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The total investment for a Minuteman Press franchise opening in the United States can range from $108,115 to $163,865 when leasing the equipment. There are financing options available for qualified buyers that may put the initial investment in the $30,000 to $50,000 range. Minuteman Press’ investment includes virtually everything you need to start your business. Most franchisors will sell you a business first, and then tell you to go find a location that they must approve. At Minuteman Press we reverse that; you suggest an area of interest and our local staff will research and evaluate its potential.

Minuteman Press Franchise - Investment and Financing - learn more at believe in forming a real relationship with our potential owners before we enter into business. We will also handle all of the area research, location finding and lease negotiations on your behalf before we enter into business. All of which are subject to your as well as our approval. Your location is one of the most important aspects of going into business; we will only put a Minuteman Press center in a location or area that we believe has the most potential for your business to grow.

What’s included in the investment?

  • Research of areas of interest to you
  • Site selection and lease negotiations on your behalf
  • Center layout plans & optimization of work flow
  • Coordination of renovations, inside & out
  • Standard furniture, fixtures, signage & digital printing systems
  • Proprietary business management & pricing software
  • Two week training program (travel & hotel accommodations included)
  • Additional onsite training from a local field representative
  • Assistance in business setup, finding employees and starting the marketing programs


Once you submit your application and are accepted as a Minuteman Press franchisee, you may be eligible for financing. We have been able to maintain great relationships with several third party finance companies that make it easy to get into business. These companies have evaluated our business model, past performance history and they believe in our concept. They know we bring quality people who have the ability and determination to run a successful business. While there are many advantages to our financing program, you are certainly entitled to select any independent financing program which best suits your needs. Regardless of what financing options are available our first concern is to help you research Minuteman Press and to see if our business is right for you or not. Once you decide that Minuteman Press is right for you, we will then assist you in obtaining the best financing option available.

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Minuteman Press - Dean Seifert

Dean Seifert, Youngstown, OH

In business since: 2007 • Background: Sales

“We have grown our business 4 times the size it was when bought it. We have 5 employees, 2 of these are our children. Our oldest son already talks about transitioning into our spot eventually. Minuteman Press has become our life and it is a good life. Minuteman Corporate is only a phone call away when we need them, and someone is here before we know it. They give us advice when things seem shaky, they give us support when we make mistakes, and they give us a pat on the back when things are going good.”

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