies in terms of which the business has acquired an influx of new, larger customers and an increase in services being offered to existing customers. This has resulted in the monthly average gross revenue and profits more than doubling in a very short space of time. This has been achieved through a combination of going back to the basics of the Minuteman Press marketing and operational strategies inside the office and in the field as well as constant networking and marketing formally within organizations and clubs and informally within various social circles.”

Matthew reaffirms his family’s commitment to building the business and being involved in the community: “We are integrally involved in our community. In order to have a successful business, whether it’s Encinitas, Sorrento Valley or anywhere else, I believe you have to be actively engaged. The Encinitas community is small and the community leaders, in both business and politics, are part and parcel of the community they serve. We are members of the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce and the largest business network in the county – the BNI Wave of Success chapter, of which I have recently served as president.”

He adds, “Through our efforts, we have become known as THE community printer. In fact, a large part of our marketing has been based on the ‘Print Locally’ campaign that we launched in 2016. We print for the surrounding schools, churches and non-profit organizations. We also print and produce all of the signage for the two large long distance running events: The Encinitas Half Marathon; The Surfing Madonna Beach Run; and many of the events hosted at the well-known Del Mar Racetrack.”

As for the ongoing franchise support they receive from their franchisor Minuteman Press International, the Rebelo family couldn’t be more pleased with Minuteman Press’ guidance both on the ground locally and through their corporate support teams. Matthew says, “The ongoing support received from both the Minuteman Press International Home Office and regionally has helped on various levels and comes from a variety of sources. I believe one of the biggest assets each franchisee has is the ability to use Minuteman Press proprietary FLEX management software. The tech support received from Home Office relating to the software has been excellent. Their amazing team has assisted us when the need has arisen to ensure that we are not only able to utilize all of the features of the software but are able to use them to maximize business efficiency.”

“On the ground, the ever-present and ever-willing helping hands of Regional Vice President Dan Byers and Area Manager Steve Szymanski have provided us with a sense of comfort knowing that we are not alone in our journey of building a successful business. We have genuinely enjoyed working with them and I think the fact that the experience has a feeling of partnership says a lot about their commitment to ensure that we are making the most of our opportunities in the industry.”

Michael & Lindsey Weber - Enfield, CT & Springfield, MA - Owners since 2004 - Second-generation - IT & department store buyer

MichaelandLindsay“We are second-generation members of the Minuteman Press family. We saw the success our parents had with their franchises and decided to go into business as well. We now own two franchises ourselves and are very happy with our choice to follow in our parents’ footsteps.”

Michael Levy - Levittown, NY - Owner since 2013 - Small Business Owner & Consulting

Michael Levy, Minuteman Press franchise owner, Levittown, NY - learn more about Minuteman Press franchise opportunities at http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com
Michael Levy, Minuteman Press franchise owner, Levittown, NY

Michael Levy has owned Minuteman Press in Levittown since November 2013. Prior to franchising with Minuteman Press, he owned other small businesses and did business consulting. Michael took over the established business from retiring owners Steve Haller and Charlie Kick, who ran the business for 35 years. Michael has expanded his products and services for clients with a broader range of promotional items, signs, and in-house large format printing. Michael has been married to his wife Gwen for 28 years and has three children Melanie, Ryan, and Allison.

“Having a recognizable business name makes all of the difference in the world,” says Michael. He adds, “When I go out marketing I very often wonder how I would perform if I was the owner of ‘Michael Levy’s Print Shop’ versus being able to walk into a potential new customer and say, ‘Hi, I am Michael, from Minuteman Press.’  The name says it all and they know why I am there and they know that I am a reputable business that is established in the community.”

Mike & Julie Arndt - Plant City & Brandon, FL - Owners since 2004 - Corporate GM and teacher

WOMNOV2010-JULIE-AND-MIKE-ARNDT,-BRANDON-FL-2-STARWe can’t say enough about the support provided by Minuteman Press to franchise owners. That was the biggest factor for us when we made our decision to franchise with Minuteman.

