Texas named best state for businesses in Thumbtack survey

In its fourth annual survey of business friendliness across the country, Thumbtack has given Texas an A+ for its overall friendliness to small businesses.

Each year, Thumbtack surveys a number of business owners to determine which cities and states are the friendliest to businesses. They review a number of concerns, such as offering business development training, which is considered by business owners to be one of the most important things a state can do to up its friendliness rating. From the survey, Thumbtack then uses its ranking systems to find the top 10 best and worst states and cities.

Other key business friendliness drivers included tax and labor regulations, as well as licensing.

The survey was offered to businesses and franchise opportunities in all 50 states, but for responses to be counted, a business had to have at least 50 responses. A city had to have at least 30 responses to be considered.

Texas received an A+ for its overall friendliness; its worst grade was a B for the ease of its hiring process. New Hampshire was the second place overall winner, with an A+ in ease of business launch, and a B- for environmental regulations. Utah ranked third, with an A+ for zoning regulations, and a B for the ease of launching a business.

For more information about the methodology that Thumbtack uses to compile its annual survey, or to see more about which states ranked well and poorly, visit Thumbtack’s website.

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September 25, 2015