Minuteman Press Franchise in Nashville, Tennessee Brings Famous Brands to Life on Site for Sitel

From on-site branding projects that need custom designs to creating brand identity guidelines, Minuteman Press in Nashville does it all for Sitel.

Dozens of the world’s most famous companies are the clients of Sitel, where customer experience is everything…and Minuteman Press customizes and sets the mood for all of them with vivid, customized branding.

Vinyl Wall Wrap for Sitel by Minuteman Press in Nashville, Tennessee http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com
Vinyl Wall Wrap for Sitel by Minuteman Press in Nashville, Tennessee

Four years ago, John Taylor purchased a Minuteman Press franchise that he managed for 12 of its 22 years of serving the business to business services community in Nashville, TN.  As a business owner, his natural ambition took flight and he deepened his customer service philosophy to the point that it works as if the relationships he is building are friendships with business perks, at least that is how it feels to his many clients.  “Being a businessman, I understand profit.  I also know that if we operate as if customer service is more important than dollars and cents, everyone wins. My clients have a direct line to staff within the shop who can check-in personally with their jobs.  Our company is built on such care, especially as we grow,” says John.

John has experience running other printing businesses before he joined the industry-leading digital print, design and marketing franchise in the world. “I worked with Carta Mundi (Cards of the World), a Belgian-owned company with plants also in Germany and the United States.  Working with that company gave me a lot of production, sales and customer service philosophies to consider.  The system designed by Minuteman Press International is outstanding and integral to our success.  It makes us very nimble between all of the services we have brought in-house and exceptional access to vendors for our promotional items,” he adds.

John Taylor, Minuteman Press franchise owner, Nashville, Tennessee http://www.minutemanfranchise.com
John Taylor, Minuteman Press franchise owner, Nashville, Tennessee

His own business intelligence, merged with the finest system of operations from his franchisor and his well-trained staff of professionals, has been harnessed well by his innate drive to grow and the ultimate objective of all Minuteman Press franchise owners, to help their clients grow.  As a result, he is able to boast a gig and a half of photos that show their most impressive completed projects.  “We have thousands of unique photos that I keep on a thumb drive and share with people so they can see the different kinds of work we can do.  They may not imagine that we do vehicle wrapping, exterior signage, marketing consulting, web design or even work for museum exhibits.   The first thing potential clients learn is that we are a company with a deep skill set and do more than expected,” John is pleased to say.

The world’s leading outsourcing providers of customer experience management needed help designing, printing and promoting very precise environments for dozens of famous brands

Sitel is a large, international company that helps brands create customer management strategies and takes responsibility for the customer experience of many well-known brands.  In order to do this effectively, they not only have to train phone operators in the manner that is unique to the culture of each brand they serve, they need to design a layout for each of their many facilities that is customized to represent each individual brand, ceiling to floor.  So when one of John’s loyal clients referred Sitel to his Minuteman Press center for what was to be a small print job, they had the good fortune of meeting the man who would first help transform their own headquarters with a visual upgrade so impressive, it led to greater things for everyone.

John says, “While I was discussing the initial print jobs at Sitel, I got word that they needed to brand their entire corporate headquarters and they had no idea where to start.  I stepped up and asked them if I could propose an option and after they jumped on it and we completed it, they were very pleased.  From there, our partnership developed very quickly and they started asking me for advice about individual projects at sites around the country.”

After Sitel was impressed with how John and his team handled the branding of the venue at which they hosted all of their executives for an annual leadership convention, they knew they had found the design and print expert.

Minuteman Press was ready for the first of twenty-five corporate branding jobs at various sites around the country and internationally.  

Catering to the customer service needs of clients such as USAA Insurance, Equifax, Toys“R”Us, Philips Norelco, General Motors and many more huge names, part of what Sitel does is manage the various call centers and properly handle concerns of all kinds for thousands of customers.  “Sitel employees are trained to cater to the needs of these large companies and they, themselves are a billion-dollar company with over 60,000 employees and 50 call centers around the world, so they need each of those centers to match the look and feel and culture of the particular brand.  The first client they invited me to handle was Capital One.  If there was anything imposing about it, it may have been the 85,000 square feet of space that needed top of the line printed brand representation.

John explains:

  • “We needed to use a mixture of brand consistent paint and motivational messaging on the production floor and the walls of the common areas, such as the lobby, break areas, conference rooms and huddle rooms.
  • We printed hundreds of feet of custom cut vinyl graphics and full wall wraps.
  • We frosted the windows, put custom, dimensional signage in the lobby and conference rooms.
  • Then, we produced moulded, plastic building signs, all to strict standards.
  • We successfully branded the 85,000 square feet within four days and beat the deadline.”

John adds, “We have done 20 or 30 projects like that since.  In addition, we do HR mailings for Sitel and we run an online portal where all of their employees at the various sites around the world order their promotional materials.”

Sitel’s corporate clients invest millions of dollars into their own core values and brand standards.  All of that messaging, the essence of their various mottos and the unadulterated representation of their brands need to adorn the floor and the walls where the phones are being handled. John explains why bringing a brand to life through print is an absolute must: “This motivates the employees and reminds them of appropriate standards they must maintain.  It really hammers home the core values of the client to be immersed in a work environment that honors the brand visually.  My team and I at Minuteman Press would go out and survey the sites and work with Sitel staff to produce a stellar presentation of each brand in its own way.”

“We get a brand, let’s say Coke (because everyone agrees they have a well-defined way to represent themselves).  Sitel comes to us with their brand guide and we learn their core values and put it into an effective, visually appealing message for the employees, perfectly consistent with the brand.  We take their core values and standards and brand the space from top to bottom.  We have done it for corporate clients in the United States and South America.” – John Taylor, Owner, Minuteman Press in Nashville, TN

Bryna Bloch worked as a Marketing Specialist for Sitel and has absolute high praise for Minuteman Press of Nashville, TN, “Minuteman Press is a long-time partner of Sitel. John Taylor is the President and owner of the company and he and his team have been making us look good for a long time! They have handled our Sitel Promo Store, all of our site branding projects, creating our Visual Identity Guidelines, managing our brand when custom design orders are placed, etc. They have totally pulled off miracles for us!”

Bryna is genuine in her appreciation, adding, “The most favorite part my job while at Sitel has been working with John and his team. His support is amazing, his professionalism, outstanding. There just aren’t words to express how grateful I am for everything they have done for Sitel and for me.”

Bryna elaborates, “I work with them exclusively for all items needed for our events:

  • Awards
  • Signage – Foam core signs, floor talkers, pull up banners and tripod signage
  • Printing – Name badges, table tent cards, thank you cards, note pads, lanyards, and agendas
  • Gifts – Anything we brand… gift bags, pens, the red jackets, Bluetooth trackers
  • Design – Name badges, signage, the large 8 x 10 sign over the elevators, etc.
  • At the Client Summit last year they worked for two days straight (literally not sleeping) to brand our event at the hotel and the yacht on which we took the clients.”

Sitel continues to honor its motto, “Experience is Everything.” By counting on Minuteman Press to combine the modern printing industry’s most relevant capabilities with personalized attention, the grand task of taking the core values of big name brands out from their guidebooks and into real life with printed perfection is realized.  Bryna acknowledges with excitement, concluding, “Minuteman Press even has capabilities that we have not yet tapped into.”

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