Mike Maddalena - Petaluma, CA - Owner Since 1993 - Dairy equipment industry

Mike MaddalenaMike came from the dairy equipment industry. He was left without a job when the business he worked for was sold, and so Mike decided to go into business for himself and become an entrepreneur. Mike bought his franchise in July 1993, and he chose Minuteman Press because of the cap on the royalties and the ongoing local support he receives from Minuteman.

Mike led a persistent effort to build a thriving business, going out marketing with notepads and business cards. The template for the notepads was one that he stuck with over the decades as it worked so well.  It was another way he kept true to his preference to embrace consistency and avoid unnecessary change.  Mike says, “Twenty-five years into this and we still follow the same proven system and that notepad template is still in use, but they evolved to four-color printed collateral.  Today, our offerings are greater.  From letterhead, business forms and cards we now have marketing services and products that include presentation folders, direct mail and more.  I like to think we are so smart that we know ahead of time what will accommodate our audience and their needs.  The truth is we listen to them.  We take raw materials, equipment, technical ability, and provide input.  Ultimately, we do as they wish to make our clients happy and keep their lives as simple as possible in the process.”

Mits Arayama - Dana Point, CA - Owner since 2005 - Marketing Director & CEO

From Soup Branding King to Printing Franchise Boss: Mits Arayama Celebrates Ten Years as Minuteman Press Owner and Shares Secrets to Success
Mits Arayama

“I was looking for an opportunity on the visual marketing side. I’ve always been a fan of visual marketing and printing. I knew Minuteman Press was fantastic because of my own past experiences with them. Their reputation and support provided by them is outstanding.”

“From the day I started ten years ago, everything began to move towards digital printing. I knew that Minuteman Press International was following the industry very closely and did their homework on printing trends and innovations. I followed their direction they gave us, and we have extended our business not only into digital printing but also promotional items as well.”

“I am in charge, but I also have all of the resources at the national and local levels thanks to Minuteman Press. We all share ideas and you get the pulse of how other centers do business, and that is very helpful. We are all part of the same franchise family and the owners who I contact are very open and supportive.”

One final piece of advice comes from the brilliant business mind of Mits Arayama:  “Stay within the franchise system, but be who you are. I find satisfaction with Minuteman Press.”

Nathan Foeller - Stroudsburg, PA - Owner since 2013 - Designer/print broker

Nathan Foeller Stroudsburg PAI was working as a Freelance designer putting together newsletters and providing other fulfillment services to local churches in my area. As my business started to grow, I was looking for a way to expand my offerings. I then found out about Minuteman Press, and I loved the idea of expanding both my client base and the variety of products and services I could offer. It was a perfect match at the perfect time.

Norman Gariepy - Devens & Milford, MA - Owner since 2014 - Accountant & independent digital print business owner

Norman GariepyBefore Minuteman Press, I was an accountant and also ran my own independent digital print business. I found that my business was not growing and I chose Minuteman Press so that I could get the support of the franchise system, which was exactly what I needed. I bought a second Minuteman Press franchise just six months later, and am happy with both of my centers.

Pat Kittle- North Conway, NH & Denmark, ME - Owner since 2002 - Paper industry

FL-MILLION-DOLLAR2014-PAT-KITTLE,-NORTH-CONWAY,-NEW-HAMPSHIRE-(2) I was an executive at a paper mill in New Hampshire that was closing down, and I decided I wanted to own my own business. I bought an existing franchise and now I own two centers. Everything has really been great and I love being an entrepreneur with the support of the Minuteman system.

Pete Keskey - Hudson, WI, Oakdale & Chanhassen, MN - Owner since 2006 - Owned a mailing/shipping store

Pete-KeskeyI sold my previous small business and liked the profit margins of the print industry. The support was also very helpful.

