It is NUTS to Go into Business Alone! A Strong Franchisor Gives You Support Where it Counts

The right franchise will let you be the boss, but will also give you proper guidance and support.

Do not step into the arena of business ownership as an independent owner thinking your “freedom” is an advantage. Support that comes with a franchise opportunity can help you avoid financial injury and help you score a winning business.

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By Mary Friese, Minuteman Press International

Did you know they make athletic supporters (or jocks) for women? Yep.  The NWHL, or first professional women’s league is underway alongside the NHL and while they were girls, some of those female players believed they had a flexibility advantage being “jock free” on the ice.  They may have felt faster, with more freedom, and the idea of wearing anything like that felt constricting and unnecessary.

Some chose to face the competition with what felt like an uninhibited advantage, free from the restraint of straps and plastic.  They wanted nothing to inhibit their natural agility, especially since they were convinced they didn’t need THAT kind of support (or any support really).  They just wanted to play their own game.  Then, one by one, each with unique twists to their particular stories, whether it was an unexpected wrist shot to the groin or a well-placed stick below the belt, they felt the pain of turning away from intelligent advice that, in this case, says everyone playing a contact sport needs proper equipment and that includes jocks for girls.

Although these early pioneers of women’s hockey were given advice on proper equipment and strategy, many were too stubborn and proud to take it.  Some of them will tell you they went forward making rules of their own…only to fall backwards with unnecessary injury.  Playing the game they love, they learned that unexpected shots can cause collapse in avoidable and ego-shredding pain.  Then, in the midst of the pain from being ill-equipped for the game, wisdom comes for some in the form of thought bubbles, (most not fit for print).

One of them reads, ‘When people who have greater experience and knowledge than you do give advice, it is always wise to listen.’  When doing something worthwhile, whether for fun (playing a mean game of hockey) or for professional gain (closing the door of your corporate office permanently to become a business owner) you are absolutely nuts (*pun intended) to turn down game-changing support and go into business alone.  It’s “nuts.”  Don’t do it.

Protect yourself and reduce your risk of professional injury with the kind of support only a franchise owner gets to “wear”

Making sure you have the right business model in place before you enter the entrepreneurial arena means being able to take a few hard shots without falling down completely.  If your business model isn’t in place, if it is weak and it fails, so will your attempt to follow an intelligent instinct to become your own boss.  When you face-off against the competition as a franchise owner, you do so supported by an already successful business model that has, over many years, taken the hard shots in all the soft spots and figured out how to reduce the overall risk and increase the odds of forward progress and victory.

The moment you sign with the best of the best among franchisors, you are armed with forms of protection against common pitfalls that plague independent business owners.  You can get to the important work of growing your business with less worry of being cut down by your own assumptions or inexperience.  A proven model provides you with a game plan and the right franchisor will back that up further with training so you can have the skills needed to run your business in the most effective and prudent way possible, without the trials of untested approaches and the disastrous kinds of financial and morale injuries that come along with them.

Matt Peretz, is the Regional Vice President in St Louis for Minuteman Press International, a world-renowned franchise tradition and leader of the modern printing industry, providing unmatched support able to help entrepreneurs protect themselves from rookie franchisee foibles.  He shares a point about pricing, and one of the ways Minuteman Franchise complaints are few and far between thanks to the right kind of support in areas of business vulnerability.

Matt says, “One important way that we help our stores is with equipment purchasing.  When you are an independent printer, you often work in a bubble.  You aren’t familiar with the deals that other printers are getting and what kinds of negotiations can be possible with vendors.  We work with almost a thousand locations and we are very familiar with the best possible prices for each piece of equipment which we might need.  That means, as a Minuteman Press franchisee, you can expect the best pricing in the industry without having to negotiate over and over each time.”

Matt could offer a comprehensive dissertation on the topic of how thousands of wise entrepreneurs knew what an independent business operation in the printing industry would end up costing them.  Often, they are little more than a Minuteman Press franchise ripoff. In other words, they saved themselves time and pain by going straight to the top and to buy a printing business for sale under the well-established and respected number-one rated digital print, design and marketing franchise.

Matt adds, “Another way that our owners benefit is with their marketing.  When you’re on your own, you have to test out each marketing program to see what is going to work.  We have tried and proven marketing programs that will work.  It’s as simple as painting by number.  Follow the program and you will be successful.”

Two more reasons you can be sure it’s “nuts” to go into business alone when you can open a franchise

1. Seasoned, expert guidance: You are probably a pretty tough individual or you would stay tucked behind that desk in your white-collar job under the false assumption that you have job security. So you have leadership abilities and great ideas, but be honest – you don’t really know exactly how to run a business and bring it to full success, yet.  Setting yourself up with a franchisor able to act as a silent partner and expert advisor in all areas of your industry is far superior to tripping over your own inexperience.

It is not necessary to take painful shots in the form of aggressively marketing competitors who are not intimidated by a newbie like you.  When you sign a franchise agreement, you are able to go on the offensive by marketing your products and services with a brand that has proven to be strong in the arena of securing new clients and keeping them happy. So, most marketing shots taken at your target audience by lesser-known competitors are more likely to be deflected and eclipsed by the power the brand recognition with which your business is now outfitted.  Franchisees do not have to face problems alone.

2. Less $$ out testing unproven model: The weight and drain put upon small business owners when it comes to testing and spending money on new advertising strategies is something you can bypass thanks to the bumps and bruises taken in areas such as brand development which have been healed and properly fortified with protection and proven to be strong by franchisees with admirable legacies.

No one doubts that you are creative, but throwing a new business idea into the market, hiring and training staff and spending cash on starting a business in general, leaves little time and energy left towards constructing and implementing a strong marketing plan.  Never forget that a franchisor is dedicated to your success because your success as a franchisee is critical to the growth of the brand, so funds for a killer marketing campaign are already factored into your royalty fees.  There are other pricy headaches that your franchisor takes care of for you such as equipment options, comprehensive training, shop set-up and staff selection.

OK, you admit you need support and the right franchisor gives it to you where it counts…Now what?

Fortunately, all it really takes is a personal and comprehensive investigation into the franchisors from the various industries that appeal to you.  Food services industries get a lot of attention, but there are a multitude of choices with service industry franchises.  Over time, the way that the most sturdy and respected franchisors have built their brands lend themselves perfectly towards franchisees looking for empire-building potential so they can live a life more akin to a CEO than a general manager.  Minuteman Press International is the modern printing industry and as a respected leader for more than 40 years with extensive experience in all aspects of opening and running a positively supported franchise, they provide a strong argument to examine business to business services franchise options.

You are still the boss as a franchise owner and your enthusiasm in that key position means everything

The system of operations is a large part of your investment and if it was done thoughtfully and with an industry-leading franchisor, it is a tool so excellent, striking out alone into business is, by comparison, simply nuts.  As it is not advisable to play full-contact sports without athletic support, it is similarly unwise to play with your prized investment without a lifetime of support; both cases represent unnecessary risk.

However, once your secure yourself with support, know your franchise “game” cannot energize itself. You absolutely must follow the proven system that shields you from unknown stress and increases the chance of entrepreneurial victory, must do it with passion in order to have the best chance to build your franchise into something spectacular.

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