Minuteman Press Franchise in Clovis, CA Designs and Prints Educational Tools for Fresno Migrant and Seasonal Head Start Program Benefiting Low Income Children

"I highly value the partnership established with Minuteman Press. Jenny and Marty have made it their mission to support local businesses and community members. We have become highly recognized for our items distributed that emit excellence."

For children from families in which more than half their income comes from agricultural work, health and educational concerns are relieved and Minuteman Press of Clovis, CA makes certain of that through design and printing.

Minuteman Press printing franchise in Clovis California - Jenny Pearson, Marty Fanucchi and staff. http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com
Minuteman Press printing franchise in Clovis California - Jenny Pearson, Marty Fanucchi and staff.

Jenny Pearson and Marty Fanucchi didn’t just buy any printing business back in 1998. They bought one of the earliest Minuteman Press franchise centers, in Clovis, CA, opened in 1978.  Straight from the franchisor’s award-winning training program, they brought the latest from the proven system of operations and infused the business with their unique father/daughter dynamic, giving it renewed vigor.  “We really do care for each customer as if they are our biggest.  Whether they represent $100,000 or $50 per year, they are all of highest importance and we will jump through hoops for all of them.”

Marty and Jenny enjoy having a staff that consists mostly of people working for them for over ten years and both their press and graphic design experts have over thirty years in the industry.  “We keep our team updated with different classes relevant to our industry.  Our people do not need a lot of direction because they know to do whatever it takes to get the job done to high quality standards and make our customers happy,” Marty adds.  It is exactly that intention to serve with excellence and contribute to the greater good in their community that makes them a prime example of the modern version of the printing industry that is Minuteman Press International.

Fresno Migrant and Seasonal Head Start did not know who to ask when they needed customized printing, until Jenny Pearson paid them a visit…

Young children from migrant families who travel in search of agricultural work and are living in poverty needed a hero.  The Seasonal Head Start program helps nourish the physical, social and cognitive needs of these children by providing health, education, nutrition, transportation and other family services.  As these families benefit through the many enrichment activities offered, they come to know greater independence and self-sufficiency and Minuteman Press makes certain all of their schools have the customized printed tools they need to take care of them all.

Jenny made her introduction to the Community Action Partnership of Madera County (a sub-group of FMSHS) as a natural outgrowth of old-school marketing.  She explains, “I went out marketing one day and it just so happened that I walked into the administrative office that handles all the ordering for the many schools doing the good work of FMHS.  I didn’t even know what they did because it was a cold call.  It turns out, they needed customized receipt books and didn’t know where to go or who to ask.”  Once that job was completed and delivered, Jenny told the decision-makers that Minuteman Press could take care of everything, designed or printed that they might need in order to promote their cause.  With that statement and the ability to back it up with results, Jenny did a tremendous favor to a charitable organization so vital to California.  “Agriculture is so important to the Valley and to California in general, so making sure every child has a head start in health and education is something we are proud to help facilitate as a marketing services provider for FMHS,” adds Marty.

  • Head Start Fact: Recruitment of children with disabilities is one of FMSHS’s main priorities.

In the beginning of their working relationship, the folks at Head Start would call Jenny or Marty and they would produce standard, but essential printing needs that every business must have, from letterhead to NCR forms to business cards and lanyards for the teachers.  Yet, Head Start’s mission was to service the educational needs of migrant children and help their parents support their development at home so particular teaching tools needed to be designed and printed to meet that critical end.  “Each year, we picked up more and more projects to complete for the organization.  Typically, they would have a general idea and ask us to make that idea come to life,” explains Jenny.

Any good team comes up with a mascot that the community can rally behind.  For Head Start, that mascot is “Stoppy,” a safety cone whose mission is to protect young children from hazards (whether it be poisonous plants or light sockets) around the school grounds and at home.  Jenny tells us how Minuteman Press helped to give Stoppy a personality, “The program director designed a character named Stoppy.  He has his own book and a song, too.  Whenever the kids see him posted on or above an object or an area, they know to stop and look for danger.  We printed these little signs that look like hands with Stoppy imprinted on them.  Accompanying the Stoppy signs are clear plastic bags that contain booklets about plant safety, light plug covers and more safety brochures.  We also printed special stickers for the parents to stick on things that may be hazardous around the house.”

Minuteman Press products for Fresno Migrant and-Seasonal Head Start Program. https://www.shop.minutemanpress.com/franchise/about-minuteman-press/our-business/products-services
Minuteman Press products for Fresno Migrant and-Seasonal Head Start Program.

Here are two ways Minuteman Press helps Head Start enrich the lives of vulnerable children within their community using expert design, print and heart:

1. Branded Gifts to Encourage Volunteers: A huge part of their funding is generated from parents volunteer because the state matches them dollars for hours, so they hand out rewards for volunteering. We printed very nice handkerchiefs with the program’s logo, to start,” explains Jenny.  From branded water bottles, first aid backpacks, special kid-sized water bottles for kindergarteners, plus branded backpacks, Jenny and Marty’s ability to customize promotional products allows for just the right incentive to keep people volunteering to allow funds to keep rolling in.

  • Head Start Fact Straight from their website: “FMSHS has great parent participation. Parents have always been committed and supportive to ensure the Program meets the requirements of the Head Start Performance Standards. Parents volunteer many hours to ensure the in-kind non-federal match is met or exceeded every year. Examples of volunteer services provided by parents are time spent in the classroom assisting teaching, kitchen, and janitorial staff, as well as helping with clerical duties.”

“Some jobs we do for FMSHS require a lot of planning and careful thought to design, but we always figure out a way to make their needs happen for them in ways that are functional and even fun.” – Jenny Pearson, Minuteman Press franchisee, Clovis, CA

2. Project Boards: Teachers have enough to occupy their time without having to fret over organizational tools. So, for each room Minuteman Press created project boards on which the teachers and staff are able to see what needs to be done each day. They are easy to read and easy to update, so as the curriculum changes, it keeps everyone on task.

Jenny and Marty appreciate the work that Head Start does for those in need and he and his team enjoy the challenge of meeting their design and print demands, which can be off the proverbial beaten path, but nothing they cannot handle.  Also, they are sensitive and proactive when it comes to the little things that make all the difference when a good cause needs to maintain funding.  “We donated water bottles to help with the volunteers and donated some other services because when vendors donate products and services, the state matches it to help fund the organization.  We, at Minuteman Press, are happy to help make sure that the work Head Start does carries on,” Jenny adds with certainty.

Andrea Guerrero, Executive Administrative Aide for Fresno Migrant and Head Start Program appreciates the work of their marketing services provider, saying, “Minuteman Press provides utmost quality in the array of products offered. They ensure their clients’ needs are met by presenting various options as well as the most cost effective. They guide you through the whole process, from initial meetings to discuss your project vision to the in-person delivery along with Marty’s smile! Jenny definitely picks up on every detail given and always exceeds the unimaginable in creativity. Minuteman Press visibly demonstrates premiere customer service. Their team consists of highly qualified professionals that go the extra mile when working on each project.”

And as is the case for thousands of clients of Minuteman Press franchise owners worldwide, Andrea acknowledges the growth that they have enjoyed since the partnership ensued, adding, “I highly value the partnership established with Minuteman Press. Jenny and Marty have made it their mission to support local businesses and community members. We have become highly recognized for our items distributed that emit excellence. While it may have initially commenced as a local audience, it has now undoubtedly transformed into a national level of awareness. We proudly thank Jenny and Marty for their contributions in making this a reality. We are fortunate to have them part of our family!”

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