Peter Castorena - Lancaster, CA - Owner since 2006 - Retail Buyer

Peter Castorena, Minuteman Press franchise owner, Lancaster, California. Learn more about Minuteman Press franchise opportunities at http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com
Peter Castorena

“I spent months during the course of my due diligence researching franchisors and working on a few business plans. There were two franchises I had considered moving forward with. Minuteman Press International was one of them for a number of reasons. On first glance, they’re leaders in their industry with multiple locations internationally. They’ve got a proven track record of growth. Working with my regional vice president Dan Byers, I came to find that Minuteman Press was open and honest about how a franchise operated, especially since they encouraged me to visit and speak with existing franchise owners. All of the Minuteman Press business owners I spoke with (in various stages of their business from new, established, and “seasoned”) were open and honest and had not regretted getting into the Minuteman Press Franchise. Couple their experience, happy franchisees, and the amount of support I get on the local and international level from the home office and it was a classic square peg into a square hole scenario – the perfect fit.”

Peter Kelly - Balcatta, Perth, Western Australia - Owner since 2015

Peter and Simon Kelly, Minuteman Press franchise owners, Balcatta, Perth, Western Australia - learn more about Minuteman Press franchise opportunities at http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com
Peter and Simon Kelly, Minuteman Press franchisees, Balcatta, Perth, Western Australia

“I began this process over 3 years ago in search of a business that would  suit  the  needs of a family business dynamic, but in particular that of my son Simon.

The  Minuteman Press franchise was perfect in  terms of the initial cost, ongoing support and monthly royalty fee, but my concerns where in other areas such as quoting,  production, and customer service given that we had little or no print experience, coupled with the fact that my son Simon was extremely shy. In short, “How good was the training on offer and could they achieve all these things in 2 weeks ” ?

The answer is most definitely yes.  I cannot believe how competent my son is since completing his training in New York and how confident he is in dealing with customers and members of the public. The business is exceeding the families expectations in a very short space of time, and so, on behalf of my wife and I we extend a big thank you to all at Minuteman Press International.”

Phillip & Adam Anderson - Liverpool, Australia - Owners since 2014 - Royal Australian Navy & Army

Liverpool City Council Small Business Awards Ceremony - Australia Day 2016 - Minuteman Press Franchise ReviewThe Minuteman Press franchise in Liverpool, New South Wales, Australia was awarded the highly coveted Small Business Award by the Liverpool City Council. The digital print, design and marketing center is owned by the father and son team of Phillip and Adam Anderson, who opened up their Minuteman Press franchise in October 2014, which is quickly making inroads in the business community.

Phillip Anderson is retired from the Royal Australian Navy, whereas Adam is retired from the Australian Army. During the 2016 Australia Day celebrations on the 26th of January, the Mayor of Liverpool and the Liverpool City Council presented this Minuteman Press franchise with their Small Business Award, and they were joined on stage by other award recipients on Australia Day. Adam has contributed to local fundraising efforts and was elected to the Board of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2015.

“Phillip and Adam Anderson make a great team,” said Chris Jutt, Minuteman Press International Area Manager. “Adam handles the bulk of the marketing and is very active in local networking clubs, while Phillip also markets the business but also keeps things running smoothly inside their center. They follow the plan, and while we are glad that they are now on board with Minuteman Press, we also salute their earlier service to Australia when they were in uniform.”

Renee Mansour - Bend, OR - Owner since 2015 - digital printer sales & stay at home mom

Renee Mansour, Minuteman Press franchise owner, Bend, OR - learn more about Renee's incredible journey to entrepreneurship at http://www.shop.minutemanpress.com/franchise/2017/02/27/mom-and-entrepreneur-minuteman-press-franchisee-renee-mansour-increases-gross-sales-by-53-percent-celebrates-two-years-in-business-in-bend-or
Renee Mansour, Minuteman Press franchise owner, Bend, OR

Renee Mansour owns the Minuteman Press franchise in Bend, Oregon located at 235 SE Wilson Ave, Suite 100. She decided to purchase the established business in February 2015 after spending a few years as a mom and entrepreneur who taught cycling classes and helped run national events in Bend. Recently, Renee celebrated two years in business with Minuteman Press. She has successfully managed to more than double the business, increasing gross sales by 341 percent.

