Seminar goes online to highlight targeting customers

Today’s ‘Secrets of Getting Better Customers’ webinar will teach business owners how to attract the correct customers to their business and how to get these customers to visit their website repeatedly using practical tools and techniques. The webinar is being presented by Jeanne Rossomme from Road Map Marketing.

During this session, participants will learn how to create a roadmap to assist them with attracting, choosing, and cultivating the right targeted customers for their marketplace. There will be discussion on who is the right customer, why having more customers does not necessarily make it the better choice, and how to influence, resell, cross-sell, and up-sell products and services to current customers.

In this course, guests will be taught that making a few changes may move your business from being a ‘squeaky wheel’ to focusing on customers that will fire the business growth. Those who attend The Secrets of Getting Better Customer webinar will also receive a free copy of the newly released eBook of the same name. Courtesy templates will also be provided, so business owners can start to obtain better customers.

For new business owners, those looking to start a business, or people looking to buy into franchise opportunities, this session will provide great insight into how to draw people to the business website and how to close a sale. This is a free course although registration is recommended. The Secrets of Getting Better Customers webinar will take place today, November 29 at 1:00 pm ET or 10:00 am PT and lasts approximately one hour. For additional details, please visit the SCORE website.

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November 29, 2012