Minuteman Press Franchise in Laurel, Maryland Provides the Largest Not-for-Profit Healthcare Services Provider in its Community with Quality Care in Marketing Services

From direct mail and educational booklets to custom promotional products, Minuteman Press can do it all for Dimensions Healthcare System.

Dimensions Healthcare System serves residents of Prince George’s County, Maryland and surrounding communities. They do it with the design, print and marketing support of their local Minuteman Press franchise.

Meet the team of Minuteman Press in Laurel, MD - from left to right: Mike Mydlowski, Operations Manager; Lindsay McIntyer, Customer Service/Graphics; Darrell Evans, Press/Production; Bob Mignon, Owner; Morgyn Vernon, Customer Service; and Stephanie Gray, Customer Service/Graphics. http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com
Minuteman Press in Laurel, MD - L-R: Mike Mydlowski, Operations Manager; Lindsay McIntyer, Customer Service/Graphics; Darrell Evans, Press/Production; Bob Mignon, Owner; Morgyn Vernon, Customer Service; and Stephanie Gray, Customer Service/Graphics.

Within 8 years of the grand opening of his first Minuteman Press franchise, owner Bob Mignon added his own formidable professional energy and intelligence to the most revered franchise system in the printing industry and his client base swelled to the point that he gladly bought a second center in Laurel, MD. “Buying that second franchise was a godsend because we had a lot of duplication of services between the two centers, so if we had equipment issues at one, we could always service our customers without delay.”

That is how Bob conditions his team to operate, with the greatest care to each client so there is no delay to the objectives each needs to meet for their own success.  As their impressive response time and service became known, his reputation permeated the community as the B2B services industry problem solver, Bob made the decision to consolidate the Beltsville and Laurel locations into one digital print, design and marketing epicenter that services his entire marketplace.

Since it is nestled within the community that Minuteman Press franchise owners do their best work, Bob wasted no time joining the Laurel Lions Club and the Laurel Board of Trade.  He says, “I was a charter member of the Greater Beltsville Business Association and became involved with Business Networking International as well as the Baltimore Washington Corridor Chamber.” It may be thought of as a cliché, but as he reminds us the reason some phases become cliché is because they are entirely true, adding, “People like to buy from those they know, like and trust, so get your name out there and get to know your neighbors and your peers in business. We are helping people market their businesses, so as they grow, we grow.  Our staff gets to know all of our customers so well and this allows us to anticipate needs and direct them towards specific solutions.”

When you buy a printing business that does so well that you are compelled to buy another, it is no accident, according to Bob, “One of the basic truths about our success is that we provide a service essential to people and do it so well that they come back over and over again.  It’s like an annuity.  Once you have a customer who genuinely likes you, they are going to bring you their own business and give you referrals.  That’s the cornerstone of our marketing philosophy, to be accessible and more than that, to develop relationships.”

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Dimensions Healthcare System was formed in 1982 and is the largest provider of health care services in Prince George’s County, Maryland, caring for about 180,000 patients every year and they have one source for printing and marketing.

Providing comprehensive, quality healthcare for expectant mothers, those in need of behavioral healthcare, rehabilitative services as well as maintaining rank as “the largest provider of emergency and trauma services in the area” is enough of a task and responsibility. Therefore, Dimensions Healthcare System was wise to partner with Minuteman Press to keep its many facilities running with essential printed needs for their patients and employees as well as all marketing services.

“We have been proud to be the printer for the entire Dimensions Healthcare System and have been fulfilling that role for 23 years.  During that time, their needs and our capabilities have grown and we have a working relationship that relieves their marketing department with solutions to any challenge they might face”, notes Bob.   Countless projects have been completed on behalf of their many facilities and it all started with a marketing call by Bob’s wife, Jeanne, who accepted jobs on behalf of the Bowie Health Center.  Those jobs were completed so well that the contact person who ordered them remembered Minuteman Press as she was promoted to Dimensions Headquarters.  “She appreciated our work so from there, we became their provider for all printing and marketing needs across the entire system.  They always need last minute things and we are always ready.   We take care of all of their invitations, badges and large-format, decorative, framed printed pieces for facilities such as Bowie, Prince George’s Hospital and Laurel Regional Hospital”, explains Bob.   Over the years, in the proud tradition of Minuteman Press, if they call in the morning needing something by the afternoon, Bob and his team make sure they have it, whatever “it” might be.

With standout full-color flyers in a large direct mail campaign, a thoughtfully designed and printed booklet for patients in recovery, and fun promotional products for golf tournaments, here are a few ways in which Minuteman Press assists a healthcare industry leader:

Direct Mail:  One of the largest jobs Bob and his staff handled for Dimensions was to design, print and promote a large health fair.  They did so using EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail), printing a whopping 36,000 fine-quality, 12x 18 flyers with a gloss cover.  “We printed it, took care of the paperwork for the post office and got it delivered ten days before the big health fair so the entire community had plenty of notice”, according to Bob. He adds, “Direct Mail is something I believe many customers should continue to use in order to stand out.  Done well, you will get more value for your marketing dollar and more attention where and when it counts.”

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Educational booklets for patients:  It can be intimidating to leave the hospital after a traumatic event.  To help victims of stroke make the transition from the hospital to home, Minuteman Press printed full-color, bound, beautiful books so hospital staff had something informative to provide as they leave the facility.  “It is a nice piece that we produced for them for patients in need as they are discharged and they have become very helpful”, notes Bob.

Promotional Products:  When Dimensions Healthcare hosts golf tournaments, they go to Minuteman Press before they pick up their clubs. That is because they need invitations to be mailed to potential sponsors, signs, flyers and even posters to be printed and displayed in all of their facilities in order to promote the tournament.  Once on the green, Bob shares, “We provide them with branded gifts including golf balls, personalized towels, water bottles and more items to help make the event a good time for everyone.”

As every Minuteman Press franchise owner is fully invested in their clients’ continued success, Bob embraces the role he has played as a marketing solutions provider for Dimensions Healthcare. “They use us as a resource for solving problems.  Just Friday, they called and asked me if I could get an acrylic wall frame with a certain image for Monday.  I investigated the possibilities and took care if it for them so they received it by Monday morning.  They use us as their go-to problem-solver for all of their marketing needs.”

Delores Butler is Bob’s contact at Dimensions Healthcare System and she is happy to share her impression of their working relationship, “I value the partnership the organization has had with Minuteman press over the years and I anticipate that our partnership will continue.  The quality of work received from Minuteman Press is always great. No matter how last minute the job, Minuteman Press always comes through for us with a great finished product and they deliver.”

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