Minuteman Press Franchise in Condell Park, Australia Fulfills the Design and Printing Needs of a Wide Range of Clients including Local Schools

"We approach customer service as the most important aspect of the business. Without happy customers there would be no business. So we believe in 100% service, 100% of the time. We go the extra mile for customers and pay high attention to detail."

When a local school sought professional graphic design services for their digital yearbook, they were thrilled with the results produced and delivered by Tania Ackerman’s Minuteman Press franchise in Condell Park, Australia. Today, Malek Fahd Islamic School gets their yearbooks from Minuteman Press in both print and digital formats.

Tania Ackerman owns the Minuteman Press design, marketing, and printing franchise in Condell Park, Australia. https://www.shop.minutemanpress.com/franchise/international/australia-printing-franchise
Tania Ackerman owns the Minuteman Press design, marketing, and printing franchise in Condell Park, Australia.

Tania Ackerman rolls up her sleeves and gets to work for her clients. She sees to it that her team at Minuteman Press in Condell Park, Australia tackles their objectives as if they were their own success that depended upon it.  She leads with dedicated, direct involvement and that only furthers her good reputation.  Prior to assuming her role as an entrepreneur, her employment experience at a center in Sydney was enriched and supported by the local support of Minuteman Press International.

People who come to Tania for partnership in business at her Condell Park Minuteman Press franchise are in for a real treat if they need help to design, print and promote their brand or message.  They do so with marketing services expertise that has been developed over decades by a most respected franchise tradition and a woman in charge who cares about the health of the business community she serves.  She says, “I have owned Minuteman Press Condell Park for 2 years this October.  The store has been operational for 3 years.  I have one employee working for me, Kim, she started working for me 3 weeks in. She has been an absolute star and is praised my all our customers as having excellent customer service. She is the biggest asset to our company and goes above and beyond in her duties.”

“We approach customer service as the most important aspect of the business.  Without happy customers there would be no business. So we believe in 100% service, 100% of the time. We go the extra mile for customers and pay high attention to detail.” –Tania Ackerman, Minuteman Press printing franchise owner, Condell Park, Australia

When service is so superior it makes people’s lives easier, they talk about it…to everyone.  Minuteman Press franchise reviews frequently have a winner’s feel about them, thanks to the tendency the greatest franchise owners have to tie their pride to the victories of each customer.  Tania receives “the love” from her clients as she goes about her life in the community.  She reflects on one such time, “I was just at the hair salon this morning, who is one of our customers. She was telling me how great our service has been since she started using us. She compared us to previous printers she has used and said that our attention to detail was very helpful, especially when we would pick up on spelling mistakes or any other errors. Her previous printers would not go to this effort. She also praised the speed in which we would respond to her queries, and said how great it was that she didn’t have to chase us up for quotes or artwork.”

Since she knows the speed of the workday and the demand of true growth is such that she may need to adapt to accommodate requests, Tania trains her staff to be organized and leans on quality checks during every stage of every job. Starting projects this way ensures the best chance to get the most done, no matter what “surprise” might come their way.  For the most in-depth assignments, she notes, “To handle the most challenging jobs, we take our time and pre-plan all aspects of the job.  We make a checklist and spend time quality checking every stage of the job. This is the best way to avoid any errors.”

Providing a full marketing solution and seeing a job through from concept through to the complete printed product is gratifying for Minuteman Press franchise owners worldwide.

The slogan of the franchise, “We Design, Print & Promote…YOU!” is not a passive statement.  It is a promise that entrepreneurs like Tania Ackerman take to heart and through technical and professional excellence results in connections between brands and their audiences. “Personalized service is, in part, about finding the customers that value service over dollars and cents,” she notes.

Jeff Lewis is Minuteman Press International’s Regional Vice President for NSW and QLD and he is gratified when a franchise owner’s individual talents so obviously contribute to each completed project.  Jeff shares, “Tania’s love for creativity and design comes thru everything she does. Her close attention to detail and superb customer service skills are what set her apart from the competition. She’s also a valued member of our marketing committee and a true team player.”

Service in the name of nurturing children could not get more personal and that is part of the reason Minuteman Press in Condell Park is Proud to Partner with Malek Fahd Islamic School.

“This client came on board last year, we designed their 2016 yearbook as an e-document. It was a big project and took approx. 3 months. The document was custom designed by our team and was 344 pages long. Kim was the one primarily working on it. This year we are taking on the job again but will also be printing 1200 copies this year,” Tania says of her work with the school that aims to encourage children to become ‘happy and successful citizens of Australia’.

“Our school vision is to provide quality academic education and to graduate students who can make positive contributions to the Australian community through active citizenship. Students are encouraged to reach their potential and develop human attributes of care and compassion, respect, responsibility, right choice, and honesty by participating in activities with other students and community members in order to understand their own identities in the world and to appreciate and understand the differences that make the ‘other.'” – Malek Fahd Islamic School

When people return to places, it means they were made happy there.  In this case, Malek Fahd Islamic School returned to Minuteman Press with more memories and a request for another yearbook to preserve them for posterity.  Tania says, “We work directly with Nasheen Parker at the school and she gave us a rave review after completing last year’s job. She was also our cheerleader in winning the job this year.”

Yearbook printed by Minuteman Press in Condell Park, Australia. Learn more about Minuteman Press products and services at https://www.shop.minutemanpress.com/franchise/about-minuteman-press/our-business/products-services
Yearbook printed by Minuteman Press in Condell Park, Australia.

While Minuteman Press franchises are fully equipped to design and print anything you can imagine your brand name and logo upon, including full-color yearbooks, they lead each day with the desires of their clients first… and that includes the desire to go digital.  As the Malek Fahd Islamic School desired a digital yearbook last year, that request was realized with technical precision and personal care. They were so happy with the design that this year, traditional printed yearbooks will be produced, to everyone’s delight.  The sheer volume of the task is worth noting, according to Tania, “You could say for this year’s job that the submissions of the content from all the teachers will be challenging.”

Managing submissions and organizing them became a hardship for the school this year, so Minuteman Press lifted the burden and will be bringing the project greater impact by going beyond a digital copy and printing real books to be perused and signed among friends and family. She continues, “This year we are managing submissions to alleviate the job from the staff at the school, as they already have busy schedules looking after all the 1200+ student body. Also, we are providing more than a digital version, designing a 368 page yearbook and printing 1200 copies.  We’ve set up a submission guideline that each teacher is to follow. So far the teachers have been submitting all their files correctly, and Kim has been helpful in guiding them through this process.”

Nasheen Parker expresses the truth – that the school she represents got exactly what they wanted, when they wanted it…and with a pleasing finished product.  She says, “The team at Minuteman Press Condell Park are thoroughly professional and have excellent work ethics. Our School Magazine was digitally combined, on time, and communication was excellent during the whole process. It’s our first time dealing with Tania and Kim and we were very impressed with their final product.”

She adds, “We will definitely use them again!”

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