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Getting going tomorrow and consisting of eight weeks of training to assist entrepreneurs in starting and growing a business, the ‘Ventura Business Planning Online’ session is well worth catching if you plan to be your own boss or look into design franchise or other business franchise opportunities.

During this course, guests will discover how to take the initial steps involved with clarifying their business concept and what the goals are they wish to achieve. There will be assistance available to help figure out if the concept is sound and if the entrepreneur has the right traits to take the business from start-up to success.

All taking place online, the course will provide the information and materials needed to make an excellent business plan, marketing plan, and operations plan, plus a pipeline of important resources and online access to small business experts and business planning software. The fee for this course includes the provision of all required books and gives access to a Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC) business consultant, online resources, and access to the webinar. Many people from one company can participate, but only one set of resources are provided for the fee.

The fee for this course is $90 per person. The course will be starting tomorrow, March 27, and continuing until April 24, from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm through the SBTDC website. Registration for this course is required in advance. To learn more, please visit the SBTDC website or call its office at -616-331-7480 during business hours.

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