Workshop gets business owners set for 2014 changes

‘Obamacare’ is the word on everybody’s lips at present, and a webinar next week will provide small business owners with information about new administration, mandates, and taxes that will be affecting the operation of their businesses as of January 2014.

‘How Obamacare Impacts the Self-Employed and Small Business’ will be a valuable session for people planning to buy franchises for sale, or if you are planning to start your own business, with some pre-planning strategies on how to deal with the changes before they happen.

At this session, people will find out what the new law will mean to small business and how it will affect them. It will lead to changes in individual and small group health insurance, and there will be information about why and how will be offered. Insurance and tax professionals will be in attendance to answer any questions that business owners may have.

There will also be information about how the law will affect small business employees and how to communicate with employees about the changes that will be taking place. The webinar is being presented by Kevin Kuhlman of the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), and is a must-see for small businesses and their owners.

There is no cost to attend this webinar, regardless of whether you are member of NFIB or not. The webinar will be hosted on Wednesday, March 27, at 12:00 pm ET. To learn more about this webinar or to find out what computer requirements are, please visit the NFIB’s website or call its office in your area.

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