Renee says, “As our children became teenagers, my desire to do something for me became stronger.  I took a position working for a local company full-time, and I struggled with the lack of satisfaction I felt.  I am a committed person that gives 100-plus percent, and when that wasn’t received by my employer I started to feel that I would be better off putting my energy towards my own business.”

She continues, “The support Minuteman Press provides was one of the things that appealed to me.  Business to business sales and the hours of operation (8:30 am – 5:30 pm Monday – Friday) were also another reason we choose Minuteman Press.  We still have teenagers at home and I want to be present in their lives.  Those reasons coupled with the fact that Minuteman Press is the only franchise I researched that offered a cap on royalties, made it an easy decision for us.  The more I sell beyond the cap, the more I am rewarded.”

Ron Burlakoff - East Haven, Hamden & Shelton CT - Owner since 2003 - real estate and commercial printing

womjulyaug2015-buyrlaknoff,-ron-and-britney,-hamden-connecticut-(2)Before franchising with Minuteman Press, Ron Burlakoff was working two jobs to make ends meet. Ron sold real estate and also worked for a large commercial printing company in order to support his wife and three children. Ron saw that the fast / on demand printing industry was growing, and after looking into Minuteman Press, he knew that his knowledge of the industry combined with the ongoing support he would receive would really bode well for his business. Ron also liked the fact that there is a cap on royalties meaning that the more he made, the more he would put into his own pocket. He also liked the fact that the Minuteman Press business-to-business model was 5 days per week, Monday through Friday. This would allow him to spend more time with his family. Ron went on to open a second store with his older daughter, then purchase an independent shop and move into a 4000 sq. ft. facility in Hamden, CT. Ron also encouraged his brother Harry to purchase a Minuteman franchise, and Harry has now been in business for almost 7 years as well.

Scott Bruno - Pasadena, TX - Owner since 2016 - Energy / Corporate Training

Scott Bruno (with scissors) at his Minuteman Press grand opening in Pasadena, Texas - learn more about Minuteman Press design, marketing, and printing franchise opportunities at http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com
Scott Bruno (with scissors) at his Minuteman Press grand opening in Pasadena, Texas

Scott Bruno spent the past five years working in the Houston area as a corporate trainer for energy giant BP. With a desire to be more creative and a passion for helping people, Scott chose to open up a Minuteman Press franchise in Pasadena, Texas; it is a decision that has given him new energy and a new purpose: To help the businesses and people in his community.

Why Be a Business Owner?

Scott Bruno loves helping people. That is how he built his career as a corporate trainer for companies like energy giant BP, where he played a key role in staff development. Despite his success, Scott was not doing exactly what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. “I was looking for something where I would enjoy going to work every day,” says Scott. “That something turned out to be Minuteman Press.”

Why Buy a Minuteman Press Franchise?

Before embarking on his corporate career, Scott Bruno enjoyed being a graphic designer. “I love being creative, and so I figured I could either freelance or start a business. I thought there may be an opportunity in franchising, and so I went to a local franchise expo in Houston and landed on Minuteman Press.”

In addition to meshing well with his corporate background as well as his desire for something more creative, Scott also liked what the Minuteman Press franchise had to offer from a business standpoint. He says, “I thought the startup costs were reasonable and I appreciated their royalty incentive program that puts a cap on royalties.”

Coming from a background where he trained other business professionals for a living, Scott is also uniquely qualified to evaluate the Minuteman Press International training program. He offers this review, saying, “The Minuteman Press franchise training program was great. It was two weeks of hands-on training working with experienced staff at the company headquarters. I felt it was very appropriate and helped give owners like me without industry experience a real leg up on running the business.”

One other aspect of the Minuteman Press system that Scott Bruno appreciates is the ongoing local support he gets from the company. “My regional vice president Pete Scaglione and area manager Rich Panowitz have been extremely helpful. They will just come over, roll up their sleeves and work with me. That means a lot to me that I can lean on them like that.”

Scott concludes, “It’s like night and day. I now enjoy going to work.”

