Revitalization project in Lake Wichita should boost local economy

According to local media outlet KDFX, the revitalization project in Lake Wichita, Texas, is steadily gaining steam. In October, an Australian biologist surveyed the lake to make determinations about habitat revitalization, and in early November, an image was released of what the lake will look like when the project is complete.

Professor of Economics at Midwestern State University, Dr. John Martinez, told KDFX that the revitalized lake could create $300 million each year in revenue increases.

Dr. Martinez said that although the number sounds large, the project will not be completed for about 12 to 15 years, and at that time, he strongly feels that it could contribute 10 percent of the overall retail market in the area.

Mayor Glenn Barham expressed his excitement about the project. He said that Dr. Martinez’s estimated annual impact numbers, based on surveys that Dr. Martinez had conducted, would be phenomenal, and he hopes to see the city reach those goals.

Lake Wichita, according to a website that advocates for the revitalization, is the third oldest reservoir in Texas. It was originally constructed in 1901, and was estimated to last for 100 years. Having exceeded that lifetime, many community members, such as franchise companies and local businesses, are working together to restore the lake to its role of providing economic, ecological, health, and recreation benefits to the state.

For more information about the project overall, view the Support Lake Wichita website, or the new articles through KDFX.

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