Baltics hotbed of tech innovation, according to Forbes

When Americans are considering where the next wave of exciting startups will come from, Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia may not be the first countries that come to mind, but Forbes has revealed that the Baltic States are booming with tech opportunities.

Estonia is often recognized as the place where Skype was developed, but there are more tech startups on the horizon there. These range from rom Lingvist, which says that its adaptive language learning software will help people learn new languages quickly, to Taxify, which is shooting to outdo Uber. Jobbatical, meanwhile, hopes to help those who are skilled to find short-term employment.

Forbes labels Lithuania as the most affordable and attractive ecosystem for startups in the world. Its location in Central Europe, its wealth of talented techs speaking many different languages, and its enviable internet connection speeds let its capital rank on CNN’s Top 10 Smart Cities list. If you’re wondering how to start your own business, Forbes recommends Inside Warehouse, Plate Culture, and Rotten Wifi as businesses that are making exciting waves.

Smaller than its neighbors, Latvia still has a large and active startup ecosystem. Forbes points to Trip.Center as a trip planning tool, and Conelum as a biotech startup that helps speed up food testing processes.

Overall, Forbes believes the Baltics to be an up-and-coming hub for tech entrepreneurs who have big ideas. It says the area has both an eye on the global marketplace, and plans for what’s to come.

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September 27, 2015