Sedrick Tydus - Oakland, CA - Owner since 2013 - Sales & Banking

Sedrick Tydus, owner, Minuteman Press, Oakland, CA. Learn more about Minuteman Press franchise opportunities and access Minuteman Press franchise reviews at http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com
Sedrick Tydus, owner, Minuteman Press, Oakland, CA.

Before the PC, there were mainframe computers and Sedrick Tydus was one of IBM’s resident experts of sales and in management.  Keenly attuned to the nuances of numbers and how to make them work in any company’s favor, he took on the banking industry just as the personal computer appeared on the scene.  He managed regions and employees to the benefit of Wells Fargo for fifteen years, then onto Bank of America for three years before extending his sales talent to the mortgage arena, working for e-loan for a half decade.

At this point, he was far too driven to work for anyone else, so he opened his own bank and for nearly six years developed an enviable entrepreneurship.  It was a successful venture, except for all of the meetings and the fact that he was still restrained by a governing organization.  Something was lacking.  According to Sedrick, “I had enough of working for other people, so I decided to look at franchise opportunities because I really always wanted my own business, from the moment I graduated and throughout my career.”

In 2013, Sedrick met Minuteman Press International’s Regional Vice President for Northern California, Bob Ylinen.  He went into his exploration for a new opportunity with a career’s worth of accumulated business management and sales wisdom, plus a methodical approach and a driven spirit.

Sedrick cut to the chase during due diligence as he explains, “I evaluated four franchise systems and it was clear to me that Minuteman Press International was the best one for me based on two primary reasons: 1.  Most of the active franchise owners I talked to told me, ‘You’d better like computers;’ and 2. ‘You’d better like marketing.’ So for me, if those are the biggest ‘negatives’ it makes a lot of sense to buy into the Minuteman Press International product.”  He was also pleased to receive training and support on a local level that is comprehensive without infringing upon his rightful freedom as his own boss.

Steve Brunk - Vero Beach, FL - Owner since 2007 - Retail manager

BRUNK,-CARLEEN-AND-STEVE-AND-STAFF-125-(2)I left the retail industry behind for Minuteman Press, which enabled me to work regular Monday through Friday business hours. I also love the short reorder cycle that print provides. When I was working in retail, I would sit in the store and wait for customers to come in. With Minuteman Press, customers will reorder all of their materials faster and I am able to spend my time getting out there and growing my business.

Steve Edman - Bellaire/Southwest Houston, TX - Owner since 2006 - Sales/Marketing

Steve Edman and staff - Minuteman Press in Bellaire, Houston, TX
Steve Edman and staff – Minuteman Press in Bellaire, Houston, TX

“To be an owner of a business in Bellaire/southwest Houston is really cool especially since I grew up in this neighborhood. A little more pride and effort is easy when you know what it takes to make a difference. The friendships and contacts you make over the years pay off in a variety of ways.

Retiring from a career in selling and marketing beer and making people happy; to a new life of selling print and making business customers happy is an unbelievable opportunity. Both industries are similar. With beer, when times are good you toast success, when times are bad you drown your sorrows with the goal of “getting back on your feet’. Same with printing, when business is good you promote your success. And when times are bad you advertise to keep your name in the market place to turn things around.

I came from a company with branding identity recognized around the world, Anheuser Busch. There is no doubt that is why I bought into the Minuteman Press franchise system. The brand stands alone in the printing industry and gives me an easier path to open doors to build my business.”

Suchitra Kamath - Edison, NJ - Owner since 2017 - Banking

Meet the team of Minuteman Press, Edison, NJ - pictured from left to right: Suchitra Kamath, Owner; Kathleen Premian, Customer Service; and Michael Siecinski, Print and Production. Learn more about Minuteman Press franchise opportunities and access Minuteman Press franchise reviews at http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com
Meet the team of Minuteman Press, Edison, NJ – pictured from left to right: Suchitra Kamath, Owner; Kathleen Premian, Customer Service; and Michael Siecinski, Print and Production.

