Fall Print Marketing Tips: How to Use Direct Mail to Promote Your Business

Fall is here! Is your business ready to capitalize? 

Learn why and how to use direct marketing to boost your business this fall…

Fall Print Marketing Tips: How to Use Direct Mail to Promote Your Business - find your local Minuteman Press design, marketing, and printing franchise at http://www.minutemanpress.com

During the fall season, there are ample marketing opportunities for savvy business owners that are looking to grow. Whether you want to capitalize on back to school spending habits of consumers, boost your brand awareness heading into the holidays, or leverage the popularity of football season in your community (including high school, NCAA, and NFL), now is the perfect time to ramp up your marketing efforts.

Why Use Direct Mail Print Marketing to Promote Your Business?

Using direct mail helps your business cut through the clutter and actually reach your target audience. According to the Direct Marketing Association, the household response rate for direct mail is 5.1 percent in 2017. This is the highest response rate ever reported by the DMA, which has been reporting response rates since 2003.

By comparison, email marketing has a response rate of only 0.6%. Paid search is also 0.6%, social media 0.4%, and online display ads 0.2%. These stats indicate that direct mail is simply more effective in grabbing the attention of consumers in a way that makes them respond and take action.

DID YOU KNOW? The USPS now has an opt-in program called Informed Delivery Digest that allows recipients to interact with their physical mail digitally. According to printing blog What They Think, 88% of Millennials have indicated they are interested in using Informed Delivery Digest, which adds an element of cross media marketing to your direct mail campaigns.

How to Use Direct Mail Marketing to Promote Your Business

Here are three tips for using direct mail to make the most of your print and cross media marketing campaigns:

1. Start with stellar, professional creative design. All great print marketing starts with strong graphic design.A custom design that adheres to your branding and relates your brand’s message to your target audience is crucial to generating the response rate you are hoping to achieve. Partnering with your local Minuteman Press design, marketing and printing franchise is the perfect way to make sure your direct mail campaign is properly handled from design and printing through to final production and delivery.

2. Personalize your direct mail campaigns. Personalized direct mail marketing helps your message resonate more deeply with the recipient. Think about it this way: Would you be more likely to respond to something impersonal that says “Dear Resident” or a more personalized piece that mentions you by name. The good news for business owners is that digital printing technology known as variable data printing makes full-color, personalized direct mail marketing faster and easier to produce while also being more cost-effective than ever before.

3. Put the customer’s needs first and simply show how your business can help. If you follow the first two tips, your direct mail marketing piece will have a strong design with a personal touch. As important as those elements are, equally as vital is giving the customer a reason to not just read but respond to what you sent to them. When crafting your direct mail marketing message, put yourself in your customer’s shoes and assess their needs (or their wants, depending on your industry), then think about how your business can help them. Your final direct mail messaging should be highly informative yet concise and  supremely relevant to the consumer, and it should close with a strong call to action that motivates the recipient to act.

To Recap: Direct Mail Works! And Minuteman Press Can Help…

Today, direct mail remains a versatile, reliable tool in your marketing toolbox. Your local Minuteman Press franchise will work with you to develop an effective direct mail campaign that has professional creative design, a personalized marketing approach, and messaging that is relevant to your customers and consistent with your brand identity.

For more information or to get started with a free consultation on our direct mail marketing products and services, find your local Minuteman Press franchise at www.minutemanpress.com

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