A Merry Maids Franchise Owner Leans on Minuteman Press to Keep a Clean, Charitable Reputation

“There is a true sense of accomplishment in helping my customers successfully market and promote their businesses and the fact that I worry about all the same things that they do as a business owner means I understand them."

Thanks to the printing industry’s ability to adapt and advance, a Minuteman Press franchisee in Long Island is able to provide exactly what a Merry Maids franchisee needs, on demand.

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LEVITTOWN, N.Y.–Michael Levy is in the business of helping his clients grow their own businesses, and is available to them, as he says, “anytime with anything” they might need in that endeavor.  It is a fitting philosophy that aligns perfectly with that of his franchisor, Minuteman Press International.  So, three and a half years ago, when he bought a Minuteman Press franchise that had been serving the community of Levittown, NY for the previous 35 years, the fresh enthusiasm and determination he brought as its owner infused his business and the clients he serves with means to reach new heights.

Michael says, “The one word I do not like to use is NO. The truth is that any time I get an opportunity to do a job it is ok if I do not make too much money, initially.  For me it is about gaining trust and building a relationship with my client.” He adds, “I am confident that while I may not always be the cheapest guy on the block, once the high-quality of the work we do serves the customer well, they will come back for re-orders and future projects.”

Minuteman Press in Levittown continues to grow in measurable ways and its owner uses the determination to “get it all done” as a motivator for his own goals and also as a way to relate to and serve better all of his clients who have the same exact goals for their own business ventures.  “There is a true sense of accomplishment in helping my customers successfully market and promote their businesses and the fact that I worry about all the same things that they do as a business owner means I understand them”, Michael adds.  He not only understands, as a digital print, design and marketing services provider, he uses his position to solve their challenges and enable them to reach their short and long term goals.

Michael Levy, Minuteman Press franchise owner, Levittown, NY - learn more about Long Island franchise opportunities at http://bit.ly/long-island-franchise
Michael Levy, Minuteman Press franchise owner, Levittown, NY

Merry Maids is the largest residential cleaning service in the world and one of their more successful franchise owners turns to their local Minuteman Press to make sure everyone knows it 

Michael Levy didn’t have to walk far to make his first greeting with Merry Maids of Levittown as only four doors separate the two businesses.  He was able to introduce himself as well as his marketing capabilities to owner, Josephine Horvath, and the two developed a rapport even further through their involvement in the Levittown Chamber of Commerce of which Michael is the Vice President. Of his rapport with Josephine, as with all of his clients, Michael is grateful.  He says, “I have been able to help her build her business and as we continue to see each other at meetings, we continue to build our respective businesses through networking.”

Josephine Horvath is the owner of Merry Maids of Levittown and prior to her ownership, she gained experience working with the corporation itself.  She pays careful attention to detail and continues to serve a loyal client base on Long Island, thankful for her partnership with her local Minuteman Press.  She says, “I have been with Merry Maids of Levittown for over 20 years in different roles from Sales Consultant, Office Manager, Branch Manager and most recently, I became the franchise owner. Our franchise covers territory from western Suffolk to eastern Nassau County.  Servicing a vast area of over 300 clients, our printing needs are many. I have been using Minuteman Press for all my printing needs.”

Here is a short list of printed business essentials that Minuteman Press makes sure is handled well for Merry Maids of Levittown:

  • NCR forms
  • Employee manuals
  • Xpress ads*
  • Stamps
  • Business cards
  • Lawn signs
  • Postcards and any needed direct mail campaigns
  • Gift certificates

*Xpress Ads is a service Minuteman Press provides through the USPS Every Door Direct Mail option for businesses hoping to reach their target audience while saving money due to the cooperative nature of the program.

In Print We Trust - Minuteman Press Franchise Review

Additionally, as Minuteman Press is the modern printing industry, new capabilities are continually folded into the marketing arsenal including sublimation which allows clients to take advantage of “short-runs” on promotional products.  “Since I have the capability of doing sublimation in my center, I am able to help a company such as Merry Maids when they need specific numbers of items printed.  They can choose to print 250, 50 or 10, as needed.  We produced a small batch of mugs, cell phone covers and key chains, when called upon”, Michael explains.  “In fact, I went to visit Josephine recently and she showed me that she used the mugs I imprinted with her brand to help put special touches into gift baskets she was donating to local charities.  I was pleased to be able to accommodate just the right amount she needed and save her some money.”

Josephine relies upon her local Minuteman Press to help make sure her Merry Maids franchise continues to reach new customers and to develop a charitable reputation within the community, “We will call upon Minuteman Press for our advertising, flyers, marketing materials, various forms, specialty items and much more. Several times throughout the year Merry Maids donates gift baskets to various charities & organizations. Michael was a big help in creating a few specialty items with our company logo and contact information to include them in our gift basket donations.”

As Merry Maids of Levittown continues to attract more attention, gaining new customers and keeping current ones connected and motivated to return, Josephine is gratified for her partnership with Minuteman Press.  As she says, “We have been working together with Michael Levy and Minuteman Press for several years now and I do not go elsewhere. Michael and his team are always willing to work with us. They are our “go to” people for our all our marketing and stationary needs.  I see it as a long lasting relationship and would definitely refer Michael and his team to everyone!”

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