Business Insider ranks hottest Israeli startups

While American companies are doing amazing things, Business Insider recently took time to look at some of the hottest startups emerging in Israel.

According to Business Insider, 2015 has broken records when it comes to Venture Capital. In both China and Israel, private equity bankers have driven company valuations skyward.

If you are interested in how to start your own company, you might want to check out the complete list of Business Insider profiles to see what’s happening outside of the U.S. , and whether you can gather new ideas.

The first company profiled by Business Insider is OurCrowd, a startup that helps to connect upper middle class people with startups looking for investment. The investment fund at OurCrowd is, in fact, crowd sourced, which founder Jon Medved says helps investors tap into the earliest levels of wealth creation at startups.

Next, IronSource is a platform that helps mobile developers add advertising to their apps, and find customers for those apps. Business Insider refers to the company as one of Israel’s unicorns, stating that the company was valued at $1bn recently, employs more than 500 workers, and, according to CEO and founder Tomar Bar Zeev, raises hundreds of millions in revenue.

Third, Business Insider profiled SimilarWeb, which it defines as another near-unicorn. Its purpose is to analyze web traffic, and it is coming close to Alexa. The company has more than 200 employees, and is hiring in both New York and Israel.

To see the full list of companies, visit the Business Insider website.

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September 26, 2015