Web-based session to get round the table

On its way next week, the ‘Small Business Roundtable Webinar’ will provide guests with bang up-to-date information that will affect their small business and how it operates.

There will be Federal and State programs discussed in detail to ensure small business owners understand how various laws affect their operation. For people starting a business, buying franchises for sale, or currently operating a small business, this webinar will help take the mystery out of these programs.

During this roundtable discussion, guests will learn about the various new issues, services, and programs that affect the operation of a small business. This information will be provided through the ND Department of Labour, the ND Office of the State Tax Commissioner, the IRS, and the Small Business Administration office.

Discussion will commence on changes that affect small business including taxes, labor laws, and business registration in the state. Guests should visit the website prior to the webinar to find out what requirements are needed on their computers, and to ensure all programming needs have been downloaded. Participants will be able to ask questions that directly affect the operation of their small business and have experts provide answers.

There is no cost associated with this event, but registration is mandatory. The Small Business Roundtable Webinar will be happening on Wednesday, April 3, from 9:00 am to 10:30 am CST. To register for the webinar, please visit the SBA government website or call Ann Makres from the IRS at 651-726-1596 during business hours.

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