Interactive experience of business startups await

The Simple Steps for Starting Your Business workshop is a five-part series designed to guide entrepreneurs through the fundamentals of starting a business and operating it into the black.

An interactive course, it invites entrepreneurs to go hands-on and work with expert instructors, and will give you some valuable tips and experience if you want to be your own boss sometime in the future. Although this is the beginning session to this series, all parts can be taken individually at the entrepreneur’s convenience and do not have to be taken one after the other.

During this session, entrepreneurs will learn what it takes to open and operate a successful business and will leave with a comprehensive understanding of the specifics involved with creating an outstanding business plan and what challenges and opportunities are available.

There will be information on the creation of a financial plan, how to estimate the funding required, and how to create a great marketing plan to guide the business through the initial start-up period. A schedule of the additional courses available in this series will be provided on the night of this event.

This is a free workshop and everyone thinking of starting a business is invited to attend. ‘Simple Steps for Starting Your Business’ will be happening on Tuesday, April 2, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the Shake a Leg Foundation located at 2620 South Bayshore Drive in Coconut Grove, Florida. This workshop is being sponsored by SCORE, so to find out more or register, please visit the SCORE Miami Dade website or call the office at 786-425-9119.

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