Minuteman Press Printing Franchise Helps Campbelltown, Australia Performing Arts High School Shine in Print

"I enjoy working with different businesses to produce the best products, from coming out to see them and getting a feel for their business, to perfecting their artwork and then delivering it for free. It is part of a customer service experience you just don't get from other printing businesses."

Print is timeless and teenagers are excited about it in Campbelltown, Australia, thanks to their teachers and the design and printing expertise of their local Minuteman Press franchise.

David Miller owns the Minuteman Press design, marketing, and printing franchise in Campbelltown, Australia. Learn more about Minuteman Press franchise opportunities and access Minuteman Press franchise reviews at http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com
David Miller owns the Minuteman Press design, marketing, and printing franchise in Campbelltown, Australia.

David Miller is rich with knowledge about sales and exactly what it takes to move an inspired idea from the mind of a driven business owner into the reality of a gainful marketing campaign.   He draws wisdom from three decades in which he played various roles as a sales force for industries that include electrical retail to companies that produce stainless steel products; but it is not on professional wisdom alone that he has built his success as an entrepreneur himself since the July of 2016.

As he spent several years focusing on family as a single Dad, his work as an employee for other people’s gain was to come to an end when he investigated franchise opportunities and discovered a more appealing way to make a living. His ten-year marriage to a most supportive partner, Kathryn, only strengthened his convictions in terms of commanding his own future. He recognized the need to invest more directly into his own future for greater satisfaction and the potential for greater financial returns in retirement.  So it is not only his deep practical knowledge, but also his personal devotion to building business with each and every client that his Minuteman Press franchise has become a true ally to the community of Campbelltown.

“I started to look at retirement in 15 or 20 years’ time.  I knew I would have to look at investing and I had some money to invest, so a good friend advised me that my best investment would be in myself, as I would work harder for my own money than anyone else,” according to David.

He began his quest to find the smartest investment at a franchise show in Sydney.  “I did a lot of investigating into various options for business ownership.  It was at the show that I discovered Minuteman Press International.”  Current Northwest U.S. Regional Vice President, Christopher Jutt was the Area Manager in QLD and NSW at the time and he greeted Dave at the show in Sydney. It turned out to be a pivotal encounter that would enlighten him to the advantages of buying a printing business and becoming a leader in the B2B services industry.

On the cusp of assuming a new path as an entrepreneur, Dave recalls, “Chris opened my eyes to the opportunity of Minuteman Press and I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was buying into a family, not just a business.  From all of the franchise owners and investigations I conducted, the overall sentiment was the company’s spiel wasn’t just lip service, but that they delivered on their promises.  So I jumped into the deep end and thirteen months later, I am building my business one step at a time with the representatives of Minuteman Press International, headquarters and local staff, with me the whole way.”

“I enjoy working with different businesses to produce the best products, from coming out to see them and getting a feel for their business, to perfecting their artwork and then delivering it for free.   It is part of a customer service experience you just don’t get from other printing businesses.” – David Miller

Today, Minuteman Press in Campbelltown is an oasis of marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes and across many industries.  Dave receives people with great enthusiasm that he shares with his one employee, a graphic artist and graduate of Tafe College.  He says, “Ross Ferrara joined my team straight out of college so he can grow with Minuteman Press.  He has been with us for just over 12 months and has produced some great work and designs.  He is a very reliable performer.  Our approach to customer service is one of “nothing is too much trouble”.  We love working corroboratively with clients to produce great finished products.  I love the fact that we are actually making something and people have something tangible in their hands from us.”

Current Minuteman Press International Area Manager for QLD and NSW, Jeff Lewis, is delighted to offer support to David’s center, acknowledging his undeterred focus and dedication.  He says, “Anyone who has met David immediately feels his enthusiasm and it’s contagious. He always goes the extra mile (or Kilometer here) and it shows with the relationships he has built with his customers. His customers look to him as a resource to help them grow their business because they know he cares.”

His obvious care for the community in which he lives and invests his talent professionally led to a connection with the Campbelltown Performing Arts High School and a creative project that would stimulate the inner design and print artistry in the students that he would mentor throughout a special task.  “Recently, we worked twice with Shirley Woo of Campbelltown Performing Arts High School as she had a project that required all of the English students to contribute content to a student-led printed booklet.”  Dave made certain that the proofs provided were easy to review, providing the student participants with guidelines to help them understand the design layout needs.  “We worked with her and the students firstly, by turning their ideas into printed booklets and then further as we helped educate them into what was required by providing templates and guidelines to get their ideas to sing on the printed pages.”

Dave and his designer, Ross, are ready to help the students understand the process that is involved in bringing a creative concept through the design and print production process, an invitation Shirley Woo, English Teacher and School Magazine Coordinator, intends to accept.  She says, “Although we haven’t had the opportunity to do so yet, David also offered to show our students the print production process once the design layouts are received. This would provide students with a first-hand experience of how the printing process works. Our students definitely learnt more about the design process through Minuteman Press.”

The appeal of print is ageless as the teens, parents and teachers all enjoy putting their vision into the design of the CPAHS Gazette, a magazine that has turned out to be a delight for the school community and the product of a partnership with Minuteman Press.

Shirley is grateful for the expert guidance of Minuteman Press in Campbelltown, as she shares, “The partnership between our school and the Minuteman Press is such that we are extremely happy with the goods and services provided by David and his team. They have been extremely helpful in providing us with a seamless and timely service from preparing page proofs to delivering the finished copies. Up until now, we have had two publications of our school magazine, The CPAHS Gazette, printed by Minuteman Press in Campbelltown. The quality of the publication is exceptional.”

The care that Dave has for the collaborative effort responsible for the production of this high school publication is apparent in his wish to share the passion for print with the teens in every possible way, not just with a finished product.  Shirley appreciates that they are welcomed to learn straight from the printing industry leader, adding, “David and his team specifically provided us with a list of design specification and guidelines to follow after the first edition was published. These guidelines (compiled in pdf) were forwarded to students to help them with the design layouts, which were extremely useful. Parents, students, teachers and the school community have recognized the high standard of the publication.

Going forward, this partnership is growing strong with every new publication. We recognize the contribution that David and his team at Minuteman Press have made towards making our school magazine a high quality publication,” Shirley adds with appreciation for the present and excitement about the future.

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