Santa Monica Brew Works Has Terrific Print on Tap Thanks to Their Local Minuteman Press Printing Franchise in Burbank, California

After a chance meeting at a Dodgers game, George Sagadencky was able to get the attention of a beloved local brewery.

As Santa Monica’s first and only local beer is enjoyed, the brewery’s local Minuteman Press franchise in Burbank, California makes sure they continue to gain popularity.

Minuteman Press in Burbank, CA provides Santa Monica Brew Works with design, marketing, and printing products and services such as custom branded apparel.
Minuteman Press in Burbank, CA provides Santa Monica Brew Works with design, marketing, and printing products and services such as custom branded apparel.

George Sagadencky lets pride pervade the culture of his Minuteman Press franchise and resonate out to the community in Burbank, CA that he serves.  The knowledge that he is more than a just a printer, but a full-service digital print design and marketing expert is an identity that his competitors try (but too often fail) to replicate and those hoping to grow a business or promote a cause take notice.

They may come to him initially for one particular product or service, then find themselves long-term clients because the results are incomparable.  “If someone wishes to print something, no matter what it is, we want to know why and nine out of ten times the reason is to drive sales.  So we ask them what else they are doing to meet that end.  We ask them if what they need is for a trade show and if they have considered branded gifts, for example.  We help them look at options for their sales people such as promotional items, how to make the most of social media marketing and revising the content on their website.  Every single time we encounter someone coming in to print flyers, we help them find other opportunities to grow their business,” says George.

“When someone comes back three or six months later and tells me a success story, whether they lost an account before visiting us and then regained that account with our help or they acquired new business through our partnership, that is the best. It is why we are in business.” – George Sagadencky

George Sagadencky, owner, Minuteman Press printing and promotional products franchise, Burbank, California
George Sagadencky

The staff at Minuteman Press Burbank has been trained to be flexible and handle multiple skill areas so they can have each other’s backs in a pinch. George notes, “I make sure I surround myself with people willing to look outside the box and have the ability to provide customers with ways to approach challenges they may not be able to see for themselves.  My production and art staff are great, partly because it’s as if their skills sets are hybrids of both so they can cover each other as needed.”

The B2B services industry is populated by businesses that are, perhaps, too much “all business” and no heart, if you will.  Making great strides and as a Minuteman Press franchise owner, in part, means being eager to make personalized customer service central and George imparts that spirit to his team.  They all know it’s about relationships first, even in B2B: “I don’t print ‘cheap first.’  People count on me because I am honest about what I can do and these days, there is a lot of poor customer service out there, so we stand out.”

Santa Monica Brew Works has a strong ally in promoting their “beach brewed” favorites and more people celebrate the spirit of the Santa Monica lifestyle with one of their cold beers

Free from the weather extremes both on the cold and humid side, both, those living in Santa Monica need never tire of idyllic weather with breezes carrying ocean mists under a crystal blue sky that also offers the most breathtaking sunsets in the country.  People living here are not on their couches. They are out there, in the markets and shops on the trails and ultimately, enjoying fellowship at happy hour as part of the natural course of active and enviable life in the area.

Speaking of happy hour, Minuteman Press in Burbank has a long-term partnership with the producers of Santa Monica’s “First and Only” local beer. 

The Santa Monica Brew company describes their venture as one that consists of “a group of guys who share a mad love for great beer and the city of Santa Monica”.  They just needed the right people to know about it.  That is where George Sagadencky comes in as a marketing services provider: “I was at a Los Angeles Dodgers game with the owner of a bar for whom I print branded shirts and as we were leaving, a Santa Monica Brewery vendor recognized the shirt he was wearing and we struck up a conversation.  When I asked him who takes care of his marketing, branded shirts in this case, he told me he had someone, but I asked him to let me come up with a few designs for him to review.  I let him know, worst case scenario, he’d get some designs for free.  Back at our center, we produced three designs for him and he liked one of them and was pleased with the price we quoted.  That’s how we got their attention.”

From a chance meeting at a Dodgers game, George was able to get the attention of a beloved local brewery. Now, it is his job to help Santa Monica Brewery get the attention of thirsty beer lovers. “After we branded their first round of shirts, promotional items requests took off and we now print banners, stickers, labels, keg collars, flyers and t-shirts designed for special events.  When they roll out a new type of beer or when they have a special celebration such as St. Patrick’s Day, for instance, we take care of their print.  We are now their go-to company for anything they need to promote their business,” says George.

Tending to the printed presence of a growing company is a large responsibility.  It needs to be the provision of expert designers and production teams and as Minuteman Press is the modern printing industry, Santa Monica Brewery is covered from the moment they have an event that sparks an idea, through the consultation and production of everything needed to pull the event together.  “They just opened up a new tasting room, so they called me in to come up with new ideas to promote it,” according to George.  So he and his staff got to work printing eye-catching flyers and dropped them off at local bars and they printed special labels for the beer bottles and boxes as well as special flagpole banners bearing the Santa Monica Brewery logo.

He continues, “One of the challenges we face is connected to the regulations within the alcohol industry.  There are limits to the amount of items you can give away at certain events, in certain places and some of the restrictions are monetary, restricting the dollar value of the items.  For instance, they can’t just give away 500 t-shirts, so we came up with things that remind people about their products that accommodate the regulations such as posters, napkins, stickers and glow-in-the-dark sticks.”

With the help of their marketing services experts at Minuteman Press in Burbank, CA, Santa Monica Brew Works is expanding their footprint, to the delight of beer connoisseurs both resident and tourist. 

Their selections are a welcome part of the experience of those visiting Dodger’s Stadium as well as the Forum, and t-shirts customized for specific events at each venue are the products of designers and print professionals at George’s center.  “For many of these jobs we produce, we only have, perhaps, a forty-eight hour lead time. This is common and this is what we do.  We make sure they get what is needed specific to the event and that it is both cost-effective and high quality so they can get their message out there.”

Scott Francis, Santa Monica Brew Works, President and CEO is grateful for his partnership with Minuteman Press and appreciates the stress-relieving presence of an expert ally for all of his marketing needs.  He shares, “George and his team at Minuteman Press have helped us from concept to design to completion on all sorts of items including t-shirts, marketing and POS materials, business cards, sales one-sheets, indoor and outdoor banners, and production materials.  They do quality work at a very fair price and they do it quickly when a deadline has to be met.”

Scott adds, “It has been great to work with George on many of our printing needs.  He understands exactly what we want and gets it done with a great attitude.  He is really a good guy who takes the stress out of placing orders and meeting our needs.”

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