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When he agreed to be featured in our award-winning blog, The Minuteman Press Franchise Review, Sean Miller saw positive returns in addition to receiving positive feedback.

Ed and Sean Miller, Minuteman Press franchise owners, Escondido, California.
Ed and Sean Miller, Minuteman Press franchise owners, Escondido, CA.

Good things come when you share your knowledge and tell your stories.  Sean Miller, owner of Minuteman Press in Escondido, CA, was not thinking entirely about the long-term impact of a short interview when he interviewed for an article in 2017.   He was simply proud to talk about his choice to advance from car salesman to marketing services provider and how his new role situated him as a leader in the B2B services industry.  He was excited to share that his former place of employment, a Cadillac dealership, had become a valued client as he helped them honor their brand through an entirely new line of apparel.  His story was published on The Minuteman Press Review, an award-winning blog provided as an expert resource for answers to marketing and entrepreneurial questions, courtesy of his franchisor, Minuteman Press International.

His story reflected his new, more flexible lifestyle and the good work resulting from the partnership with Cadillac, particularly the refreshed branded hats they needed.  Sean says, “I was appreciative that we were considered to be featured on The Minuteman Press Review.  We are just getting to the point of seeing the business grow and we are setting our heights on great sales numbers, so the good press certainly helped.  It was also a jump-start for our confidence as we were working towards a sales increase and this press sparked it with 16 or 17 percent growth.”

It turns out, when you tell your stories of victory and share them freely, people get excited for you and they will clamor to have you help them win too.

Ford promotional hats produced by the Minuteman Press franchise, Escondido, CA.
Ford promotional hats produced by the Minuteman Press franchise, Escondido, CA.

When it was first published, Sean shared his article on his business and social media pages and his staff shared it on their personal online profiles. “It went out to all of our spheres of influence and it ignited a lot of interest in what we can do for people at Minuteman Press.  To our surprise, some of our close family and friends didn’t realize exactly what we were doing in our center.”  Sean printed the article (as all things worthy should be printed) and he took it to his networking groups, too.  “As soon as we shared the story about how we helped Cadillac during a brand refreshing, it initiated a lot of new apparel orders. People read it and said, ‘Oh, you can do all of this?  I thought you were just a printer.  I had no idea you could do these other things, too.'”

As Minuteman Press franchise owners worldwide can say, “We Are the Modern Printing Industry” through the active partnerships that help other businesses identify and promote their brands, Sean is at home in the role.  “It has been a learning experience, but as I have earned every one of my grey hairs working on my own business, I do a lot of networking and talk about branding and exactly how important it is to be consistent on every platform.  Everything of ours is perfectly branded for Minuteman Press and we help our clients towards the same goal which is respected brand recognition.”

“As a Minuteman Press franchise owner, I know I can only be successful if I am passionate about building and growing other people’s businesses with them.  So, I share what I learn as I develop my business and help clients grow in the process, adapting the approach to fit their own industries.” – Sean Miller, Minuteman Press Escondido

Minuteman Press franchise, Escondido, CA, promotional jackets.
Minuteman Press franchise, Escondido, CA, promotional jackets.

As Sean’s first story was shared on the corporate blog and word spread of the digital print, design and marketing services their Minuteman Press franchise could provide, he received a new order from a mortgage company for some branded hats.  That new client was so pleased he referred an equestrian veterinarian to Sean and his team for branded apparel and additional orders followed.  “Then,” Sean explains, “I got invited to speak at a gathering for directors of local car-parts dealers and I picked up three or four new dealers as clients afterwards.  It is true that I did have so many contacts in the car dealership industry from my prior career. That extra press about the work we did for Cadillac turned into good word-of-mouth, which led people to feel we are the go-to source for automotive apparel.”

Naturally, once they open the boxes and hold up the sharply-printed polos, hats and jackets, they realized they still need branded stationery and promotional products. By then, Minuteman Press Escondido had earned great trust.  “It has been a big blessing for our business,” says Sean.

Sean and his staff are in a prime position to design and print branded apparel and promotional products as a Minuteman Press franchise. Thanks to relationships his franchisor has developed with key vendors, the apparel arsenal at his disposal and his ability to customize every imaginable thing is virtually limitless.

He says, “I have a buddy and former co-worker with whom I fell out of contact. The last time I saw him, I had just bought my franchise and I was so nervous and told him I was in for a big learning curve.  Now, three years later, he called me and told me he is starting-up a new business, a valet service.  He needed branded uniforms for his employees and I only had a few days to make it happen.”

Sean prepared and sent the artwork to a select vendor on a Friday and an order of 1,000 was completed and delivered on time.  “I have a wonderful vendor partner in apparel that several of my fellow franchise owners use.  The representatives from my franchise really know what they are doing I’d say none of us could do this level of work without the select vendors Minuteman Press International has secured for us.  We absolutely can produce anything you could possibly need involving a logo and that is a big part of how business grows.”

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