Why Minuteman Press? For Suchitra, it came down to Minuteman Press International providing her with high levels of support and service. She states, “When I was exploring different franchising options and filling out online forms, the Minuteman Press response time was excellent and the potential franchise owner engagement process was simple yet fast! Subsequently, I found that this was a trend in this company and this actually helped me move along my franchising path quickly. The corporate managers were nice, helpful and had the knowledge that was needed to help me make decisions.”

Tania Ackerman - Condell Park, NSW, Australia, Owner Since 2015

Tania Ackerman owns the Minuteman Press design, marketing, and printing franchise in Condell Park, Australia. https://www.shop.minutemanpress.com/franchise/international/australia-printing-franchise
Tania Ackerman owns the Minuteman Press design, marketing, and printing franchise in Condell Park, Australia.

“Having worked in several other print franchise companies, making the decision to purchase a Minuteman Press store was a no brainer. The team at Minuteman Press are fantastic, and have been crucial in my success. My field rep, provides great industry knowledge and a helpful approach when troubleshooting the day to day running of my business. In the last 18 months my business has grown by 50%. We have also expanded into signage, purchasing a wide format machine in late 2016. By bringing signage production in-house we hope to see the business take off even more. The area manager for my region, Jeff Lewis, has been a great help with the signage side of things.”

Ty & Crystal Gipson - Georgetown, TX - Owners since 2006 - Banking-administration and engineering

WORLDEXPO2013-GIPSON-TOPOVERALLPERFORMANCEAWARD2013-PRESENTEDINCHICAGO-SAT.AUG.102013Minuteman Press as a franchise seemed like a big family.  I know it sounds like an odd business requirement for choosing a franchise, but it defines integrity and ethics.  You don’t forget your family and what that means.  I needed to know if I was going to become a partner with a franchise that I could believe we would have each other’s best interests at heart, and that they would have a vested interest in our success. Also, Minuteman Press had a local presence and a good name in our surrounding areas.  I valued that the stores were not on every corner and seemed to support one another.  I also evaluated the training and support offered by the franchise, and found it to above board.  We met personally with the regional and field directors and they were very helpful and involved with choosing a successful location for our store and interested in our life balance and opportunities.  The local franchise field rep for our area, Pete Scaglione (now our regional vice president), is what sealed the deal.  His passion and his integrity for each store and for Minuteman Press made us eager to get started and faithful that we were putting our efforts into the right franchise.

Wayne Herman - Brooklyn, NY - Owner since 2008 - Finance Manager

Minuteman-Press-Wayne-Herman-Xerox-Versant-80Before owning his own business in Brooklyn, Wayne Herman worked in the finance industry. “I worked for Citibank until 2007, just before the big financial crisis,” he says. As luck would have it, Wayne was passed over for a key promotion on several occasions, and so he explored other options before the Great Recession took hold and forced him out of corporate America anyway.


One of those options turned out to be Minuteman Press. Franchising made sense for Wayne because he knew he wanted to start his own business but didn’t want to do it alone. Wayne flirted with the food industry at first, but he came to find that he “did not have the money or experience required to get involved there” and that “the food services industry just wasn’t a good fit for me.”

As for why he chose Minuteman Press out of all of the other franchise opportunities that were available to him, Wayne states, “When I saw the reasonable startup costs for Minuteman Press and the help and ongoing support that the franchise offered to new owners, I thought this was a good idea.  Also, the fact that there were no centers in Brooklyn at that time made me really want to start one in that area.”

Minuteman Press International offers a search engine marketing program to all franchise owners. Wayne Herman was an early adopter of this program as soon as it was made available because he sees the value in getting potential customers’ attention online and converting them into clients. “I would say the Minuteman Press search engine marketing program has helped me double my business since its introduction.  As I had mentioned earlier, I do 50 percent of by business in Manhattan, so the SEM program helps me advertise in those areas where door to door marketing isn’t practical for numerous reasons.”

“We strive to put programs in place to help our owners succeed,” notes Brian Sisti, Minuteman Press International Area Manager for Brooklyn and Long Island. He adds, “We are thrilled that Wayne has taken full advantage of our search engine marketing program as well as the many other resources and support we are happy to provide on an ongoing basis.”

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