They See The Signs: Improving the Image of Your Business Location to Attract Customers

How outstanding signage, window graphics and lobby displays sell for you

How outstanding signage, window graphics and lobby displays sell for you

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Human interactions are so deeply affected by first impressions that it is wise to say that this translates over to the image of your business as it projects not only to incoming customers, but to strolling pedestrians and passing motorists as they get their first glimpse of your brand.  Bold, creative, attractive signs, window graphics and lobby displays work together as part of a silent but powerful sales force, helping your business stand apart from the competition and thus encouraging growth.

A study published by the Chamber of Commerce indicates that customers are more likely to make purchases from a business that they are familiar with or have “heard of before”, so proper investments in the image your physical location displays can effectively plant seeds for future sales.  Further, our modern economy is a consumer-driven machine in which billions of dollars are expended annually and a major percentage of this money is the result of transactions that occur in the retail and business services industry. This is where businesses depend a great deal on well-planned and professionally produced on-premises signage and displays so they can avoid any unnecessary decline in valuable consumer traffic.

Snatching Attention from the Street Pays

It has been estimated that 50%-65% of the consumer population elects to shop within their local area and they will be persuaded to stop and go inside if a business location presents itself from the street with visual distinction.  Additionally, significant segments of the American retail and business services economy now serve as “points of distribution”, where many potential customers, day after day, patronize a business for the first, and in some cases, the only time.  This is a large, valuable selection of potential customers to secure, so a clear, legible, attention-grabbing store front is a must.

If your location is void of outstanding signs and window graphics, for instance, it lacks visibility and customers may just forget your business exists, assuming it gets any notice at all.  Customers will also visit your location on impulse, but they first need a reason to stop.  It is so important to realize that customers are constantly coming and going and to capitalize on exposure.

How can you ensure that your potential customers know where you are? 

It is essential to craft an outstanding physical presence that projects your business image with remarkable visual elements and clear references to the types of products and services offered and there is no better authority on such things than Minuteman Press, the world’s largest and number one rated digital print, design and marketing franchise.

To be seen IS to be heard (and patronized)

Among the questions that the U.S. Census Bureau asks each March is one that determines how many people have moved into new residences during the previous 12 months.  History usually has the survey results reporting that anywhere between 13% and 20% of the population moves to a new community during a given year.  So, if the community that your business serves is constantly changing, how does it affect your bottom line if your regular customers are included in the population of folks leaving?  More importantly, will those replacing them know exactly where to find your business location?

There is an absolute need to keep replenishing your customer base to stay financially healthy and effective. Signage, window graphics and lobby displays are part of the formula for announcing your presence (particularly to new residents looking for a reliable provider of your particular products and services).  To fulfill this need, it is imperative to seek the best professional guidance when it comes to the needs of your location and the mission of your business.  The Minuteman Press Franchise is familiar with the science of initial visual presentation and possesses the experience, skill and dedication to make sure that the image your business projects is precisely what will be needed to draw these customers in and encourage them to return.

Doug Harlan, Minuteman Press International Regional Vice-President in Chicago, sees how businesses with inviting, up-to-date optical elements give visitors positive feelings and impressions upon first glance, stating, “Having a nice sign, great window graphics and a clean, organized lobby promotes professionalism to the customers that walk through your door. Having your staff properly trained on how to take care of them will keep them coming back.”

Signs and Window Graphics – Constant Allies

Creative, appealing signage that conveys its message concisely acts to distinguish a physical business location from the crowd of competitors on the street.  The U.S. Small Business Administration indicates that “signs serve as a primary link between a business and its customers.”

On the outside, building-mounted signs grab the attention of pedestrians and are, therefore, a real bonus in a downtown area, for instance; while ground-mounted signs, typically placed near the road, grab motorists’ attention and come in many shapes and sizes.

On the inside, attractive signage helps customers navigate the many products and services available, while setting a welcoming, professional tone.  All signs, no matter their type and placement, can pull people in with promotions and display needed information about the business – AND, their effect is not stunted by time as exterior signs function to reinforce their brand all the hours of all the days, throughout the entire year.  They are equally important as a high-quality website design and for the benefit they yield, they are a cost-effective part of any intelligently-planned marketing program.

According to the U.S. Small Business Association website, “The cost per thousand (a common method used to determine the cost of reaching a thousand potential customers) is much lower for signage than for other types of advertising such as newspapers, television and radio advertising.”  Do not discount the extreme bonus afforded by the use of off-premises signage like strategically placed billboards with a clean, easy to read message for vehicle passengers, or sharp-looking magnetic signs for vehicle application to serve as mobile brand messengers.

