To Build a Business, You’ve Got to Love the Struggle as Much as the Glory

Most of us are in love with the end result of our dreams. The hard part is doing the work...

There is a primary reason why business and franchise failure rates increase and it is best to know prior to taking the keys to your location.

To Build a Business, You've Got to Love the Struggle as Much as the Glory - learn more and access Minuteman Press franchise reviews at

If you look at the yearbooks of elementary students, you will notice little captions under their adorable, tooth-gapped photos proclaiming what they wish to be when they grow up.  There are some doctors of various disciplines, astronauts and a great wealth of kids who want to be rock stars, movie stars, Olympians and dozens of future Presidents of the United States.

During youth, a fantasy about becoming, let’s say, a lead singer in a rock band, can keep a young child occupied for hours on end.  It could carry him or her through years of school talent shows, garage bands and even beyond the school years when the band goes off into different versions of the realities adult life brings.  Even at that point, that individual may still believe in the dream of filling stadiums and becoming an international star…someday.

We start, at that point, biding our time and telling ourselves it will happen.  Then we set conventional benchmarks: First, I need to get through school and start making some money.  Then, just find the time and I will do it, whatever “it” may be.  After that…not too much happens.  Why?

The first and most obvious answer is that the larger percentage of us will not be internationally famous or become president no matter what; however, the truth about why many ambitious but realistic goals that we set do not become reality is simple:  We don’t fully commit to entire production of success, even when the rewards can be so fantastic.  This includes the idea to own and operate a business, a pursuit that has transformed the lives of white-collar executives and other inspired professionals who committed to both the struggle as well as the ultimate glory.  If something inside of you rises up and insists that you have what it takes to build a business, read on…

Most of us are in love with the end result of our dreams – the image of ourselves as widely respected and cheered as we pour our hearts and souls into doing our things, but we aren’t particularly enamored with the trials involved in getting there and the choice to become a business owner is no different.  For that reason, most of us will fail, if we even bother to try.  We will settle for a way to make money in the world that we may not entirely hate, but do not entirely love.

Driven entrepreneurs admonish such complacency and perceived cowardice, convinced that enough effort and positive affirmation can make any dream reality.  However, if you want the prize, but not the muck and mire that you need to tread through in order to get it; if you are in love with the glory, but not the struggle, you might have fun dreams at night, but your dreams won’t see the light of day.

After all, success at anything insists that you love the struggle as much as the glory.

Jeff Sirota, Minuteman Press, Carlsbad, CA, fully embraces the struggle that has led to his own glory as he bought himself an underperforming franchise, dedicated himself to turning it around and generated results from his efforts so great that Minuteman Press franchise complaints from what may have been weak ownership prior to Jeff’s good work have transformed to high praise and a booming business.  Jeff selected one element of care that helps him run his operation smoothly, that pertaining to his relationship with his vendors and the need to put the interests of his franchise first with every move he makes.  He says, “What I’ve found to be really critical is connecting with the right partners and consistently fine-tuning that list to improve your business.  Hopefully, you won’t burn bridges if you leave one vendor for a different vendor, but ultimately, you have to do what’s best for your business.”

Minuteman Press printing franchise staff in Carlsbad, CA - pictured from left to right: Graphic Design Manager Ron Jones, Production Manager Bill Hawk, Customer Service Manager Karina Revita, Production Specialist Shane Sirota, and Franchise Owner Jeff Sirota - learn more at
Minuteman Press printing franchise staff in Carlsbad, CA - pictured from left to right: Graphic Design Manager Ron Jones, Production Manager Bill Hawk, Customer Service Manager Karina Revita, Production Specialist Shane Sirota, and Franchise Owner Jeff Sirota
“It’s supposed to be hard. If it was easy, everyone would do it.” –quote from the film A League of Their Own

The entrepreneurial drive has a reputation that screams passion and implies a love of the fight to climb to the top of every business opportunity.  In reality, many entrepreneurs enter the world of business ownership with too much dread of the inevitable challenges that are a normal part of building a strong foundation upon which their ultimate objective can be realized, a flourishing venture that they can call their own.  A great majority fail for this reason.

Even for those wise enough to select a prime franchise opportunity as their means to build a business of their own, assumptions are made that it’s a ready-made formula for success and one simply needs to sign the franchise agreement, throw a grand opening party and let the brand do all the work.  That is like spending money on seeds for an exotic, beautiful garden, putting them in the ground and walking away without putting your hands in the soil and tearing out weeds, feeding nutrients into the ground and constantly pruning to make certain what you hope will grow will actually bloom.

It is true that franchising affords advantages above and beyond solo attempts at entrepreneurship but even a seasoned system of operations, proven over time, still requires you, as the owner, to be enamored with getting your hands dirty in the process of planting the seeds of your own growth within your target audience.  Networking, continual marketing across all channels, personalized customer service, following the advice of your franchisor and honoring the brand through excellent quality with results that matter to your clients are the nutrients that only your own hard work can infuse into your business so it can bloom.  THEN, the rewards come.

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Jack Panzer, Area Manager for Minuteman Press International in Arizona and Colorado reflects on some advice routinely given to new franchisees while they are in training, “Bob Titus, Minuteman Press International CEO, always tells every owner before they leave our award-winning training program back in New York to work hard and to follow the programs we have developed based on what has proven to work.  Also, our CEO advises franchisees to have fun on this new adventure as they become more adept at running their businesses and padding their bottom lines. Thanks to their own great efforts and our unmatched training and local support, they are prepared to overcome challenges and realize satisfying growth.  Enjoying the entire process, not just the end-goal is the way to success.”

Greg Duffey and Joe Brenneis know it will never be “easy” to run their digital print, design and marketing franchise, but they don’t need it to be easy to embrace it from all angles and the rewards continue to roll in as a result.  It is clear from their success that both men embraced the entire process (the pain as well as the gain of business ownership) knowing it is the only way to go.

Greg shares, “Having started out with a business that produced modest gains in our first year of business, we are now happy and proud to have joined the Minuteman Press International President’s Million-Dollar Owners Club, nine years later. But it is still not easy. And it never will be. And that’s OK. We are not afraid of working hard. And we understand that it’s built into our nature to work.  Whether as a teacher, doctor, printer, or garbage collector, work is good for our nature, and hard work can be very rewarding on so many levels. We take a lot of pride in knowing that we can provide for our own families and help others provide for theirs. The product we produce is good, and the help we provide to our clients is similar to teaching a child to learn. And all of this combined gives us a greater appreciation and understanding in how this world was designed to operate.”

Co-owners Greg Duffey (left) and Joe Brenneis (third from left) along with their team at Minuteman Press in Norwalk, CT
Co-owners Greg Duffey (left) and Joe Brenneis (third from left) along with their team at Minuteman Press in Norwalk, CT

So, this is not the trumpet call to rise up, tough it out and slave away to become a star entrepreneur.  This is not a proclamation of your guilt for not having enough ambition to make it happen.  This is a call to be aware of one of the most basic truths of how the world works and how we approach any pursuit – and that is (to paraphrase a common saying): how firmly we embrace our pains will determine how richly we will enjoy our gains.

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