Striking, custom-designed window graphics transform a bland, empty window-space into a visual feast that enhances the whole picture of the location and enhances the brand for all to see.  Aside from providing important business hour and contact information, they have the flexibility to be swapped in and out for an occasional fresh, new look while marketing the brand on a broad scale and offering flexibility for seasonal specials and promotions.  If produced by an expert design and production team, they hook pedestrians with their clear message and eye-catching appeal.

Outstanding signs and window graphics heighten business services and products exposure to potential customers and are a crucial, full-time lure that will attract new business.  Use caution when selecting a printing industry source to produce these huge boosts to sales because to rush forward using a poor design with advertising that is not well-planned causes a decline in traffic.

Growth can be assured by putting trust in print and design professionals such as those at your local Minuteman Press franchise as they are well-versed in the most effective ways to maximize location appearance within the business services industry as they can determine the best material, size, design and placement.  In actuality, the same careful consideration towards making marketing materials concise and attention-grabbing must be applied to the exterior and interior signs, window graphics and displays.

Lobby Displays – A Snapshot of the Brand

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Think about the fact that the aesthetics of a business lobby serves as a proud herald of the brand and they should be more than decorative.  Even if a business offers similar services and products as other businesses, the story of each business is as unique as the life journey it took to be successful enough to open the doors.  Displaying and embracing the story of an individual’s business helps differentiate from the competition, reinforcing to every person walking through the door that they have arrived in a place that has the ability and desire to meet their needs with exceptional dedication, convenience and quality.

It is of utmost importance, therefore, to tend to every facet of the lobby with great consideration and avoid any decline in care just to throw a display together quickly. This will be the atmosphere that sticks in the minds of customers while they are waiting and the impression must be as superior as the personalized customer service and finished products they will receive so they continue to return for more.

Jude Arijaje, owner of the Minuteman Press Franchise in Philadelphia, PA, summarizes from the point at which people walk in the front door,   “Make sure the lobby area is clean at all times.  Make sure your graphics are new and refreshing.  Have all employees wear uniforms and name tags.  Offer water, coffee, candy, chocolate – Something to show you have class and you care about your business and the people who come in.”

Since it can be easy to overlook the value of these lobby displays and quickly rush through the process, ending up with an inferior tone that doesn’t portray the business well, there are some easy things to remember that will help create excellent lobby signs:

Material, Textures and Sizing:

Crafting a plan to capture the right ambiance for a business requires the selection of material that lines up with the brand and provides pertinent information on products, services and special promotions.  Heavier signs have a nice look, but there are a lot of lighter alternatives that help achieve a polished appearance and can sometimes create the illusion of being heavier.  Research materials with the help of signage specialists within the business service industry and they will help choose and consider factors such as humidity, sun-fading and durability.

The size of one’s lobby dictates display signage as the surrounding area needs to be considered for balance and to make sure the signs are big enough to get recognition while respecting the parameters they serve. It’s important not to crowd the space, just make it impactful and attractive.

Additionally, environmental displays begin with experts from a business service franchise such as Minuteman Press as they can come in to assess the location and its particular needs, then offer options that might not be immediately assumed, such as wall murals, corporate identity signs or 3D displays.  They will also do a mock-up, assist with pricing and proceed with design fabrication and installation perfect for the location.

Branding MUST Be a Central Theme:

Impressive branding means keeping business colors, logo, symbols, slogans and other related elements in mind when designing lobby displays.  This will keep the style consistent and further enhances the perception people have of the business overall.  Skilled printing industry designers will guide businesses in need through the creative process to find choice options for their lobby display. Done well, lobby displays can serve the multiple purposes of highlighting brand, company history, and promoting products and services.

Improving the image of one’s business using signage, window and lobby displays is imperative to continued growth. As high-standards are frequently set for employee appearance and stature, similarly, striking visibility, clear messaging, vibrant color and quality of exterior and interior signage and displays demand the same amount of development, review and implementation to be most impressive and efficient.  They will help bring people in and make it easy for customers to navigate the options provided to them without complaints, from sales information to application of services and products.

The money invested in advertising on, around and inside a location allows for a vital way to show brand identity, make the business more visible for current customers so they will always find their way back, attract more people inside and increase sales.

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